TLC's upcoming nudity reality show "Buying Naked" has announced they'll only feature "bare rear ends."

The series will follow nudist real estate agent Jackie Youngblood and her team as they cater to their nudists customers in helping them find homes in Pasco Country, Fla.

"I myself am a nudist, and I decided to get my real estate licenses since my husband and I were investors," Youngblood told FOX411. "I handle the non-nudist or the 'textile' world as well but my main market is the nudist -- or clothing optional -- market."

Youngblood will appear fully dressed as she shows homes to prospective buyers, but her clients often don't. As for how the channel will handle the lack of clothes in the series, Executive Producer Mike Kane explained there will be a lot of creative blocking.

"We didn't want to have a show that was completely blurred the whole way through," said Kane. "You will see bare rear ends. We don't have to blur those but you will not see anything else other than that. We have either creatively blocked it [or blurred it]... but it never goes any further than just the rear ends."

Kane added that the show's premise it not to be salacious, but to show viewers an alternative lifestyle.

"These are real people and they are likable people and you start to understand: 'While I don't do this myself [I understand why they do], and they seem like they are having a great time doing this.'"

"Buying Naked" will premiere with two back-to-back episodes June 28 on TLC. The show is rated TV-14.