The Bachelorette spoilers give away Becca Kufrin's winner and runner-up for Season 14, which just premiered May 28 on ABC.

Becca, a 28-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN, was introduced to 28 handsome and successful bachelors on the season premiere, but only one will win her heart in the end.

According to ABC, Becca will embark on many exciting dates in the United States before traveling with some of her lucky suitors to the romantic destinations of Nassau, The Bahamas and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you don't want the ending of Becca's The Bachelorette season spoiled for you].

Becca had already confirmed she's happy, in love and engaged.

Earlier this month, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone reported Becca's Final 2 bachelors are Garrett Yrigoyen, a 29-year-old medical sales representative from Reno, NV, and Blake Horstmann, a 28-year-old sales representative from Bailey, CO.

But before Carbone could reveal Becca's winner, TMZ beat him to the punch.


TMZ published photos of Becca, dazzling in a white sequin dress with a low back, appearing to kiss her final suitor at the final Rose Ceremony, which was filmed in the Maldives.

In the photos, Becca was smooching a guy in a nice suit at the Shangri-La Resort on May 10 and talking with apparent The Bachelorette crew members. The moment seemed to be just after a romantic marriage proposal.

Although the bachelor's identity has not been confirmed, it's pretty clear from looking at the pictures Becca is engaged to Garrett!

Garrett received Becca's First Impression Rose on the premiere, and she admitted she was "smitten" with him the moment he stepped out of a minivan. (Yes, a minivan. He was trying to make the point he's excited to become a father and husband).

If this information about Garrett winning is correct, Becca will become the fourth The Bachelorette star in a row to select the man who had received her first rose and first kiss.

Garrett was raised in a small town in central California, and he's a true outdoorsman who loves fly-fishing, hiking and snow-shoeing.

Garrett was also previously married. He was engaged to Kayla Cunningham and they tied the knot on September 19, 2015, however Nevada court records indicate the couple filed for divorce six months later.

That means Blake finished as the runner-up, according to Carbone.


Blake therefore had his heart broken in the Maldives despite his strong connection with the franchise's leading lady. As fans recall, Blake met Becca on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season.

Blake brought a horse into the ABC studio, suggesting Becca needed to get back up on the horse. He also rode in on an ox on Night 1 of filming the show. Blake impressed Becca with his seemingly-sincere intentions and sweet personality.

Blake went on the show to find his equal match. He was a high school and collegiate athlete, and he's also a great swing dancer.

So which bachelor finished in third place?

Becca enjoyed overnight Fantasy Suite dates in Thailand with Blake, Garrett and Jason Tartick, a 29-year-old banker from Buffalo, NY, who currently resides in Seattle, WA, Carbone reported.

Becca allegedly eliminated Jason after the romantic overnight dates.

The other man who made Becca's Final 4 was Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old former professional football player from Denver, CO.

Colton was therefore ousted after bringing Becca to his hometown to meet his family. Their hometown date took place on April 22 in Aurora, CO.

Jason's hometown date was filmed on April 18 in Buffalo, NY, where he's originally from. Blake's date was taped April 20 in Bailey, CO. and Garrett introduced Becca to his family on April 24 in Manteca, CA.

It's unclear why Becca chose to send Colton packing, but according to Carbone, Becca's friend -- and Arie's ex -- Tia Booth showed up before the Final 4 Rose Ceremony to tell Becca that she still had feelings for Colton, which may have had something to do with it.

Tia and Colton reportedly dated after Tia appeared on The Bachelor -- and obviously before The Bachelorette began taping.

"He'd flown her to California and I'm guessing it wasn't for tea and crumpets," Carbone alleges, adding that the weekend took place while Arie's season was airing earlier this year.


Colton's fling with Tia allegedly comes to light during Episode 3 of The Bachelorette, when a group of guys are selected to give some of Becca's fellow former The Bachelor bachelorettes -- Tia, Caroline Lunny, Kendall Long, Bekah Martinez and Seinne Fleming -- a spa day.

Colton allegedly ghosted Tia after their little fling, so Carbone guessed the bachelor wouldn't be happy if Becca ended their relationship due to Tia's feelings.

"Both Tia and Colton will be in Paradise, so this story will be continued, for sure," Carbone teases.

Named after the Indianapolis Colts, Colton played for three teams before he was forced to retire due to an injury. He now dedicates most of his time to helping children fight cystic fibrosis.

In addition to Garrett, Blake, Jason and Colton, the other men who made it far on Becca's journey to find love were Lincoln Adim, Chris Randone, Leo Dottavio, Wills Reid, and Connor Obrochta.

These nine men reportedly traveled with Becca to Virginia. Carbone alleges Chris was eliminated during the group-date afterparty in Virginia and Connor was also ousted from the competition during this week.

Chris is a 30-year-old sales trainer originally from New York who currently resides in Orlando, FL.

Chris studied Health Service Administration at the University of Central Florida and is extremely passionate about fitness and health. He comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs that retired in their 40s, and he's determined to do the same.

Connor is a 25-year-old fitness coach from St. Petersburg, FL, who graduated from the University of Tampa. He had the opportunity to play professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves before diving into his current profession as a health and wellness coach.

A third bachelor was also reportedly sent packing during the week in Virginia, but it remains to be seen whether the guy was Lincoln, Leo or Wills.

Leo is a 31-year-old stuntman from Studio City, CA, who works for his family's construction business when he's not working as a stuntman in TV, movies and stage shows. Leo is going to be known for his long, curly hair.

Lincoln is a 26-year-old account sales executive from Nigeria who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Lincoln has also lived in Boston and Kentucky, where he attended college.

And Wills is a 29-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA, who graduated from the University of California, Davis, where he majored in Design. Wills loves his job as an editorial designer, according to ABC, and he also has a slight obsession with Harry Potter.

Becca then enjoyed a round of dates in the Bahamas with her Final 6 suitors.

In the Bahamas, Colton, Blake and Garrett each received a one-on-one date, and Carbone says Jason received the rose on the week's three-on-one date.

But the week resulted in Becca narrowing down the field to her Final 4 bachelors.


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