The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown eliminated Connor Saeli and Mike Johnson before drama exploded between Garrett Powell and Luke Parker and then Hannah sent Garrett packing on a group date during Monday night's Season 15 broadcast on ABC.

Hannah ousted Connor, a 24-year-old investment analyst from Dallas, TX, when he visited her hotel room late at night because he wasn't afforded the chance to go on a one-on-one date in the Netherlands.


Mike, a 31-year-old portfolio manager from San Antonio, TX, was eliminated during a one-on-one date.

And finally, Garrett, a 27-year-old golf pro from Birmingham, AL, failed to receive a rose during a three-on-one date with Luke Parker and Peter Weber.

"I am just so rocked right now. I am still in love with Hannah. The fact is, I'm just so shell-shocked. It's going to be hard to put myself out there again like that. I never put it out there like that. There's a real opportunity she's going to end up with Luke, a guy who had schemed his way into hometowns," Garrett said following his ouster.

"He's done it every single week. I'm so f-cking pissed off. Luke is going to keep saying what Hannah wants to hear, and it's going to last for the rest of her life, and she has no idea."

The Bachelorette broadcast began with Hannah and her remaining suitors traveling to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and was shown walking through its famed tulip fields.

Hannah didn't know how the season was going to end for her because she was falling for multiple guys in different ways. She knew it would be important to open up to the men this week and really dig deep.

Hannah Brown has a one-on-one date with Jed Wyatt

Hannah's first date for the week was with Jed Wyatt and the guys joked that they were happy he didn't bring his guitar with him.

Hannah and Jed explored the city together for their date, from shopping for chocolates to playing with toys and dancing in the street. They had a natural connection, and Hannah hoped that would continue. After all, Jed had expressed he was falling in love with her.


Jed said his feelings for Hannah were effortless, but she was trying to protect her heart. Hannah admitted her feelings for him were growing tremendously and then she'd go to another conversation and have to be all in with that person so it was really hard. Hannah suggested Jed was always in the back of her mind.

Hannah didn't know what to say to the men she really cared for because she didn't know how much was too much or what she was really feeling.

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived and it was a one-on-one date for Tyler Cameron. He was "stoked" but Connor had really been hoping it was for him since his only solo date with Hannah was cut short due to her being sick.

That night, Jed met Hannah for their date and he brought tulips. She felt like they were boyfriend and girlfriend just going on a normal date. Hannah hoped to open up more than ever that night because she thought Jed deserved it.

Hannah told Jed that she was holding back with everybody because she didn't want to hurt any of the guys. Jed said he was okay with hearing things he didn't like because he wanted to love and support her and build a "foundationally-powerful relationship."

Hannah said she felt confident and safe to say, "Jed, I'm falling in love with you and I am shaking inside because I think I've known it for a little while but I haven't said it at all. It feels really good but it's also really scary because I don't know what the end is."

"My heart just fell through the earth," Jed said, trying to maintain his composure as he was smiling big. "I feel the same way; I'm falling in love with you and I'm not going to be able to sleep for three days."


Hannah then gave Jed a rose, saying she felt secure with him and was so excited to meet his family and find out what makes him tick.

Jed thought they had the best day ever and he was so excited to bring her home to Tennessee. He said things were getting more and more real.

Hannah could see a good life with Jed after the show.

Hannah Brown goes on a on-on-one date with Tyler Cameron

The next day, Hannah and Tyler explored The Hague on horseback. Tyler didn't have a care in the world, but he was a bit nervous to ride a horse. Tyler tried not to show his fear, as he wanted Hannah to know he'd do anything for her.

Hannah's horse wouldn't cooperate and she called it a disaster, but the couple definitely shared some laughs. They tried some pickled herring together, and while Hannah crushed it, Tyler gagged and had to spit his out.

Tyler then told Hannah he was a bit frustrated with the process and couldn't get out of his head. He couldn't help but compare himself to other people. Hannah was pushing him for answers and explanations because she needed to know he was all in for her to let her walls down as well.

That night, Hannah hoped Tyler would stop holding back. She wanted "the dirty and the raw" and the things that had "scarred" him.

Tyler told Hannah that his parents got divorced and he never wanted to go through something like that. Tyler said his father came from nothing and bought his family a house on the water in Jupiter but then the market crashed and he lost everything.


Tyler said his family moved into a small house and things just didn't work because his parents turned away from each other instead of towards each other. Tyler therefore feared a failed marriage.

Tyler admitted he failed a lot in life and failed at his last relationship but there was no one he wanted to be with more than Hannah. He showed her his heart and Hannah was so impressed.

Hannah then gave Tyler the date's rose, and he was thrilled about the idea of bringing her home. He felt like he was "on top of the world" and he was falling in love with her. Tyler said there was a fire between them that roared.

Connor Saeli gets eliminated by Hannah Brown

Mike then learned he'd be accompanying Hannah on the next one-on-one date, leaving Peter, Connor, Garrett and Luke with a group date. Connor left the room upset, but Mike felt "amazing."

Connor didn't feel right about taking Hannah home to meet his family when he had spent such little time with her.

Connor therefore snuck away and surprised Hannah at her hotel room to talk. He was desperate to get more time with her before hometowns.

Hannah then acknowledged Connor had kind of faded into the background during group dates, but he said he kept thinking back to their special one-on-one date when he was already starting to feel feelings of love for her.

Connor was excited about their future together, but Luke was then shown telling the other guys he couldn't picture Connor being Hannah's "husband."


Hannah wanted to feel very confident about her choices going into hometowns, and so she told Connor that she had stronger feelings for other men.

"When I'm looking at the end of this thing and having to make really hard decisions, I don't know if I can see it [with you]," Hannah said.

Connor confessed it sucked to be let down, but he acted like a gentleman and gave Hannah a hug before leaving her room.

"I definitely feel heartbroken and it hurts. It sucks to go do something that's definitely out of my comfort zone and have her tell you it's basically too little too late," Connor said following his ouster.

"We had a powerful connection early on and it's hard to keep that momentum going at the same rate just being on group dates and also, the whole time, dealing with Luke's bullsh-t... It hurts a lot."

Hannah Brown goes on a one-on-one date with Mike Johnson

The next day, Hannah embarked on a one-on-one date with Mike, and she was hopeful they could start to fall in love with each other just like her relationships with Tyler and Jed.

For their date, Hannah and Mike went on a bike ride, and Mike said the day could change the trajectory of his entire life. He was "100 percent feeling Hannah" and wanted a life with her so bad.

"It's beautiful, because I could be down on bended knee in a few weeks," Mike told the cameras.

Hannah and Mike then spent the afternoon painting each other, and Mike said Hannah was his "muse" and there was no way he could capture her essence and beauty.


A woman then painted a portrait of Mike and Hannah snuggling together, and Mike noted Hannah had a beautiful soul and he hoped she'd eventual be his wife and the mother of his children. Mike insisted he took the process very seriously.

Hannah said Mike was honest and open about his feelings all the time, which is what she had asked of her bachelors, but she didn't know where she stood. She could see a glimpse of their future together, but she wasn't entirely sure about their romance.

Mike then told the cameras it was "extremely clear" to him that he wanted Hannah to be his wife, and he looked forward to introducing Hannah to his mother, grandmother and sister.

Hannah Brown sends Mike Johnson home

At dinner, Hannah cried because she said she had never been surrounded by so much beauty before and one painting of men fighting for a woman really hit home for her.

Hannah admitted she wasn't okay, and after thinking for a while, she had to let him go.

Hannah acknowledged Mike had been a smiling leader during her journey to find love and one of the first conversations they had was about how he didn't want to get his heart broken and was looking for his "fourth lady" to complete his family.

"I know I'm not that fourth lady," Hannah noted as tears screamed down her face.

Mike was glad Hannah said exactly how she felt even though it was hard to hear.

"I can't say I'm happy except thank you for being honest," Mike told her.

The pair hugged goodbye and then Hannah walked Mike out. She told the cameras it was "very hard" to eliminate him from the competition and it was "by far the hardest goodbye" she's had to date simply because of how great of a human Mike seemed to be.


Hannah was trying to remain strong and rely on her faith, but she vented in a confessional, "I don't know what to do and I'm scared."

Mike said on his way out Hannah's words were "like a dagger" to his heart that was twisted around.

"I know I'm ready for love and I was opening up my heart to Hannah, and I know that she crushed me," Mike said following his ouster.

Meanwhile, the rest of Hannah's guys were staring at Mike's suitcase, and Luke said it would make his day if he watched it disappear. The guys weren't surprised, and Luke added that everyone was just in his way of winning Hannah's heart.

"We have a 5 foot 8 villain," Tyler announced in front of the group, as Peter tried to hide his laugh. "There are five guys who can't stand you, [Luke]."

Luke couldn't believe he was the only one happy once Mike's suitcase was taken away because it meant there would be two roses on the three-on-one date instead of just one.

Garrett was prepared to battle Luke the next day and just hoped Luke wouldn't pull anything. Jed even advised Luke to keep his head out of his ass and stay in his own lane.

Hannah goes on a group date with Luke, Peter and Garrett

The next day, Hannah embarked on her final group date of the season.

Garrett anticipated "the bad guy [would be] going home," adding, "It's a game to Luke, that's all it is. He loves the idea of winning the Bachelorette. He doesn't love the idea of falling in love with Hannah."

Hannah felt the weight of the group date but asked her guys to try to make their day in Gouda as fun as possible, especially after she just had a very emotional night.


Luke pulled Hannah aside first for a chat, and he was so glad to have her alone. Luke told Hannah he didn't want to name any names but he wished Hannah could see the true character of her other men."

Hannah asked for a specific, and then Luke told her, "Jed looks at me and was like, 'Yeah, I've got advice for you Luke, try to keep your head out of your ass."

Luke said he didn't expect that from Jed but had expected a comment like that coming from Tyler and other people.

"To hear that from Jed, that concerns me for you and, like, the character they've shown me. And last night, Garrett started calling me out, and I was like, 'Why are you acting so different? We were just cutting it up yesterday,'" Luke shared.

"And he goes, 'Yeah, sorry about that, that was just me being fake. I shouldn't have been doing that with you? Huh?! To me, that shocks the hell out of me for you."

Hannah didn't understand why all of the guys disliked Luke, but he said it was just because of their connection and the cast was like "a mob."

Meanwhile, Peter was shown telling Garrett that Luke did "such a good job of manipulating" Hannah and he understood why she probably couldn't see his true colors.

Luke then told Hannah his feelings for her were very strong and he knew her well, whether she believed so or not.

Hannah wondered if boys were just being boys or if she was missing something about Luke.

Garrett then told Hannah that he felt "at peace" about the fact he had confessed he was falling in love with her during their previous one-on-one date.

But then Hannah brought up Luke's accusation Garrett had been "fake nice" to him, meaning they were cordial one minute and then Garrett started ragging on him the next.

Garrett told Hannah that he just "responded short" to Luke rather than ignoring him or being mean to him. Hannah, however, seemed to think Garrett was two-faced, and she didn't like it.


Garrett expressed to Hannah how everyone was just frustrated because it was "the Luke P. show" and everyone was tired of it. Garrett told Hannah he wasn't upset with her but rather the situation.

Garrett planned to climb out of the hole Luke had pushed him into it, saying he wasn't going to go home because of Luke.

Garrett Powell and Luke Parker clash

Garrett then called Luke out for "throwing a Hail Mary" and failing to stay in his own lane. Garrett told Luke that Hannah was going to realize he was full of "sh-t."

Luke insisted he had told Hannah nothing but the truth, but Garrett said it was his fault and he talked about everyone and was "the fakest person" he had ever met.

"You are a weasel or a snake, that's the best way to put it. Luke, the psychopathic snake," Garrett said, continuing to egg Luke on by saying Hannah was no longer blinded by his alleged lies and Luke was just grabbing at branches.

"You disgust me. You make me want to gag...I'm not ever going to reach for anything. I've been nothing but truthful with Hannah and you are not going to mess it up. I don't know what you said to her, but I am tired of it!" Luke yelled in Garrett's face.

Luke then threw a pile of bologna in Garrett's lap. Luke told Garrett to "be real" with Hannah because she was looking for a husband.

Garrett said Luke had reached a new level of childish behavior and always exploded when confronted with a difficult situation.

After the confrontation, Luke told Peter that he had brought up other guys in his conversation with Hannah, and Peter was so upset Hannah was not going to be in a good headspace again.

Peter planned to be there for Hannah because she was his "girl," but he couldn't believe Luke had brought the drama to the party again.

Peter admitted he was "smitten" with Hannah and loved how goofy, strong and raw she is. He complimented her honest nature and said he had never met someone like her before.

Peter was talking straight from his heart, and Hannah acknowledged she could feel the love and felt great about him. Hannah saw a future with Hannah and could picture their relationship moving forward.

At the end of the day portion of her date, Hannah gave a rose to Peter because he always made her feel "special and important" and the distractions never seemed to matter with them.

"I am falling so, so hard for this girl," Peter told the cameras. "I love the sound of Hannah Weber. Gosh, this is happening!"

Peter then left the date, and the final rose came down to Garrett and Luke.

Although the day didn't go as planned, Garrett felt confident going into the night portion of what had turned into a two-on-one date.

Later on, Luke opened up to Hannah about how he had chased alcohol, sex, and selfish desires his freshman year of college. Luke said he felt totally unfulfilled but ended up having a spiritual awakening in the shower.

Luke said he felt a weight on him, heard a voice and saw a glimpse of heaven -- a moment that made him want to become a better man and be his best self.

Hannah bonded with Luke over their strong faith and religion, and it brought them closer together. She felt connected to Luke after weeks of ups and downs.

The pair then engaged in a steamy makeout session, and Luke said he was absolutely ready to get down on one knee and Hannah was falling in love with him "for sure."

Once Peter returned to his hotel room, Jed and Tyler cheered him on and were so happy to see him. They hoped Garrett was going to bring Luke down.

Garrett then got his time with Hannah and said she made him "feel some type of way" and he couldn't wait for her to meet his family.

"Hannah, it hit me like a ton of bricks today, but I love you. I love you," Garrett said.

Garrett told the cameras he used to wait years before he'd be comfortable saying something like that but Hannah had exceeded his expectations and the moment was exactly what he had been looking for and waiting for.

Garrett anticipated receiving the rose and noted Hannah would be coming to Birmingham soon.

Hannah had fears about her next decision because she had "an intense connection" with Luke but Garrett was the first guy in a long time to say, "I love you" to her.

Hannah planned to go with her heart when making this choice, and she gave a rose to Luke as a result.

Hannah apologized to Garrett when she walked him out, but he said she didn't have to.

"I won't forget you," Garrett told the Bachelorette, before kissing her face. "Don't hide that red nose, alright? Bye, Hannah."


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