The Biggest Loser will reportedly be making some important changes after fifteenth-season winner Rachel Frederickson "stunned" the show's audience and trainers by dropping down to only 105 pounds for the finale.

Producers are considering some "small but significant tweaks" to The Biggest Loser's production, E! News reported.

The "tweaks" will reportedly include more staff support and check-ins for the contestants once filming concludes and they leave the ranch to continue their weight-loss journeys on their own at home prior to the live finale.

"There might be more focus on what happens to the winner after they are supposedly done with the show," a show source told E! News.

NBC reportedly declined comment on any potential changes.

Frederickson's weight dropped from 260 pounds to 105 pounds on her slim 5'5" frame. She lost 155 pounds total all season and ended up losing just about 60 percent of her body weight in order to claim The Biggest Loser's $250,000 grand prize last week. Her margin of loss was the highest percentage ever posted by any contestant in the history of the show.

Frederickson, 24, has a BMI of only 17.5, which is considered underweight for her height, according to the National Institute of Health. However, Frederickson has continued to dodge questions on whether she feels she is now "too skinny" or "took things too far."

With the addition of monitoring finalists after taping ends, sources told the website "post-filming timeframe is now front and center" although the premise of the weight-loss show -- which is producing drastic results -- will not be altered.

"What people don't understand is, when the contestants leave to go home... they're in charge of themselves," The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper reportedly told Rachael Ray in a recent interview. "So I had not seen [Rachel] until that [finale] night, and so when she walked out, I was just kind of like, whoa. And I've been on the show since the beginning."

Frederickson spent most of her time on The Biggest Loser as a member of trainer Dolvett Quince's Red Team.

"Biggest Loser Finale has sparked a huge reaction... [It] is a journey which has its ups and downs. Please try not to look at one slice of Rachel's journey and come to broad conclusions. Rachel's health is and always has been my main concern and her journey to good health has not yet ended!!" Quince wrote on his Facebook last week.