The Biggest Loser eliminated Fernanda Abarca during Tuesday night's second broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's fifteenth season. 

Fernanda, a 32-year-old 3D animation artist and cake sugar artist from Montrose, CA, was automatically ousted from the competition after her White Team lost the season's second elimination weigh-in and she fell below the red line by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage of all her team members.

"It's disappointing to be the first one to go home. It was a great opportunity. It was a big blessing. I did something I didn't think I could ever do. I never worked so hard on myself as in the past couple weeks that I've been here. This journey is not over for me. I can't wait to go home and do all the things that I've wanted to do for so long but didn't have the confidence to do. I do feel like I've been given a second chance," Fernanda said following her ouster.

The Biggest Loser's fifteenth-season second episode began with the 15 contestants working out and then meeting with host Alison Sweeney, who warned them only one person's weight on each team would count on behalf of his or her entire team and everyone wouldn't find out who those people are until the weigh-in.

The contestants whose weight would actually count would be determined by a simple roll of a dice. If a person's face showed on the die after a trainer rolled it, he or she would be chosen to represent his or her team. But during a season of second chances, the team to win the week's challenge would get a second die to roll, so the team's trainer could ultimately choose one of two players to weigh-in.

The first challenge of the season required each of the three teams to race over a hill with enough buckets of water to fill a tank to its clearly-marked line. The number of buckets a team was allowed to carry over the hill for each trip would be determined by, once again, the roll of a die 1-6. In addition, a team's members would literally be tied together throughout the whole challenge.

The first team to fill its container to the line would win the challenge, and veteran trainer Bob Harper's Blue Team ended up winning.

During last night's broadcast, Lindsay Bravo -- who was one of the kids featured on The Biggest Loser's fourteenth season in attempt to tackle childhood obesity -- gave viewers an update on her life. Instead of watching TV all day, she goes running and hiking and has changed her whole family's lifestyle. Lindsay can't wait to go to high school and her brother was over 340 pounds when she was on the show but has since dropped to 275.

At the season's second elimination weigh-in, Alison announced there would be a red line, so the person on the losing team to post the lowest percentage of weight-loss would automatically be eliminated.

White Team trainer Jillian Michaels rolled the die first and it landed on Fernanda. Red Team trainer Dolvett Quince then rolled Tanya Winfield, a 41-year-old restaurant franchise chief operating officer from Plainfield, IL. Bob got to roll the die twice since his team won the challenge. He selected Chelsea Arthurs, a 28-year-old clinical research professional and event planner from Raleigh, NC, and then Hap Holmstead, a 26-year-old sales consultant and entrepreneur from Pleasant Grove, UT, at random.

Bob announced he wanted Hap's weight to count for his team because he had puked during the last-chance workout, which means he worked extremely hard in the gym prior to the weigh-in.

Bob's Blue Team weighed-in first.
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Chelsea dropped from 229 to 223 pounds, losing six pounds. Holley Mangold, a 24-year-old Olympic weightlifter and caterer from Columbus, OH, lost 10 pounds after going from 335 to 325 pounds. Matt Hooper, a 38-year-old retail manager from Georgetown, MA, shed eight pounds and fell from 333 to 325 pounds. Bobby Saleem, a 28-year-old attorney from Chicago, IL, dropped from 338 to 328 pounds, losing 10 pounds.

Hap, whose weight actually counted, lost 13 pounds. He dropped from 386 to 373 pounds and posted a 3.37 weight-loss percentage.

The White Team was the next team to weigh-in.

Craig Arrington, a 30-year-old pharmaceutical company warehouse supervisor from Wilson, NC, shed 11 pounds, dropping from 372 to 361 pounds. Marie Pearl, a 30-year-old senior staff accountant at a community college from Springfield, MO, fell from 240 to 235 pounds and shed five pounds. Tumi Oguntala, a 41-year-old brand strategist from Clifton Park, NY, lost eight pounds after falling from 305 to 297 pounds. Jay Sheets, a 38-year-old food company marketing associate from Farmington, MO, dropped from 274 to 263 pounds, losing 11 pounds.

Fernanda, whose weight actually counted, only lost two pounds. She dropped from 238 to 236 pounds and posted a 0.84 weight-loss percentage.

Lastly, Dolvett's Red Team weighed-in.

Jennifer Messer, a 42-year-old clerk and bookkeeper from Abingdon, VA, lost nine pounds after falling from 255 to 246 pounds. Ruben Studdard, a 35-year-old singer from Birmingham, AL, fell from 441 to 431 pounds and shed 10 pounds. Rachel Frederickson, a 24-year-old voice-over artist from Los Angeles, CA, went from 239 to 231 pounds, losing eight pounds. David Brown, a 43-year-old construction company project manager and phone company social commerce leader from Edmond, OK, lost 11 pounds. He dropped from 371 to 360 pounds. 

And Tanya, whose weight counted, lost four pounds. She fell from 246 to 242 and posted a 1.63 percentage of weight-loss.

Therefore, the White Team lost the weigh-in, and Fernanda was the person to fall below the red line. Jillian was upset because had she rolled any other person on her team at the beginning of the weigh-in, her team would've been safe.