The Voice might have just discovered the world's next big star on Season 15 starring Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson as coaches.

The Voice kicked off its fifteenth season on Monday night with the first episode of "Blind Auditions." While numerous talented artists stepped on the stage and advanced to the next round, one young singer in particular, 13-year-old Kennedy Holmes from St. Louis, MO, captured the coaches' hearts.

Kennedy, rocking long braids and a big smile, is the youngest artist in the competition this season, according to The Voice host Carson Daly.

Kennedy performed "Turning Tables" and got all four coaches to turn their chairs around for her. She also received a standing ovation from Kelly, Blake, Adam and Jennifer.

"Damn," Adam noted.

"I think you're the best vocalist who auditioned this year," Blake said. "Your voice already sounds so seasoned and accomplished... oh my gosh!"

Kelly added the most beautiful parts of Kennedy's powerful voice are actually the intimate and subtle ones, and then Kennedy started to cry when Jennifer spoke to her.

Kennedy revealed she is a huge fan of Jennifer's and the first song she ever sang was "I Am Changing."

Kennedy had a dream to sing this song with her idol onstage, and Jennifer made that come true for the young girl whom she called "a star" and so "gifted." After the pair of vocalists sang a beautiful duet, it was clear Kennedy was going to join her team.

However, the other coaches kept fighting, with Adam gushing, "Very, very rarely does someone come around who reignites our passion for what we do, and to hear you sing today did that. After 15 seasons, you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come out of this show."

After Kennedy opted to join Jennifer's team, the coach told the cameras, "I think the game is over because I just won The Voice with Little Miss Kennedy."

"Jennifer just turned out to be the ultimate threat if you ask me. She took a season off, she did her homework, she's refreshed. It's a pain in all of our butts," Blake admitted.

Another standout artist of the night was Radha, a 19-year-old college student from Jersey City, NJ, who sang "Mamma Knows Best."
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Adam, Blake and Jennifer turned their chairs around for her; however, Adam blocked Jennifer from being able to grab the artist for her team since he was just "amazed" by her clarity and control.

Blake noted they've never had a Blind Audition where the contestant "kicked the door down" and killed it from start to finish.

Both Adam and Blake said, "I think you can win," but Radha decided to join Adam's team.
In addition to Kennedy and Radha, seven other artists landed a spot on either Adam, Blake, Jennifer or Kelly's team during Monday night's premiere broadcast.

Sarah Grace, a 15-year-old from Houston, TX, who was born with a condition in which her senses are crosswired, sang "Ball and Chain," and Kelly, Jennifer And Blake all turned their chairs around for her. Sarah ultimately picked Kelly, who bragged about how she had previously won the show with a 15-year-old.

Tyshawn Colquitt, a 23-year-old from Cincinnati, OH, sang "Like I Can" and peaked the interest of both Jennifer And Blake. Blake knew he was in way over his head, and he was right, because Tyshawn picked Jennifer, who said his voice is "limitless" and he could be a superstar.

Tyke James, a 17-year-old from Laie, HI, performed "Perfect," and Adam turned around because he experienced an adrenaline rush when he heard Tyke's voice. The female coaches were jealous about Adam's team member because they thought he was so cute.

Mercedes Ferriera-Dias, a 17-year-old from Miami FL, who previously auditioned for Season 14, took the stage with "She Used To Be Mine," and both Blake and Kelly fought for her. The two coaches agreed Mercedes' voice is "angelic" and "personal," and Mercedes picked Blake.

Kameron Marlowe, a 21-year-old from Kannapolis, NC, sang "One Number Away" and joined Blake's team before Kelly could even give her pitch.

Mikele Buck, a 39-year-old from Big Chimney, WV, belted out "She Used To Be Mine," and Kelly fought Blake for the country singer.

Much to everyone's surprise, Mikele actually joined "Team Kelly" after she mentioned how her husband is Blake's manager and she also has many connections in the industry.

Patrique Fortson, a 38-year-old from Atlanta, GA, sang "Get Here," and both Jennifer And Adam wanted the singer on their teams.

"To not turn around for you is kind of an insult to singing. I need this in my life," Adam gushed.

But Patrique picked Jennifer after she said his voice "opened up the gates of heaven."
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