A woman may finally win The Biggest Loser

Alison Vincent, a 32-year-old hair stylist from Mesa, AZ, and Kelly Fields, a 38-year-old nurse from Titusville, FL, were revealed to be two of The Biggest Loser: Couples' three finalists during last night's penultimate episode broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss show's fifth season.

However it won't be up to Ali and Kelly to determine whether Mark Kruger, a 35-year-old aerial device sales representative from Dartmouth, MA, or Roger Schultz, a 40-year-old associate athletic director from Enterprise, AL -- the two contestants with the week's lowest weight-loss percentages -- joins them in the finale.

Instead, home viewer votes will determine whether Mark or Roger is the show's third finalist. Immediately following the conclusion of last night's episode, home viewers could vote via NBC's website for either Mark or Jay, with the contestant who receives the most votes being revealed during the first five minutes of The Biggest Loser: Couples' live finale broadcast on Tuesday, April 15 at 8PM ET/PT.

The Biggest Loser: Couples' fifteenth and penultimate episode began with Mark opining the loss of his brother Jay at the previous elimination.  The four finalists then returned to the show's campus after traveling to Australia, and they were met by host Alison Sweeney and former The Restaurant star Rocco DiSpirito.

Rocco showed each of the contestants' favorite dish prior to participating in The Biggest Loser -- with Roger fancying his mom's pepper steak; Kelly liking chicken alfredo and breadsticks; Mark being a sucker for mint chocolate chip ice cream; and Ali pining for prime ribs and mashed potatoes.  Rocco then spent the day cooking with the four contestants and showing each how to make their favorite dish, only a lot healthier.

The four contestants then hit the gym and adjusted to working out without trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, who would not be on campus for the final week of the competition.

The contestants then met Alison for The Biggest Loser: Couples' fifteenth and final Reward Challenge and she explained the rules. 

Each contestant would be fitted with a fat suit that was an exact replica of their bodies when the competition began 15 weeks ago.  They'd have to run the length of the beach wearing the fat suit, take it off, grab a flag and run to the top of a mountain.  First contestant to the top would receive a The Biggest Loser meal plan delivered to their home everyday until the live finale broadcast, as well as $10,000.

The challenge commenced, with Mark carrying 108 pounds; Roger carrying 129 pounds; Kelly carrying 80 pounds; and Ali carrying 88 pounds.  Mark won the first The Biggest Loser: Couples challenge -- and many of the ones in between -- and he was determined to finish the way he started.  He grabbed an early lead and the other contestants were no competition, as he was the first to the top of the mountain and claimed reward.

"This has changed my life and it's made me the man I am today -- emotionally, physically, mentally," said an out-of-breathe Mark.  "Regardless of what happens this week or in the finale -- I've won."

Bob then arrived on campus and asked Mark and Roger how it's been training without him.  Both said they were pushing themselves hard, with Roger gunning for fourth-season contestant Neil Tejwani's 143-pound on-campus weight-loss record, needing to shed 15 pounds in the final week to do so.  Jillian also arrived -- wearing a "Disco Sucks" T-shirt -- and commented how Ali and Kelly looked "tired and stressed."
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Mark pulled Bob aside and said he was "beat" before breaking down into tears.

"I just can't handle it any longer," sobbed Mark to Bob, who calmed Mark down and told him to focus on the "big picture."

That night, Alison arrived with only 24 hours until the final campus weigh-in.  Each of the contestants then watched an emotional video about their The Biggest Loser journey.

The four remaining contestants then participated in their last last-chance workouts before The Biggest Loser: Couples' fifteenth weigh-in commenced, and the two contestants with the lowest weight-loss percentage would find themselves below the yellow line and thus be up for elimination.  (The contestants and trainers were still unaware of the show's home viewer vote twist.)

"I've always said if I fall below the yellow line I'm going home," commented Roger.  "I've been a target since Day 1... My goal's always been to stay above the yellow line, and that's what I intend to do tonight."

Roger was the first to step on the scale, and he started the week at 234 pounds and lost 15 for a 6.41% weight-loss percentage -- thus breaking Neil's record.

"I was so happy.  I was just so determined to get that 15 pounds to set that record," said Roger.

Mark then stepped on the scale, starting the week at 181 and shedding 12 pounds for a 6.63% weight-loss percentage.  Needless to say, the women weren't very excited by Roger and Mark's large losses.

"I'm thinking, 'Okay, Mark's in the finale,'" commented Jillian.  "Are my girls ever going to win?!  Is it ever going to be over!?"

"Mark and Roger pulled incredible numbers," opined Ali.  "It's just hard to compete with.  Am I ever going to be able to really compete with these guys?"

She was about to find out.  Ali started the week at 146 and dropped 11 pounds for a 7.53% weight-loss percentage.  Since she needed only nine pounds to bump Roger below the yellow line, Ali thus earned herself a spot in the finale.  In addition, she also never fell below the yellow line during the season.

"Roger has been the obvious The Biggest Loser since Day 1," said Jillian.  "And Roger has never fallen below the yellow line.  I've waited five years to see a woman win this thing."

Kelly was the final contestant to step on the scale and needed 12 pounds to force Mark below the yellow line with Roger.  She started the week at 191 pounds and dropped 13 for a 6.81% weight-loss percentage.  Kelly, Ali and Jillian enthusiastically embraced and celebrated, with chants of "We did it!"

"Ali and I -- together -- have done the unbelievable," said Kelly.  "Two weeks ago, Ali and I dug are heels in and we drove two boys below the yellow line and we got rid of Dan.  Last week, two boys below the yellow line and we got rid of Jay.  This week, we've got two boys below the yellow line and we're going to get rid of Roger."

Ali agreed and Roger also knew he'd be booted.

"It is what it is and I'm at peace with it," he said.

However Alison then said she had "one final surprise" and revealed the home viewer voting twist.

"Are you flipping kidding me?!" said Ali.

"Suddenly my little sail caught a little breathe of wind and now it's puffed back up and I'm off moving again in the water," said a happy Roger.  "I'm still alive!"

"I'm feeling a little frustrated at this point in time because the relationship I have with the girls, I was pretty safe and was going to be the third finalist," opined Mark.  "Now I have to hope that my case is better than Roger and America picks me as the third finalist."

The contestants then packed, shared an emotional goodbye and left the campus for home.

After the identity of the third finalist is revealed during Tuesday night's live finale broadcast, all three finalists will participate in one last weigh-in.

The finalist who posts the highest weight-loss percentage since the start of the competition will claim the show's $250,000 grand prize.  In addition, the previously eliminated contestant that posts the highest weight-loss percentage since the start of the competition will be crowned the fifth-season's "at home" champ and receive a $100,000 consolation prize.