The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus' goodbye on the finale was so brutal that viewers weren't even sure if they officially broke up, but Rachel says there was no doubt in her mind the relationship was over -- even before that conversation began.

"When I walked into Peter's hotel room at the very end, I knew that I was going to send Peter home," Rachel, 32, insisted to People.

During Monday night's finale broadcast, Rachel was shown visiting Peter's hotel room in Rioja, Spain, at the end of their last one-on-one date together.

Rachel was trying to choose between Peter and Bryan Abasolo once and for all, and from a viewer's perspective, Rachel was looking for answers from Peter. She seemingly wanted to find out whether he'd be ready to propose marriage to her the next day. 

Once Rachel learned Peter's heart wasn't ready for an engagement -- and Peter realized Rachel wasn't going to budge on her stance of not wanting to leave the show with just a boyfriend -- they mutually decided to part ways.

But a long, drawn-out kiss and tears streaming down their faces seemed to indicate neither Peter or Rachel wanted to let go.

During her interview with People, however, Rachel claimed her mind was already made up the moment she knocked on the door of Peter's hotel room.

"At that point, I knew it was Bryan," Rachel said. "I did not want Peter to come to the proposal, pick out a suit, pick out a ring, prepare what he was going to say just to get turned down. That was really important for me."

When Rachel dumped Peter, both individuals bawled their eyes out, and Rachel questioned whether she was making a huge mistake. Their goodbye even included professions of love, as both Peter and Rachel told each other, "I love you," while hugging and kissing.

"I was thrown off by Peter because up until that point, he had expressed that he wasn't ready to propose," Rachel said.

Peter was hesitant to pop the question because an engagement and marriage are one in the same to him. Peter only wants to get engaged once, and he didn't want to rush such an important phase of his life.

However, Peter told Rachel before his The Bachelorette exit that he'd propose if it meant they could continue their relationship after the show. Peter expressed how he was more afraid to lose Rachel than he was of making a personal sacrifice for her happiness.

"With Peter, I constantly got this push and this pull. What I hate so much is that it seems like the reason that Peter wasn't the one for me is due to the proposal, and I think that it became such a big issue because that's what happens at the end of this, but there were other deep-rooted issues in my relationship with him," Rachel told the magazine.

Rachel also knew that if Peter proposed marriage against his better judgment, he may end up being resentful of her.

"The reason the goodbye at the end was so emotional, it's not that I didn't know what I was going to do, it was one that it's hard to say goodbye to someone you care about," Rachel explained. "There's no denying I didn't care about Peter, I just knew he wasn't the one for me."