The Voice coaches advanced nine artists to the next round, including the talented Chevel Shepherd and Kymberli Joye, during Monday night's Season 15 performance show on NBC.

The Blind Auditions continued Monday night with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson selecting contestants for their teams.

In this round, each coach has one "Block," meaning he or she could prevent an opposing coach from selecting a contestant for his or her team.

The standout vocalists of the night were Chevel, a 16-year-old from Farmington, NM, and Kymberli, a 26-year-old from Windsor, CT.

Chevel performed "If I Die Young" and three coaches turned around for her: Kelly, Blake and Jennifer.

Kelly could hear a mixture of Dolly Parton and Sarah McLaughlin in Chevel's voice but advised her not to think about every note and be inside of her head so much. Jennifer noted Chevel's voice is "pure and beautiful" and she has "an amazing gift."

Kelly, however, noticed Chevel had a bit of a crush on Blake, so the coach yelled over to the country singer, "I hate you!" Blake insisted Chevel was going to grow quickly on the show and they could win as a team together. However, Chevel opted to join "Team Kelly."

Kymberli sang "Run To You," and Kelly, Jennifer And Blake all turned their chairs around for her. But Kelly was out for blood, as she decided to block Jennifer from being able to win over the artist, who showcased a big and powerful voice.

"I thought we were friends. Why would you do this?!" Jennifer asked Kelly, clearly disappointed over the loss.

Blake argued he has brought people to the finale on The Voice from every possible genre and Kymberli was "meant to be" on his team.

Kelly then called the contestant's voice "insane" and said no one can nail Whitney Houston like that. Kymberli picked Kelly because Jennifer was unavailable and Kelly had made it known she was very passionate about having the artist on her team.

While several artists were shown not making a team during the broadcast, seven other artists shined and each won a spot in the competition.

Dave Fenley, a 39-year-old from Nashville, TN, sang "Help Me Hold On," and both Kelly and Blake pressed their buttons. Kelly joked that she's never lost the show because she won her first season -- which just so happened to be last season -- but Dave picked Blake instead.
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Steve Memmolo, a 35-year-old from Boston, MA, took the stage with "Spooky" and peaked the interest of both Adam and Jennifer.

Adam gushed about how he's seen it all, "but once in a while a Steve happens" and he's very special. Jennifer said she could add to his soul and groove, but Steve decided to join "Team Adam."

Rachel Messer, a 19-year-old from Fort Gay, WV, charmed with her rendition of "I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart."

Kelly and Blake fought hard for this traditional country singer, with Blake saying they were meant to be a team and Kelly insisting there's "life beyond Blake" when it comes to country music. It wasn't a surprise when Rachel selected Blake as her coach.

Natasia Greycloud, a 29-year-old from Nashville, TN, came out on the stage and sang "I'm Not the Only One" with her big, bold voice.

Both Kelly and Jennifer wanted the artist on their teams, as they heard some "old school Mariah Carey" in her voice. Jennifer wished she had blocked Kelly from turning around, but in the end, Natasia picked Jennifer Anyway.

Jennifer also snagged Audri Bartholomew, a 19-year-old from St. Louis, MO, for her team. Audri belted out "Never Enough," which really impressed the coach known for her musical theater background.

Delaney Silvernell, a 21-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, sang "In My Blood," and Kelly turned around. In addition, Anthony Arya, a 15-year-old from Santa Cruz, CA, joined Adam's team after singing "Danny's Song."


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