The New Celebrity Apprentice star Arnold Schwarzenegger "terminated" Jon Lovitz during the second half of Monday night's two-hour episode on NBC.

The world-famous athlete, actor and former California governor fired the comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member after his newly-shuffled, co-ed "Arete" team lost the season's sixth task. Jon was found responsible for his team's loss because it was a fundraising task and he only raised $500 total.

"People said in the beginning, 'If you're friends with the governor, do you have any advantage?' I said, 'No.' You know, I had to do the work. And I understand why he let me go. The task was to raise money for charity, and I raised the least. I mean, clearly I suck at fundraising," Jon said following his ouster.

The episode kicked off with Arnold switching up the teams since women have been eliminated week to week and only 11 celebrities remained.

Arnold instructed undefeated American pro boxer Laila Ali and former Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet to join the "Arete" team originally comprised of only men. Arnold also asked Motley Crue frontman and businessman Vince Neil and retired American mixed martial artist Chael Sonnen to join the "Prima" team that was initially made up of all women.

The season's sixth task was to create, name and package their own See's celebrity candies which must be new, innovative and ultimately sell in See's candy store. The rules were simple. The team to make the most money by selling its candy would win the task.

One person from each team was also required to fly to Omaha and conduct a taste test with billionaire Warren Buffet. The best-tasting candy in Warren's opinion would earn an additional $25,000 to add to total sales. The winning project manager would receive all the money raised from both teams to give to his or her charity.

Vince and Ricky Williams, an ESPN sports analyst and former NFL running back, both volunteered to be project managers because they believed they had a long list of donators ready and willing to give money. Vince led "Prima," while Ricky took charge of "Arete."

For the taste test, Jon presented Warren with a milk chocolate candy filled with caramel, raspberry, vanilla, pecans and almonds. The opposing team had the billionaire try a dark chocolate candy with cashews.

Once in the boardroom with Arnold's nephew Patrick Schwarzenegger and quantum physicist turned wealth manager Gemma Godfrey serving as advisers, Arnold wanted to discuss the teams' results, which turned out to be very close. 

"Arete" raised $365,745, while "Prima" raised $378,535.

With a difference of only $13,000, the team who won the taste taste would win the task. Warren declared Prima's candy better, so Vince's team won an additional $25,000. Vince therefore walked away with around $769,000 for his charity of Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.
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It came to light that Ricky convinced his team that he could raise $200-300,000 when he stepped up to be project manager, but he only brought in $100,000 at the end of the day. Jon, however, only raised $500! Arnold was also disappointed "Arete" never looked up what type of chocolate Warren enjoys -- dark chocolate with nuts.

Ricky opted to bring Jon and Laila back into the boardroom with him. Laila's presence was because she invented the chocolate that Warren did not prefer, and because of that, the team lost out on $25,000. Laila, however, managed to raise $45,000.

Ricky revealed he was up all night making phone calls in attempt to lure donators. Jon then started ranting about how wonderful Laila's chocolate was and how crazy it was that Warren didn't favor it. Arnold grew frustrated, saying the task was not about which chocolate Jon would prefer.

"You leave me no choice... I love you, but Jon, you are terminated. Now get to the chopper," Arnold said.