The X Factor is discarding last night's home-viewer votes.

Fox has announced The X Factor has thrown out the results of Wednesday night's performance show due to an error in the voting system, which will force changes to the reality competition's next two episodes.

"As a result of a graphics error (incorrect voting numbers were displayed on screen) during the performance recap at the end of [the] East Coast broadcast of The X Factor," the network said late Wednesday night, announcing Thursday night's results show will now be replaced with a brand-new performance show that will feature a new round of viewer voting.

Thursday night's unexpected performance show -- which will still only be a one-hour broadcast airing from 8-9PM ET/PT -- will feature all of The X Factor's Top 13 competitors singing the "save me" songs they had already prepared in case they were to face possible elimination. Voting will open again directly after the broadcast and the new results will be revealed at some point during next week's performance show on Wednesday, November 13 from 8-10PM ET/PT.

"Due to our pattern of voting, viewers voting via toll-free calling will hear the standard prerecorded outgoing message, 'Watch The X Factor tomorrow,' however, the results will still be revealed next Wednesday," according to Fox.

In addition to this week's voting results and elimination, next Wednesday night's show on November 13 will feature the remaining finalists performing hit songs from the 1980s. Then, on Thursday, November 14, another act will be sent home during the live show that will air from 8-9PM ET/PT.

The X Factor creator and producer Simon Cowell weighed-in on the voting mistake on Twitter late Wednesday night.

"A lot of you noticed there were some problems with the voting numbers at the end of the show were right! There was an issue so everyone has to sing their save me song live tomorrow and America will vote on that performance. Mistakes happen," Cowell tweeted.

"But now I have 24 hours to prepare my groups for tomorrow night. Let's hope they all deliver. Now they will understand what pressure means. It's happened once before. It's live tv. You have to deal with it, tough for the contestants though. But you have to dig deep and deliver."

Cowell noted some contestants might be thrilled about the error considering they get another shot to impress viewers with their vocals.

"And for a couple of contestants they must be thanking their lucky stars they get to sing another song tomorrow," he tweeted.

Last night's The X Factor performance show featured the Top 13 finalists performing Motown classics.

The finalists are: "Girls" Khaya Cohen, Rion Paige and Ellona Santiago; "Boys" Carlos Guevara, Josh Levi, Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad; "Over 25s" Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud and Rachel Potter; and "Groups" Alex & Sierra, Restless Road and Sweet Suspense.
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