The Voice discovered several potential stars on the premiere of Season 16 starring Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and new coach John Legend.

The Voice kicked off its sixteenth season on Monday night with the first episode of "Blind Auditions."

While numerous talented artists stepped on the stage, the singers who stole the show were Maelyn Jarmon, a 25-year-old from New York, NY; Gyth Rigdon, a 24-year-old from Singer, LA; Rizzi Myers, a 29-year-old from Nashville, TN; and Matthew Johnson, a 25-year-old from Jacksonville, FL.

The other singers who were shown advancing to the Battle Round were Karen Galera, a 19-year-old from Mexico who currently resides in Dallas, TX; Trey Rose, a 26-year-old from Hugo, OK; Kim Cherry; Lisa Ramey, a 33-year-old from New York City, NY; Jimmy Mowery, a 31-year-old from Altoona, PA; and Lili Joy, a 15-year-old from Chino Hills, CA.

Gyth Rigdon kicked off the night of Blind Auditions by taking the stage with "Drift Away," and John, Kelly and Blake all pressed their buttons and turned their chairs around for him.

John was blocked by Blake from being able to snag Gyth for his team, but he complimented the artist on his beautiful, crisp, powerful voice.

Kelly insisted she was "the right choice" for Gyth, but Blake said he has "the star search" factor.

"I would not be surprised to see you in the finale," Blake told Gyth, adding that he has everything it takes to be a superstar these days.

Gyth ultimately chose to join "Team Blake."

Maelyn, who revealed she is deaf in one ear, sang "Fields of Gold" and three coaches -- Kelly, Adam and Blake -- turned around immediately. It only took John a few more seconds to press his button as well, making Maelyn a four-chair turn.

Not only were all of the coaches interested in Maelyn, but they also gave her a standing ovation.

"You just had such precision and power in your voice. It cuts through everything. I was like, 'Oh my God.' It literally moved me to hear you sing," Blake said.

Kelly said Maelyn has a "God-given" gift and she'll be "unstoppable" on The Voice, and John noted Maelyn has mastered her instrument and brought some magic to the stage.
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"You do have magic. That was astounding," Adam said, adding that her performance was "completely vulnerable."

John suggested Maelyn needed "a fresh perspective" with "new edge," but Adam argued picking a brand new coach on the show would be a risk.

After hearing all of the arguments, Maelyn decided to join "Team John." She gave John chills, and he was so proud of himself for winning the first four-chair turn of the season.

After Maelyn performed her Blind Audition, the next artist to take the stage was Karen Galera, who belted out "Mi Corazoncito" in Spanish.

The bilingual beauty inspired Kelly -- who pressed her button within a couple of seconds -- and John to fight for her. Karen ultimately decided to join Kelly's team.

Trey Rose then took the stage with "Wake Me Up."

Adam turned around right away, but it took Blake some time to press his button.

The two original coaches then went after Trey in "a vintage battle," according to Adam, because he and Blake both recognized Trey could win the show.

Trey decided to pick the coach who turned his chair first, and so he became a member of Adam's team.

Kim Cherry was then shown singing "No Scrubs," and she peaked the interest of both Kelly and Blake. Kim impressed the coaches with her rapping.

Kim chose Blake as her coach, which showed "she doesn't give a crap about what anybody thinks," according to the country star.

AJ Ryan, a 30-year-old from Brooklyn, NY, was up next, and he sang "Love Runs Out" for his audition. Unfortunately, he didn't turn any chairs.

Rizzi Myers was hoping to have some better luck with her performance of "Breathin'".

Rizzi's vocal performance prompted Kelly, Blake and John to turn around, but John was blocked -- once again -- from being able to snag this artist for his team. Kelly blocked John, acknowledging he's "a threat."

Adam called Rizzi "tremendous," and Blake reminded the artist he's won the show more times than he can count.

"Come on Rizzi, let's guy busy! I don't mean that in a weird way," Blake joked.

Kelly was so inspired by the artist and was left wanting more. Kelly also thought they'd have a lot of fun together. Rizzi, as a result, picked Kelly as her coach.

Next to the stage was Lisa Ramey who previously auditioned for The Voice's fifteenth season but didn't advance.

Taking Kelly's advice from last season, Lisa chose to sing "Sex on Fire." At the end of her performance, John decided to turn around and grab the talented artist for his team.

Jimmy Mowery then had his turn to perform on The Voice. He sang "Attention."

Adam and John both wanted Jimmy on their team, whom Adam said has "a phenomenal tone." John also thought Jimmy's tone sounded "rich."

"Your voice at its best could be one of the best in the competition," Adam told Jimmy.

Jimmy picked Adam as his coach because he knew how to relate to his use of falsetto and gave him useful advice.

Lili Joy walked onstage next and sweetly sang "Cool" while playing the ukulele. Blake opted to have Lili on his team because he loved her artistry and appreciated the fact she sang Gwen Stefani's song.

Next up was a duo: Nathan & Chesi from Paintsville, KY, who sang "Waymore's Blues." Unfortunately, no chairs turned around.

The last performance of the night belonged to Matthew Johnson who sang "I Smile."

All four coaches turned around for Matthew, whom his friends call "Mr. Personality," and gave him a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Adam threw his sneaker in honor of Jennifer Hudson. John grew up in the church, and so he related to Matthew wanting to sing a gospel song. John said his energy lit up the room.

"I didn't grow up in the church. But I did grow up on The Voice. Everyone in this room felt what you just did," Adam said. "Choosing the right songs is a specialty for me, and I can do that for you if you are on my team."

Blake didn't want to miss a second of the performance, so he reminded Matthew he had turned around right away.

Matthew ended up picking John as his coach, and John couldn't be happier because he loved his energy and spirit.
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