TV Land has announced that it has ordered 35 and Beyond Super Model Search, a new America's Next Top Model-like reality series that will hunt for runway wannabes who are older than those normally featured on television and in magazines.

35 and Beyond Super Model Search will take place at New York's Wilhelmina Models Inc., the same setting for VH1's The Agency reality series.  The fact that 35 and Beyond's aspiring models will be at least 35-years-old would seem to be one of the show's few major differences from Top Model's format.  Like Top Model, 35 and Beyond's wanna-be's will partake in an elimination competition in which the winner will receive a lucrative modeling contract.

According to TV Land president Larry W. Jones, 35 and Beyond Super Model Search is part of the cable network's effort to add several new shows geared toward the Baby Boomer generation, the network's target demographic.

"TV Land wants to be the brand that understands and appreciates the entertainment and pro-social needs of Baby Boomers," explained Jones. "By expanding on our reach -- where Boomers comprise roughly 75 percent of our target audience -- TV Land is uniquely positioned to deliver entertainment and effective pro-social messaging that speaks to the life stage and values Boomers are currently experiencing. The days of targeting younger audiences, and hoping mature consumers will follow their lead, is now officially over."

In addition to 35 and Beyond Super Model Search, other series and pilots announced by TV Land included TV Land Confidential, Back to the Grind, High School Reunion, Celebrity Love Cruise, Family Foreman, The Story Of..., and The Big 4-0.