Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall's romance has been filled with ups and downs this season, but The Bachelor star probably wouldn't have changed a thing.

"Heading into my date with Vanessa, I couldn't have been more excited about spending more quality time with her. It had been quite a while since seeing her back in Montreal. Meeting her family and experiencing her amazing Italian heritage firsthand was so great, but it also raised good questions for both of us that needed to be addressed," Nick wrote in his People blog.

Those questions mainly pertained to where the couple would live after the show if they ended up together. Vanessa is set on staying close to her family and special needs students in Montreal Canada, but Nick has every intention of remaining on American soil.

"A lot of our date was spent building on our connection, we were able to really communicate on what could happen in our future," Nick said.

"Vanessa and I always seemed to be able to air out our questions and concerns and that gave me a lot of confidence about our ability to work through things together."

Viewers didn't necessarily see Nick and Vanessa reach a conclusion, but the couple still managed to fall deeper in love with one another.

"When Vanessa told me she was in love with me, it was an incredible feeling and in that moment with her, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else," Nick wrote of the bachelorette who has tested him this season but also opened him up, adding that he's "confident" in all the decisions he's made thus far.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Nick talked about how he's attracted to women with big personalities, but in Vanessa's case, there's a part of him that worries they might be too similar in that their passionate, stubborn and impulsive natures might lead to frequent conflict and disagreements.

"I think that is usually going to happen when you have big personalities. I could say the same about [Raven Gates] and [Rachel Lindsay] when we had those conversations, but they chose to show that between Vanessa and me," Nick told the magazine, referring to The Bachelor's editing.

"I kind of quite liked watching that back because, to me, I had those conversations with Raven and Rachel, [and it's] important to have them. You have to challenge. It's all great to be like, 'You're great, we're great, let's all talk about the great things.' But I think it speaks to the seriousness of the relationship that Vanessa and I had at the time and our willingness to make sure it was real."

Nick will either choose between Vanessa and Raven -- or end up alone again -- when The Bachelor's Season 21 finale airs Monday, March 13 beginning at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

"I hope you're excited to see how my own comes to an end next week," Nick shared in his People blog.
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"I promise there are a few surprises and it might not end the way you expect. So get ready for the most dramatic finale in television history! (Sorry, had to have my own attempt at Chris Harrison's line). Hopefully fourth time's a charm!"