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The Real World: Paris - Episode 11 Summary

'Fact or Fiction?' By kiliki77

As we saw last week, Ace and CT had a late night of drinking and playing pool. The 6pm deadline is now looming and no one seems to have confidence that CT will get the assignment in on time.

Christina is still upset about the late night of pool keeping her up and starts talking to Adam about the possibility of moving in with him. She would like to have CT move in with Ace. Adam seems really excited about the prospect of having a female roommate, but he wants to make sure there isn’t any bad blood between him and CT if they do switch. Christina points out that this way CT and Ace will have their own bathroom, which is a plus since CT seems to use everyone else’s stuff in the other bathroom!

Everyone is a little concerned because it is after 3pm and CT is still not out of bed. When he finally does roll out of bed at 3:24pm he admits he should be at the office, but he forgot and is irresponsible. Christina feels that CT has dug himself so far into the ground and that there really isn’t anyway for him to redeem himself even if he gets the assignment in on time.

Meanwhile, Ace apologizes to Leah for being loud last night, and says he is a little hurt because Christina wants to move out. He is really taking it to heart. Leah tells him it isn’t personal and that if Christina could, she would take Ace with him and have Adam and CT move into their old room. Ace admits that sometimes he sees this as his world and forgets that other people live in it too. Leah says she isn’t surprised that Ace is reacting this way because he is affected by other people. Ace is lying on the couch and Leah ends the conversation straddling Ace and smooching his face excessively while telling him “It’s all right, we love you, we love you.” Ace looks extremely uncomfortable!

Christina and Leah have both been stressing about the assignment and what has been going on in the house. They both finish their part of the assignment with plenty of time to spare, and after giving it to CT, they decide to get out of the house and relax. They are assured by CT before they leave that they have 10 tips, 10 finds and everyone’s reviews are in.

Back at the house everyone has turned in their stuff to CT, but it turns out the group only has eight “tips” and three “finds”. Tips and Finds are extra pieces of information they’ve gathered to make their reviews more informative. The rest of the group is kind of shocked that they are short. Simon asks how they can only have three finds when he gave him two and so did Adam. CT asks Simon if he has them and Simon tells him he emailed them to him. CT then counts again and tells them they only need four more “finds”. The roommates that are home start scrambling to get four more finds, but CT does not seem to be working that hard or to care that the deadline is about 15 minutes away. Simon and Mallory come up with another three finds. CT complains that everyone has handed him the “finds” on post-its and that he is still trying to type up his paper because everyone else took so long with theirs. (If CT had gone into the office like he should have this wouldn’t have been a problem). CT sends it off and tells everyone it is complete, when in reality he has sent an incomplete assignment to their boss, not typing up all the finds the roommates gave him.

Christina and Leah arrive back at the chateau and the first thing Leah asks CT is “Did it get in? On time?” and he answers “yes, fact.” She doesn’t believe him and decides to call their boss Brice to find out what is really going on. Brice tells Leah it did get in on time, but that it wasn’t complete. They only had five of the 10 “finds”. Unfortunately no one will be getting a bonus. Leah goes stomping up to CT’s room to confront him. What I need to point out is that Leah never asked if it was complete, so CT didn’t really lie, he just chose to omit some of the truth!

CT is frustrated because he knows everyone is going to blame him as he is the point person, but he feels that they didn’t give him much time to get it done. (Again he should have taken responsibility and gone into the office where there are other computers). He knows he has to tell everyone it isn’t complete but doesn’t know how. As soon as Leah and Christina get to his room and start telling him what they found out, he immediately starts saying “It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault.” He tells them he didn’t have time to get everything typed up when he had his own stuff to get done, and the girls ask why he didn’t go to the office. CT is feeling attacked again and starts yelling. CT tells them there is a huge lack of communication, and Leah tells them they have to work together as a group. CT agrees and ask where they have been all week. Leah looks totally taken aback and asks where he was at the mandatory meeting they had on Tuesday. The two have a yelling match and basically Leah tells him he is a liar, and that the reason the house has no respect for him is because of how he talks to them. CT tells them he is sorry, but Christina says that his apologies are getting old and sound like “verbal diarrhea, the sorry is getting sorrier and sorrier and nothing is happening.”

After calming down, CT comes back and tells the girls he doesn’t want their relationship to be this way. He tells them he is sincere about trying to change and promises to work on treating his roommates better. CT also admits that he needs to take responsibility for his actions. The girls don’t really feel that anything CT says or does is genuine. Although they are sick of hearing his apologies, they accept this one and hope that things really do change. CT states that he is going to start doing the opposite of what he has been doing and “kill ‘em with kindness.” He asks the girls for a hug and the girls really don’t want to, but because it will make him feel better they do.

At the end of the show Christina and Ace are able to work their problems out before going to bed. Ace apologizes for hurting her feelings and asks that she not leave because he will do whatever he has to in order to make her stay. Christina asks him to specifically apologize for calling her a drama queen and for saying that she starts all the fights in the house. Ace does apologize for saying that and says he wants her as his roommate. As the episode comes to an end all the issues have been resolved, and the lights are out at the chateau.

Next week: Adam and Simon go out. CT is always wanting another chance, leaving Leah wondering why it is okay to let someone of the hook and forgive them.

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