The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay has revealed why she was particularly anxious for one of her three remaining bachelors to meet her family in Dallas, Texas.

"I was most nervous for Eric to meet my family -- but not because of where he was from," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

Eric Bigger is a 29-year-old personal trainer from Baltimore, MD, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Eric told Rachel that he grew up on the tough streets in Baltimore, where he had to strive every day to avoid getting mixed up in drugs and crime like some of his best friends and relatives.

Not only did Eric have to fight to succeed in life, but he did so without ever feeling loved. Since Eric didn't even receive love and comfort from his mother, he ran from those feelings for the rest of his life.

"Neither my mother or father had a privileged upbringing so I knew he wouldn't be judged for that. I was worried that Eric, the talker, might spend his precious little time with my family describing how positive this journey had been for him and not get into the tough questions about the future for us," Rachel explained.

"Thankfully, he actually went into every conversation focused on the potential engagement ahead."

And Rachel wasn't kidding when she said her family asked Eric the tough questions.

"Something you didn't see was my mother asking Eric if he'd be secure in a relationship and marriage with a woman who holds a higher paying profession," revealed the 32-year-old Dallas attorney.

"She knew it was a recurring issue with past boyfriends. Eric made it clear to her that he wanted nothing more than to support my success. Exactly the kind of confidence I need in a husband."

That night, Eric actually said, "I love you," to Rachel, which meant the absolute world to her.

"He's never said that to a woman before. When it comes to expressing love, brevity is best. Up to that point, Eric had used the word love with me but surrounded it with so many qualifiers it actually made me more confused about his feelings," Rachel wrote.

Prior to Eric's real profession of love, he said he was "feeling feelings of love" or definitely had love for Rachel, but neither of those statements proved he was genuinely "in love" with the Bachelorette.

"I remember how much courage it took me to tell [Nick Viall] I was falling in love on our overnight date, so I was so happy for Eric in that moment. I knew just like the journey with Nick had changed me forever, Eric was now a different man from when we first met."