While it's normally a treat for families to visit the Roloff's pumpkin patch, the Little People, Big World family recently had a cruel trick played on them.

Vandals fired shots at a hand-painted welcome sign at the family's Hillsboro, OR farm one night last week and also stole several other signs directing visitors to the pumpkin patch, NBC's KGW-TV affiliate in Portland reported.

"We heard the shotguns go off and we raced out there one of our neighbors was out there and real concerned and said his house was right behind the sign and somebody could have gotten hurt," family patriarch Matt Roloff told KGW.

"They also took down all the signs along the road -- we had all these cute hand-painted signs."

Roloff said he subsequently called 911 and filed police report with Washington County Sheriff's Office.

"We'll see if we can figure out who did it and then I'd like to ask them why," he told KGW.

Even if the culprits are apprehended, Roloff said he doesn't want their punishment to be too stiff.

"Maybe give them a free pass at the pumpkin patch, let them realize that the pumpkin patch is actually a productive thing -- be able to educate them that the farm is doing some good in the community," he told KGW.

In addition, Roloff said the family's pumpkin patch attracts lots of visitors this time of year due to Halloween.

"A lot of people just say thanks for letting us come out and have a day with our family," Roloff told KGW.

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