The Biggest Loser ninth-season contestant Sam Poueu has reportedly improved from critical to stable condition.

According to TMZ, Poueu's recovery process has been on a steady uphill climb since he fell four stories down a fire escape after celebrating a friend's birthday dinner on September 3, landing him at a San Francisco hospital in critical condition.

Despite his progress, doctors are reportedly still worried Poueu's status could falter at any time. However, Poueu's friends and family are celebrating his success so far.

"Sam Poueu is recovering at an amazing speed!" fellow ninth-season contestant Ashley Johnston wrote on her Facebook Fan Page on Wednesday.

In a statement released last week, Poueu's family and fiancee Stephanie Anderson -- whom Poueu got engaged to last fall after they met while competing on the ninth edition of the NBC reality weight-loss competition, which aired in early 2010 -- said that following the dinner, Poueu went to the rooftop of another friend's apartment and accidentally locked himself out.

Poueu "attempted to climb down the fire escape ladder to drop down into the fourth floor balcony and slipped," Anderson -- who reportedly plans to wed Poueu in Spring 2012 -- and Poueu's family said.

"The San Francisco Fire Department responded within minutes thanks to a neighbor's immediate call."

While TMZ had reported that Poueu sustained a pelvic injury, punctured lung, broken leg, and torn ligaments, the statement confirmed he "suffered many serious internal injuries and a trauma to the right side of his head."