The Voice debuted its Season 18 Knockout Round with coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton advancing eight artists to the live shows during Monday night's two-hour broadcast on NBC.

During the Knockout Round, two team members sing individual songs of their own choosing in the hope of impressing their coach and advancing in the competition.

The artists who won their respective Knockouts were Roderick Chambers, a 38-year-old from Miami, FL; Megan Danielle, a 17-year-old from Douglasville, GA; Zan Fiskum, a 23-year-old from Seattle, WA; Joei Fulco, a 23-year-old from Lancaster, CA; Mike Jerel, a 31-year-old from Ashburn, GA; and Todd Tilghman, a 42-year-old from Meridian, MS.

Kelly, John, Nick and Blake are each allowed one "Steal" in the Knockout Round, and singer and songwriter James Taylor mentors and advises all The Voice contestants during rehearsals.

The two competitors who were stolen on Monday night's show by other coaches were Cammwess, a 22-year-old from Blythewood, SC, and Joanna Serenko, an 18-year-old from St. Louis, MO.

The first Knockout pairing of the night was between Joei and Levi Watkins, a 14-year-old from Birmingham, AL, on behalf of "Team Blake."

Joei performed "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt, while Levi took the stage with "I Ain't Living Long Like This" by Waylon Jennings.

John said both artists gave "perfect performances" and did exactly what they were supposed to do in singing the notes "with power and precision."

John noted there was something special about Levi that gave a little bit of an "extra it factor," and Nick admitted he was perplexed but also impressed by Levi's song choice and his apparent desire to push himself.

Nick gave Blake some credit for his coaching and said he would choose Joei as the Knockout's winner.

Kelly told Levi that he's "so cool" while she loved Joei's song pick and her rock and roll vibe. However, Kelly gave the edge to Levi for singing such an old, classic song.

Blake couldn't believe Levi is only 14 years old and managed to sell the audience a song about being in prison. Blake also commended Joei for honoring the original version of "When Will I Be Loved" and not oversinging it.

"I'm just going to go with my gut here. The winner of this Knockout is Joei," Blake announced.
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Kelly gave Blake a hard time for breaking a 14-year-old boy's heart, but Blake was convinced Joei would be great on the show. He also noted she had been more consistent with her performances.

For "Team Kelly," Megan performed "Piece By Piece" by Kelly Clarkson against Cammwess, who sang "Say Something" by A Great Big World.

Blake said both Cammwess and Megan had a big moment but he'd pick Cammwess if the decision was up to him. John said Megan did a great version of Kelly's song, and Blake joked she had killed the original version.

John, however, thought Cammwess' vocals were a force to be reckoned with and one of the best things the coaches will see on the show this season. Nick noted John had made a mistake by letting Cammwess go and the artist had "crushed it."

Nick admitted it was bold for Megan to pick Kelly's song and he had no idea which team member Kelly should choose to advance.

Kelly cried during both performances and thanked her team members for choosing songs that meant something to them.

"The winner of this Knockout is Megan," Kelly declared, adding that she's special and has an amazing way of conveying pain. "Her genuine self is so different from everyone else on this show."

But Nick and John both attempted to steal Cammwess. Nick begged Cammwess "not to get back with an ex," but John said Cammwess was born for his team and he'd love more than anything to have him back.

"I'm going to go back home," Cammwess said.

John thought Cammwess' performance was the best of this round, and he was happy to stick it to Nick.

John's first Knockout pairing was between Mike and Darious Lyles, a 30-year-old from Chicago, IL.

Darious sang "Me And Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul, while Mike took the stage with "Versace On the Floor" by Bruno Mars.

Nick said this Knockout blew him away because they're both "powerhouse" vocalists with incredible control.

Nick said Darious' swag was showing and it was a fantastic performance while Mike didn't seem completely comfortable in the top part of his range and register. Nick would therefore choose Darious on this one.

Kelly called both artists "smooth" and gifted and pointed out that John was "screwed."

Blake explained that Darious explored his range and so he'd pick him as the winner, and John agreed his team member was intentional yet natural. John, however, gushed about there being something exciting and exceptional about Mike's voice.

"The winner of this Knockout is Mike," John said, adding that Mike has "a fire" in his voice and America will love him.

Next up was Roderick singing against Tate Brusa, a 16-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT.

Roderick performed "Redbone" by Childish Gambino, and Tate sang "The Scientist" by Coldplay.

Kelly couldn't believe Tate is only 16 years old because he's so incredibly gifted, but she suggested Roderick might be the better choice because he won't waver in the competition.

Blake could tell Roderick and Nick had a musical connection based on their style of singing, but he argued Tate could "set this place on fire" during the live shows.

John told Roderick his range is "stunning" and Tate sang such a classic song with his own personality stamped on it. John admitted he was leaning towards Roderick to win.

John said Tate used this platform to show he means business and there was an "urgency" in his performance but Roderick showed humility and made a challenging song his own.

"Right now I have to make a decision, which I think just has to be my gut call. The winner of this Knockout is Roderick," Nick announced.

Blake was in charge of the next Knockout, which was between Todd, who belted out "Anymore" by Travis Tritt, and Cam Spinks, a 30-year-old from Alabaster, AL, who sang "Rumor" by Lee Brice.

John admitted there were a few pitch problems in Cam's performance and he imagined himself at church during Todd's performance.

Nick thought Todd has a similar voice to his father's voice, but he said Cam is going to be "a massive star" and he'd be happy to write songs for him one day.

Nick said Todd won this Knockout for him, and Kelly agreed Cam didn't give his voice enough credit to have more room in the song while Todd won points for his song selection.

Blake couldn't believe both men were undiscovered, and he called Todd "an animal who feeds off of energy" and said it was amazing.

"When I make these decisions, I know in my heart I have to make them based on this moment. The winner of this Knockout is Todd," Blake revealed.

And for the final Knockout of the night, John paired Zan with Joanna.

Joanna took the stage with "Angel from Montgomery" by John Prine, but she performed the Bonnie Raitt version. Zan decided to perform "The Story" by Brandi Carlile.

Nick said he loved Joanna's voice and deeply regretted letting her go after hearing her Knockout performance. He said she floated around notes with ease but that Zan also has something special.

Kelly called Joanna's voice "pure" but said Zan has a freedom about her when she sings. She thought it was an evenly-matched Knockout.

Blake enjoyed Joanna's vocals, but he noted Zan is a great combination of singer and artist and so he'd give her the edge.

John loved the subtleties and flutters in Joanna's voice but also appreciated the piercing, beautiful sound of Zan's high notes.

"The winner of this Knockout is Zan," John declared, adding that she had been consistently great throughout the whole competition.

Nick and Blake, however, bought fought to steal Joanna.

Nick said he'd love to complete the circle and have them get back together, but Blake argued he believed in her from the second she stepped onstage on The Voice.

"I don't play games with you like Nick does. I don't beg you and convince you to be on my team just to turn around and dump you," Blake pointed out.

Joanna told Nick they "had a great run" but she needed to move on with Blake.

"I love that as a 43-year-old man, I can say that a girl left Nick Jonas for me. We're going straight into the lives now," Blake told the cameras.

Nick, however, insisted he has a plan.
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