Although Andi Dorfman recently quit her job as an assistant district attorney in Atlanta, in her resignation letter, The Bachelorette star makes it clear she's not giving up on her career and it's hopefully just a temporary departure.

The reason why Dorfman, 27, asked to resign from her position at the Fulton County District Attorney's office is apparently because of upcoming opportunities related to her stint on The Bachelorette and she feels simply requesting an extension on her original leave of absence would be unfair, TMZ reported.

After taking a three-month unpaid leave of absence to film The Bachelorette's tenth season, on June 3, Dorfman wrote the following letter to her boss, District Attorney Paul Howard, Jr.

"This letter is a follow-up to my leave request of February 2014. At that time, you were kind enough to grant a temporary leave of absence through May 30, 2014. For this I am extremely appreciative," the reality TV star wrote, according to TMZ.

"Although my true passion is in the prosecution of criminal cases, the opportunities which led to my original request have unexpectedly extended beyond the leave period that you granted. It would be unfair to my colleagues, the District Attorney's Office and the citizens of Fulton County to ask that you hold my position any longer. Therefore, it is with great sadness that I tender my resignation effective immediately."

Dorfman added, "By year's end, I expect that my obligations will have concluded. At that time, I sincerely hope you will strongly consider me for re-hire. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to have served the public by working with you and the amazing employees at the District Attorney's Office."

As a result, Dorfman apparently hopes a position will open up for her later this year, which would seem to indicate she doesn't plan on moving and relocating from Georgia.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Dorfman quit her job, prompting speculation she's making a major career change or sacrificing her position for newfound love from The Bachelorette. Neither seems to be the case.