The Voice's two remaining fifth-season female artists Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin dominated the Top 5 semifinals competition during Monday night's performance show on NBC.

Tessanne from Kingston, Jamaica performed "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel, leaving her coach Adam Levine "speechless."

"I don't even know what to say, honestly. That's crazy what just happened... The sheer talent is just -- I've never been speechless on this show before. I [don't] have anything to say because I'm just so amazed at what happened up here... Regardless of popular opinion, I think that's probably the most flawless and graceful performance I've ever heard on this show," Levine told his artist.

Blake Shelton couldn't help but stand by Levine's sentiment.

"Tessanne, it's hard as an opposing team member here to argue with anything that Adam just said. It's beautiful and I'm such a big fan of yours," Shelton said.

Jacquie from Colts Neck, NJ, the last remaining member on coach Christina Aguilera's team, took the stage with "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan and won the entire competition in Aguilera's eyes.

"Wow, you blew me away! It is such a special song and there's a fine line of doing it justice because it's a song of innocence and love and wanting to share that in a nonboastful way. It's easy to hit all the high notes in the world, but to do it in a nonboastful and sincere way, you chose your timing and your spots and your moments to go big in the perfect places," Aguilera explained.

"And wow, you really showed a lot of dynamic even with your falsetto, how you would flip over. You showed the most dynamic and the best vocal performance that you've actually ever done on this show tonight because you showed self-control. Honestly, you straight up won tonight in my heart. You stepped up to the plate!... You showed the most power by knowing how to pull back and then move people forward and just believing every word."

Impartial judge Cee Lo Green added his thoughts of Lee's performance.

"Jacquie, I mean, that was amazing. You were amazing. That was probably the most perfect -- it was wonderful," Green noted. "I was wonderfully affected by that performance tonight."

The remaining artists in The Voice competition are as follows: "Team Blake" member Cole Vosbury; "Team Christina" member Lee; and "Team Adam" artists Chin, James Wolpert, and Will Champlin. "Team Cee Lo" has been wiped out entirely.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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