Ask Tom Desrochers Sr. and his son "Little Tom" (L.T.) Desrochers Jr. how hard they worked for the minimal results that lead to their Gray team's elimination from The Biggest Loser: Families and you get a similar reaction from both.


"I'll tell you what it was tough to gain three pounds in a week. I worked harder than probably most of the people on the show the second week," L.T. told Reality TV World in a media conference call on Wednesday.  "I was in that gym until one, sometimes two 'o clock at night that whole week because I knew it was the tough test week. Jillian had sat down and talked to me and explained it to me. She upped my workout time, she upped my calories so I [could] do a harder workout and at the end of the week I was confident that we had enough [weight loss] to stick around for another week. The '+3' came up and I was just shocked. I was angry, I was upset, I was everything. I couldn't believe it."

"Pretty bluntly it sucks to be gone so early," Tom Sr. told reporters. "But there was really nothing we could do. I feel L.T. and myself worked extremely hard and the numbers just didn't fall in our favor... I don't really know what happened it just didn't work."

L.T. said the most startling revelation that he learned during his brief time at The Biggest Loser ranch was the toll that his unhealthy lifestyle -- which included overeating and smoking on a regular basis -- was taking on his body, most notably the biological age of his body as compared to his physical age.

"That was tough to see that my body was acting like almost a 50-year-old as opposed to me being only 23," he told reporters, before adding that he had completely stopped smoking since entering the ranch.

Tom Sr. also dealt with numerous medical problems prior to appearing on The Biggest Loser, including one that led to doctors prohibiting him from taking place in any of the show's challenges.

"To be honest with you, I really don't know what it was," Tom Sr. told Reality TV World about the reason behind the decision.  "It was something about the blood cells."

"I guess you're supposed to have so many of them or something and I had too little or too many of them," Tom Sr. explained.  "I forget which one it was, but they said because my blood cell count wasn't correct it would be a risk for me to do the challenges, so [Dr. Robert Huizenga] wouldn't medically clear me to do the challenge until the blood cell counts got correct."

Tom and L.T. both trained with Jillian Michaels during their The Biggest Loser stay, however although they both credited her for helping them dramatically, their overall opinions of the blunt and short-tempered trainer differed greatly.

"There were two different Jillians. There's 'in the gym Jillian' where she's kicking your ass, and there's 'outside the gym [Jillian]' where she's talking to you," L.T. told reporters. "Inside the gym not many people like her, but it was different for me. I was used to that. In football that's how our coaches worked... It worked with me in the gym. she's kinda got a love-hate relationship with everybody, Outside the gym, she's a good person outside the gym."

Tom Sr. felt otherwise, however.
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"You can pretty much keep Jillian, I didn't care too much for her," Tom Sr. told reporters. "I understand she has a job to do, but she really doesn't treat people like adults and she treated most of us like children which I didn't really didn't take too kindly to."

"I have to thank her because she probably saved my life with what she did, but I really didn't care too much for the method in which she did it," he added.

However when it came to their team's eventual elimination -- which came after an initial public claim of support from the Orange team that they ultimately didn't follow through on -- L.T. told reporters that neither he or Tom Sr. held any grudges.

"[My dad and I] knew going in... that we really couldn't count on anybody. I mean we would've liked to have the favor, but we had to keep in our mind and keep reassuring even when we got voted off that 'yeah it sucked that they voted us off, but it was a game and was nothing personal," he said. "Business and pleasure are two different things so they [did] what they gotta do to stick around. As much as it sucks that [the Orange team] voted us off and didn't keep their word, it's part of the game."

Tom Sr. and L.T. have both remained committed to losing weight since leaving the ranch and have also actually managed to drop more weight since they filmed an update that aired at the conclusion of The Biggest Loser's Tuesday night broadcast.

Tom Sr. told Reality TV World that he had dropped an additional 12 lbs. since the update and L.T. said that he had lost an additional 13 lbs.  In addition, Tom said his wife had also lost 27 lbs. since the pair returned home.

L.T. told reporters that in addition to squeezing in small exercises while driving his cab, he had also joined three different gyms and rotates twice-a-day workouts between them.

He also told reporters that one of the most significant changes he had made to his lifestyle was curbing his habit of regularly going out with friends to excessively eat and drink.

"I said 'guys don't think I'm ignoring you but right now I gotta make this change to get my life back in order.' So I really don't even talk to them anymore," L.T. told reporters regarding his current relationship with his friends. "I'll talk to them over the phone but I won't go out with them. I just steer clear of the temptations."

Both he and Tom Sr. also added that aren't worried about relapsing and losing their new healthy habits after they weigh-in at the season finale's consolation weigh-in which will award $100,000 to the previously eliminated contestant that achieves the greatest precentage of weight loss.

"[I'm] not worried at all [about relapsing,]" Tom Sr. told reporters. "For me it is real simple. Before I went on the show I was taking nine pills when I got up [in the morning]. Now I get up, I look right a those bottles that are still on my shelf in front of me and I don't take any medication at all. And if I want it to stay that way I gotta keep the weight off... That's my motivation do the right thing so I think it's gonna be pretty simple."

"For me, I'm younger so after I hit my goal at the finale I don't think I'm gonna go back because i see all of my uncles and all of my cousins that are overweight and have real big health problems and health issues," added L.T. "I'm gonna try to work to help with them once we help ourselves. So we have our work cut out for us even after we're done."

As for which teams he's rooting for now that he's been eliminated, L.T. said there are two The Biggest Loser: Families contestants that he would like to see succeed

"Now that I'm gone, I would like to see either my buddy [Yellow team member] Coleen or [Purple team member] Amy [Cremen] win."