Couldn't get enough of last summer's hit NBC For Love Or Money or For Love Or Money 2 series? Well then we've got good news for you -- the network will be airing a third edition of the popular reality series this coming summer.

In a Friday announcement detailing the premiere schedule for some of its upcoming pre-Olympic summer programming, NBC revealed that it will be debuting a third edition of last summer's hit reality series beginning Monday, June 7 at 9PM ET/PT with a special two-hour premiere.

This year's third edition again centers on 15 beautiful women who will compete for the affections of one lucky man and will once again be hosted by Jordan Murphy, however, unlike last summer's six-episode editions of the program, For Love Or Money 3 will be a longer, twelve-episode edition of the series which will follow the contestants through numerous twists and turns as they try to win the heart of a "handsome and charming entrepreneur."

According to the network, For Love Or Money 3 will also break significant new ground by introducing an all-new game with a whole new twist, in which the price of love will be even greater. But in the end, the basic question will still be the same -- Who is in it for Love…and who is in it for Money?

For Love Or Money is a production of Nash Entertainment & 3 Ball Productions. Bruce Nash (NBC’s Meet My Folks, Mr. Personality) is the executive producer, along with J.D. Roth (Endurance, Moolah Beach), Todd Nelson (Endurance, Moolah Beach) and John Foy (The Martin Short Show).