The Biggest Loser eliminated David Jones during Monday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's sixth fourteenth-season episode.

David, a 51-year-old police officer from Kiefer, OK, was eliminated after his Blue Team posted the lowest weight-loss percentage at the season's sixth weekly elimination weigh-in -- which featured only one person's weight-loss counting on behalf of that player's entire team -- and then individually cast the majority of their votes to oust him from the ranch.

"It's going to be really tough leaving the ranch because I just felt like I was really just on the cusp of being able to give even more than I have already, similar to the way I approach problem solving, has been what's led to my overeating. But probably the most important thing I've discovered is how strong I am. There's a person inside here that can really take on a lot of stuff. I'm thrilled about the amount of work I've put in and about the weight I've lost. I'm not going to waste this opportunity. I'm going to open up this soul and get rid of all the bad," David said following his ouster.

The sixth broadcast of The Biggest Loser's fourteenth season began with host Alison Sweeney telling the nine remaining contestants that only one person would be facing the scale per team at the end of the week, and that person wouldn't be selected until the weigh-in commenced. Alison explained that trainers Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince would each roll a giant die at the time of the weigh-in to determine his or her team's representative. Therefore, every contestant had to be ready.

After working out, the Red Team, White Team and Blue Team met with Alison again and learned they'd be competing in the week's challenge.

For the challenge, one person on each team had to step forward and roll the die featuring each team member's face. The face it landed on would be the person responsible for participating in the challenge on behalf of his or her team. In the end, three people total must traverse a balance beam, grab a plate with a calorie count on it, take it back to the start, and then assign it to one of five foods listed -- a double cheeseburger, a bagel with cream cheese, yogurt and fruit, cheese raviolis, and chicken with shredded cheddar cheese.

The people selected to compete would not be able to get help from their teammates, and the first person to match all five plates with the correct food options would win. Jackson Carter, a 21-year-old volunteer coordinator for LGBT resource center and movie theater assistant manager from Layton, UT, was randomly selected to represent the Red Team.

Gina McDonald, a 47-year-old attorney and law firm owner from Hoover, AL, was chosen on behalf of the Blue Team, and Dannielle "Danni" Allen, a 26-year-old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, IL, was forced to play for the White Team since she was its only remaining member.

In the end, Danni won the challenge. For winning, she got to read a heartfelt and inspirational letter from home.

Meanwhile, The Biggest Loser trainers checked in with the season's three teen participants and their improvement. Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar, a 16-year-old eleventh-grader from Rochester, NY, was running a fitness circuit during her gym class. Noah "Biingo" Gray, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from New Windsor, MD, started his own sports club for boys, and Lindsay Bravo, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Fillmore, CA, promoted an anti-bullying campaign at her high school's pep rally.

All the contestants then took part in their last chance workouts. Dolvett had his team box with professional boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of legend Muhammad Ali.

That night, the three teams arrived for The Biggest Loser's sixth fourteenth-season elimination weigh-in.

Alison revealed the losing team to post the lowest weight-loss percentage would deliberate and decide via a vote which of its team members must go home. The players would enter the new voting room to cast their votes one by one, however if the White Team lost, Danni would automatically be eliminated.
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If the Red or Blue Team was to lose the weigh-in, the individual to post the highest weight-loss percentage on the team would receive immunity and be safe from the vote.

One person per team was then selected at random via the die to weigh-in. Dolvett rolled the die and it landed on Joe Ostaszewski, a 43-year-old senior sales executive from Williston, FL. Bob selected Jeff Nichols, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical representative from Monroe, MI, to weigh-in for the Blue Team. Danni was the last White Team member and would therefore hold her own fate in her hands.

The players then stepped on the scale one by one and Dolvett's Red Team went first.

Jackson lost only one pound, going from 280 pounds to 279 pounds. He was then followed by Francelina Morillo, a 25-year-old student and store manager from Albany, NY, who dropped seven pounds and went from 224 pounds to 217 pounds. Joe, whose weight actually counted, shed eight pounds and went from 299 pounds to 291 pounds.

Joe's weight-loss gave the Red Team a total of eight pounds and a weight-loss percentage to beat of 2.68%.

Danni weighed-in next, and her trainer Jillian was rooting for her all the way but skeptical she could have yet another great week on the scale. Danni lost six pounds, dropping from 213 pounds to 207 pounds. Her 2.82% weight-loss percentage beat that of Joe's.

Bob's Blue Team was the last to weigh-in.

Gina was the first member to step on the scale and dropped four pounds, going from 197 pounds to 193 pounds. She was then followed by Alexandra "Alex" Reid, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Carrolton, TX, who lost three pounds and went from 207 pounds to 204 pounds.

Michael Dorsey, a 34-year-old college professor and communications consultant from Baltimore, MD, lost eight pounds and declined from 371 pounds to 363 pounds. David shed three pounds and went from 253 pounds to 250 pounds. Jeff, whose weight actually counted, shed six pounds, dropping from 329 to 323. His 1.82% weight-loss percentage was not enough to keep his team safe.

Alison then declared Francelina "the biggest loser" of the week and announced the Blue Team had lost the weigh-in and would be forced to vote someone off. They could not vote for Michael, but in the event of a tie, another team would enter the room and determine whom to eliminate.

Jeff, Gina, and Michael all voted to oust David from The Biggest Loser ranch. David voted for Jeff and Alex's vote was not shown because it wouldn't have made a difference in the results.

In a post-elimination update, David -- who started The Biggest Loser weighing 307 pounds -- said he currently weighs 220 pounds. He now feels proud to wear his police uniform and has apparently become an inspiration to most guys in his department. In addition, David said he's been finding it easier to take care of his daughter Tiffany, who has Terrets, since he's stronger and more in shape.
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