The Biggest Loser: Couples eliminated Jay Jacobs, a 53-year-old entrepreneur from West Orange, NJ, during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss series.

Jay became the sixth contestant ousted from the competition's eleventh season after his Red team posted a lower weight-loss percentage than the Black team for the second week in a row at the seventh week's weigh-in.

"I'm leaving tonight after only being here for seven weeks, having lost 92 pounds, having had an incredible experience and learned more than what I ever could have imagined I'd learn. I don't want to leave my daughter, but if it's going to be one of us to go, I feel a lot better that it's myself instead of her... I never thought of myself as really being strong," Jay said following his elimination.

"I came here to get my health back. I can lose weight and I'm getting that, but I think I'm leaving with a whole sense of self that is what's going to really keep me on this path for the long term... literally, this show saved my life."

The Biggest Loser: Couples' seventh eleventh-season episode began following the elimination of Jaquin "Q" Allen, a 27-year-old patient services representative from Columbia, SC, who was voted out of the competition by his Red team members -- who are the contestants training with new trainers Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova, originally labeled "the unknowns" -- posted the lower weight-loss percentage at the sixth week's weigh-in. 

The Black team -- who are the contestants training with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels -- and the Red team then met with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, who revealed the two groups would be competing against each other in a Pop Challenge where everyone learned they'd be tied together with a rope and would attempt to untie themselves faster than the other team. The first team to succeed would win the key to the gym and be the only team allowed to workout in the gym all week long.

The Black team had to choose to sit out one of their own players because they had an extra member, so they chose to exclude Arthur Wornum, a 34-year-old stay-at-home-dad and day care provider from Portland, OR. The Red team won the challenge and got to work out in the gym, while the teams training with Bob and Jillian had to train outside using sets of bikes and little equipment. Both teams then worked out for awhile with their set of trainers in separate locations.

That same day, the Red team took a walk to the pool and two if its members decided to have a little friendly wager. Justin Pope, a 39-year-old business owner, city worker and bounty hunter from Logan, UT, and Jennifer Jacobs, a 28-year-old digital media entrepreneur from Long Branch, NJ, raced back and forth across the pool. The loser had to make the winner a subway breakfast in bed, and the next morning Jen became responsible for preparing that healthy meal. 

Later that night, Brett and Cara's Red team and Bob and Jillian's Black team then met with Alison and learned they would be competing in a challenge.

The challenge required the teams to push a 24-ton train 800 feet and answer trivia questions along the way. Each train was filled with a bag of food which represented the answer to a particular question. The teams had to then throw out the right bag of food corresponding to the assumed correct answer to each question and if they got it wrong, each wrong answer would add 15 seconds to their total finished time.

The team who finished with the fastest overall time would win the option of picking one player on the opposing team whose weight would not be counted at the subsequent weigh-in. The Black team finished with a time of 2:05 and got four questions wrong so their total became 3:05. The Red team finished with a time of 1:35 but only had to get one question correct to win and they did just that, so they ended up winning the challenge.

The Red team training with Brett and Cara and the Black team training with Bob and Jillian then participated in their last chance workouts.

Later on, The Biggest Loser: Couples second Red vs. Black weigh-in and seventh elimination weigh-in -- but only the third elimination weigh-in the unknowns had participated in -- commenced.
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Alison explained that the team with highest percentage of weight-loss would be safe from elimination, but the other team would have to send one person home. However, the member on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss would also receive immunity.

Alison then revealed the Red team would get to choose one member of the Black team to sit out the weigh-in for winning the challenge. One player's weight from the weigh-in would not count for their team this week, but before the player was selected, the Red team were the first contestants to step on the scale.

Jay lost 9 after he dropped from 317 to 309 pounds. Jen started off the week weighing 218 pounds and fell to 211 pounds after she shed seven pounds.

Austin Andrews, a 21-year-old radio board operator from Pasadena, CA, fell from 316 pounds to 306 pounds after he lost 10 pounds, while his father Ken Andrews, a 49-year-old pastor also from Pasadena, CA, lost a total of 11 pounds after he went from 307 pounds to 296 pounds.

Moses Kinikini, a 47-year-old garage door installer from Shelley, ID, dropped from 340 pounds to 333 pounds after losing seven pounds, while her daughter Kaylee Kinikini, a 20-year-old student also from Shelley, ID, shed only three pounds after she fell from 190 to 187 pounds.

Justin dropped from 282 pounds to 277 pounds after shedding five pounds, while his friend Rulon Gardner, a 39-year-old gym owner and motivational speaker from Logan, UT, lost 11 pounds after he fell to 371 pounds after starting off the week at 382 pounds. Justin hit his goal of losing 100 pounds, and actually surpassed it by losing 103 pounds.

The Red team lost a combined total of 63 pounds, posting a 2.68% weight-loss percentage. It was then time for the Black team to step on the scale. 

Irene Alvarado, a 26-year-old student from Portland, OR, shed six pounds after she fell from 204 pounds to 198 pounds.

Denise "Deni" Hill, a 59-year-old administrative assistant from Bountiful, UT, lost a total of five pounds, dropping from 201 pounds to 196 pounds, while her daughter Sarah Nitta, a 27-year-old college admissions counselor from Las Vegas, NV, fell to 208 pounds from 212 pounds after she lost four pounds.

Olivia Ward, a 35-year-old opera singer and plastic surgery office manager from New York, NY, dropped from 208 pounds to 206 pounds after shedding only two pounds, while her friend Hannah Curlee, a 32-year-old human resources representative from Nashville, TN, lost a total of seven pounds after dropping from 201 to 194 pounds

Marci Crozier, a 49-year-old health club manager and restaurant owner also from Valparaiso, IN, fell from 187 to 181 pounds after losing six pounds, while her daughter Courtney Crozier, a 22-year-old student and restaurant manager from Valparaiso, IN, lost seven pounds after she dropped from 265 pounds to 258 pounds.

Jesse Wornum, a 61-year-old insurance agent from Portland, OR, fell from 246 pounds to 238 after losing eight pounds, while his son Arthur shocked the other contestants, Alison and the trainers with how much weight he lost compared to his progress in the competition so far. Arthur dropped from 435 pounds to 415 pounds after shedding a total of 20 pounds. 
The Black team lost a total of 59 pounds and posted a 3.02% weight-loss percentage, making them the winning team at the weigh-in and safe for the week and putting the Red team up for elimination.

After deliberating, the Red team arrived for their third elimination ceremony. Ken -- who posted the highest weight-loss percentage out of the Red team -- received immunity and would not be able to be voted out of the competition.

Moses, Kaylee, Austin, and Rulon all voted to oust Jay from The Biggest Loser: Couples, as he was one of the newest members to join their team and family. Jen voted for Kaylee, Jay voted for Rulon, and Justin did not have to reveal his vote because Jay had enough votes to constitute for his elimination.

In a post-elimination update, Jay started The Biggest Loser: Couples weighing 400 pounds and now weighs 289 pounds. He said after meeting with a doctor, he learned his health was in a much more stable condition, reducing the risk of attaining diabetes. Jay also said he no longer has people worried about him and can become a better father.