Variety reports that the WB network has decided to group a cluster of new reality shows on Thursday nights starting in January. The so-called "Reality TV Night" will feature Surreal Life -- billed as "Real World"-meets-D-list-celebrities -- and High School Reunion, a 6-episode series about people who want to exorcise their inner feelings of dorkiness left over from their teenage years.

The WB is so high on High School Reunion that it plans to run each episode twice a week, debuting it on Sunday and repeating it on Thursday. Perhaps they're hoping that Survivor fans will tune in during the hiatus before Survivor 6 starts in February.

"Reality TV Night" is a short-lived concept, because it will end when High School Reunion ends. However, if it succeeds, look for someone else (Fox?) to pick up the banner.

As we reported earlier, announced guests on Surreal World include Emmanuel Lewis and M.C. Hammer. We know where future Surreal Night participants might be found: just look at the cast list from Celebrity Boot Camp and Mole 3: Celebrity Mole!

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