The Biggest Loser: Couples contestants Stephanie Anderson and Sam Poueu are a romantic couple.

Recently-ousted contestant Sherry Johnston has confirmed rumors that Anderson, a 29-year-old from West Hollywood, CA who competed with her mom Patti, and Poueu, a 24-year-old from Rohnert Park, CA who competed with his cousin Koli, are dating.

"I think that's definitely true! Steph and Sam are definitely in a relationship and they're just as sweet as can be," Johnston told reporters during a Wednesday conference call.

Johnston was originally a member of the Pink team with her daughter Ashley and said they "got close very quickly" with the Anderson after Patti was booted during Week 2.

"I started seeing the sparks then and as her Pink mom, I kind of took her aside one day and said, 'Steph, I want to take this slow. I don't want you to get into a relationship and lose sight of why you're here. As your fill-in mom, I kind of want to make you to keep your head on straight and do well in The Biggest Loser,'" Johnston told reporters.

"And she appreciated that and we had several talks about it, but Sam is really a sweet guy, he's really stepped up and when you see them together, you really see it."

Johnston, a 51-year-old non-profit administrator from Knoxville, TN, was voted out of the competition by her Black team teammates during Tuesday night's broadcast after they lost the season's third Blue vs. Black team weigh-in.

During a post-show update, Johnston -- who had arrived The Biggest Loser ranch weighing 218 pounds -- said she weighed 138 pounds and hoped to reach the weight she was on her wedding day 30 years ago by the show's May finale.

She subsequently told reporters that she's currently at 135 pounds and weighed 105 pounds when she got married.

"I've always been that thin person. When my husband I got married I agreed that I would try to always fit in my wedding dress which was a Size 5 and he would always fit in his dress blues and neither one of us kept that promise," she told reporters.

"And I just have a little ways to go to fit back into that wedding dress."

In addition to hoping she'll be able to fit into her wedding dress, Johnston said all the weight loss has also made her feel "so much better."
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"I feel like I did when I was in my 20s. That's just exciting," she said. "I think those endorphins are really kicking in now and I'm enjoying the workouts, I'm enjoying feeling good."