The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay hopes The Men Tell All special was the last time she'll ever see a few of her Season 13 bachelors.

When asked whether there are any guys from her season she doesn't care to see or talk to again, Rachel replied to Entertainment Tonight, "I mean, I think that's pretty obvious."

"[Lee Garrett], [DeMario Jackson]... Should I put my fingers out and keep counting?" Rachel joked. "I'm just kidding."

On a serious note, Rachel continued, "Lee and DeMario and [Lucas "Whaboom" Yancey]. Lucas too."

Rachel described having to confront all of her ex-boyfriends on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All as a "nightmare."

"One of the biggest surprises of the night for me was hearing DeMario talk about the events leading up to our goodbye," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

"To be totally honest, I expected DeMario to be a little more humble about the basketball date and having a girlfriend."

As fans recall, a woman named Lexi -- claiming to be DeMario's girlfriend -- confronted him in the middle of a basketball group date while The Bachelorette was filming in Los Angeles. Lexi called him out for being a liar and cheater, but on The Men Tell All, DeMario dubbed her "a random ass chick."

DeMario swore he didn't date Lexi for six months as she had alleged, and when text messages were brought up as proof of his exchanges with Lexi, the bachelor quipped, "But I text everybody."

"DeMario said he never had a relationship with this girl and proudly referred to her as his 'side chick.' I stand by my original thoughts on this matter: If he was just honest from the beginning, I would never have questioned his intentions," Rachel explained.

Lee was also a focal point on The Men Tell All because the guys ganged up on him for being a snake and an arrogant, selfish individual. Lee was accused of stirring the pot for no reason, and The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison put a couple of his racist and sexist tweets on full display.

"One thing I didn't see coming was the drama surrounding Lee [on the show]. Obviously, I knew Lee and [Kenny Layne] didn't get along, but I truly was shocked watching this season back," Rachel wrote in her blog.

"I'm okay with being shocked and while I was disappointed I didn't see the truth then, I was more disappointed when Lee's tweets came to the surface."

Lee compared the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] to the KKK [Ku Klux Klan], and he commented about how people have probably never seen an attractive feminist.

Lee, however, owned up to being ignorant and uneducated on these topics at the time he posted such tweets years ago. He also apologized to Rachel and the guys whom he had offended.

"I'm thankful that Lee took this opportunity on Men Tell All to apologize and express regret for his hurtful words. I accepted Lee's apology and hope he continues to expand his outlook on this world and the beautifully different people that inhabit it," Rachel wrote.

As for Lucas, he didn't last very long on Season 13, and the consensus is that he appeared on the show for fame -- not to find love with Rachel.