The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay continues to be swept off her feet by the man who stole her heart at the end of Season 13.

"He's more of a hopeless romantic than I am!" Rachel, a 32-year-old Dallas attorney, gushed to People.

While Rachel is open to the idea of a longer engagement, she revealed her fiance is actually the one looking to wed in the very near future.

"In this world, because we're getting to know each other in a different way, I want to wait at least a year from the time that we got engaged. So ideally, I'd like to get married next year, but who knows? We'll see what happens," Rachel explained.

"He wants to wait a year too, but probably sooner. I think he's just following my lead."

Rachel either selected Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo or Peter Kraus at the end of her journey, and according to The Bachelorette's thirteenth-season star, she absolutely made the right choice at the final Rose Ceremony filmed in Spain.

"I love my fiance," Rachel told People at Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 event at Avenue in Hollywood, CA, on Tuesday, July 18. "I just saw him yesterday. We just finished having our little rendezvous. We called it Happy Couples Weekend."

Rachel apparently becomes more and more smitten with her man as time passes.

"Every time I spend more time with him, it's even better," Rachel said. 

Typically for a Bachelor or Bachelorette, watching the season back with his or her significant other is challenging. Reliving footage all over again, with all of its surprises, tends to sparks fights or jealousy.

But in Rachel's case, she suggested life is good as Season 13 continues to air on ABC, although the beginning of her relationship had some baggage attached to it.

"I try to anticipate every single situation, but there are some things you just can't prepare yourself for," Rachel told People.

"[My fiance] watches every [episode], and then we talk about it, and we move on. But that's us. He's got to answer to family and friends, and so do I, and that's the kind of stuff we didn't prepare for -- that's what makes it a little harder."

Rachel has also had to get used to criticism from Bachelor Nation, and she said all of the attention she has received is "crazy."

"If I'm going to accept the positive, I have to accept the negative," the Bachelorette said of viewer commentary. "And honestly, I just try to shut it down and ignore it."