The local newspaper in Tina's hometown, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, appears to confirm her as a Survivor II candidate. Tina has remained a bit of a mystery to online sleuths, though it's known she just turned 40 years old just days ago and seems to be a runner, having competed in numerous races along with her husband. The newspaper also notes her neighbor as revealing she's also a former local tennis champion (it would seem Tina is quite the athlete). ...all this despite her suffering from arthritis. The neighbor also claims Tina is "really sweet" (hummm, it doesn't look like Tina and Liz will exactly filling the Sue and Richard roles).

Anyways, though they aren't much, SB was able to come up with some possible photos of Tina shown here, all taken during a mountain bike race in Cambalache, Puerto Rico. The woman is a "Tina Wesson", seems to be the correct age, and it's not a big leap from road races to mountain bike races, but only someone who knows her can say if the Tina of Knoxville is the Tina in the photos. (Anyone???)

Source: Knoxville News-Sentinel