The Bachelorette viewers will see Emily Maynard taking a more conservative approach on the reality dating show's upcoming eighth season.

"I don't want to be kissing every guy. I want to still be a lady. I'm a mom first," Maynard told People in its latest issue when discussing her The Bachelorette edition, which is still in production but premieres on ABC next week.

Maynard's resistance to getting too intimate too soon will apparently also apply to the show's infamous steamy Jacuzzi scenes.

"I'm hoping the hot tubs have been completely phased out," she added.

Although Maynard will be kept busy with all her potential suitors this season, she said she made certain her priority of being a good mother to her only daughter Ricki remained in check. 

"[The show] has been so good at making sure there's time scheduled for the two of us," Maynard told People, adding however, that Ricki has spent a good amount of time with her grandparents and a nanny while they have been traveling as The Bachelorette has been filming.

"She has so much fun with them. When I got back [from The Bachelor] I had a house full of new toys and she was drinking Coke and watching SpongeBob," The Bachelorette star reportedly groaned.

Maynard explained she had no doubt she'd fall in love again when she agreed do the show because she was completely smitten with ex-fiance and former fifteenth-season The Bachelor star Brad Womack -- although the couple split in June 2011 following the show's March finale broadcast.

"I know it can work. I fell in love the first time," Maynard noted.

While Maynard was hesitant to uproot Ricki and move to Womack's hometown of Austin, TX because she wasn't totally convinced their relationship would work out in the end, she insisted she'll be open to moving wherever her new man may reside. 

"I'm a hopeless romantic. I'd live on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean if that's where the person I loved wanted to be," Maynard said.