The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock apparently doesn't regret signing on to do the show despite how emotional the conclusion of her journey was.

"I'm glad that I did it. Definitely. It's my life and I think it is raw emotion and real feelings. Everyone has to handle those in their life at some point. The feelings that happened on the show are real, at least they were for me. I am not that good of an actress," Hartsock told People after the recent taping of the season's The Men Tell All special.

While home viewers saw the first half of the ninth season's two-part finale last night, the second half promises to be just as dramatic following Brooks Forester's departure, and Hartsock likes the fact the ending is going to be a surprise to everyone.

"Everyone is speculating and it is fun to hear all the theories. I'm excited for everyone to see because it's life -- my life -- even though sometimes it doesn't feel like me. I feel so far removed from the journey now. Even though it has only been a few months, it feels like a year. It's going to be good. I don't want anyone to know the end. I hope it doesn't get spoiled," The Bachelorette star explained.

Hartsock explained why Forester, Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney became her final 3 suitors.

"They are all great guys and they are all good-looking. So it was more a matter of finding the best guy to fit in my life. Drew is so kindhearted and I could see potential there but there were still some questions I needed to figure out like, 'Could he ever be spontaneous and just let loose?' Because I want that in my life. Chris has all the qualities I was looking for and is strong and supportive. And Brooks has an amazing personality and sense of humor," she said.

Reflecting on her entire experience on the show, Hartsock admitted she wouldn't have done anything differently nor does she wish she had kept any of her bachelors around longer.

"Not really, because from day one I was trying to take each moment and each day as they happened and I tried to step away from the fantasy of the show to figure out who I could see myself with after the show was over; who would fit best in the life I want. The only goal I had coming in was to make my own decisions and not get influenced by the fancy dates, other guys or even producers. And I am still confident in all the decisions I made," Hartsock told People.

Although she wouldn't give away whether she actually found love or is currently happy, Hartsock revealed, "I am content in my life. I feel good about where I'm at."