The Bachelorette spoilers have newly emerged revealing who Hannah Brown picked as her winner and ended up with, as well as all the highs, lows and eliminations leading up to the 2019 season's finale -- including who Hannah's Final 2 bachelors are, and if she is engaged.

[Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading if you want who Hannah picks as her final winner and the ending to the 2019 season to remain a surprise. This story contains episode-by-episode Bachelorette spoilers of what happens as ABC airs Season 15 of The Bachelorette. It also contains Bachelorette spoilers that reveal if Hannah is engaged and the current status of his relationship with the winner she ended up with].


The Bachelorette's 2019 season began filming on March 16 and reportedly wrapped filming on May 10 -- only three days before the season premiered on May 13 on ABC.

Hannah dropped hints on social media after she finished taping Season 15 that her journey to find The One may not have gone perfectly or as planned.

Hannah took to Instagram on May 15 and admitted her experience on the reality dating competition was "something else" and she was "still recovering" from it all.

After all, The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison recently teased there will be more man-drama on Season 15 than any other previous season.

When Hannah's search for love began on television, she sent eight men home in the premiere episode on Night 1. Episode 2 therefore began with 22 guys in the running for her heart.

Hannah, however, ended up eliminating Connor Jenkins, Daron Blaylock and Matthew Spraggins at the season's second Rose Ceremony, which aired on May 20 and left 19 guys in the lineup.

The men who will be competing for Hannah's heart in the next episode are Cameron "Cam" Ayala, Connor Saeli, Devin Harris, Dustin Kendrick, Dylan Barbour, Garrett Powell, Grant Eckel, Jed Wyatt, Joey Jones, John Paul Jones, Jonathan Saunders, Kevin Fortenberry, Luke Parker, Luke Stone, Matteo Valles, Mike Johnson, Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, and Tyler Gwozdz.

The Bachelorette Final 15 bachelors spoilers

When Episode 3 airs on May 27, Hannah will be narrowing down her group of guys from 19 to only 15 bachelors, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Carbone.

The Bachelorette's second round of dates reportedly consisted of two groups dates and a one-on-one date, with Connor S. receiving the one-on-one date with Hannah.


Connor allegedly received a rose on his one-on-one date, allowing him to advance in the competition.

Garrett reportedly received the rose on a group date in which the guys did a photo shoot with animals, while Mike earned the other group date rose after the men's parenting skills were put to the test.

Joey and Jonathan were both eliminated during at the subsequent Rose Ceremony.

However, two other bachelors who had made early connections with Hannah were also eliminated before the Rose Ceremony: Cam, who had received Hannah's first impression rose on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, and Tyler G., who had received the season's first one-on-one date!

According to Carbone, Tyler G. was "removed from the show" by producers while some of the bachelors were on a group date with Hannah.

"[The producers] told him it wouldn't be good for him to remain on the show and he needed to leave immediately. If you search hard enough on the Internet, you can find out what was said," Carbone wrote in a new spoilers blog he published Monday.

"I don't believe any of the women have come forward publicly with their names attached to it yet that I've seen, so while we don't know if there's receipts and proof of anything, the accusations were disturbing to say the least and production and legal for ABC thought it was serious enough to remove him from the show," he continued.

"Don't wanna make it worse for the guy than it already is, so I won't repeat what the accusations were. But they're out there if you look."


Cam was reportedly sent packing by Hannah at a "tailgate party" that replaced the cocktail party that normally proceeds a Rose Ceremony.

According to Carbone, Hannah chose to cut Cam after several of the other bachelors told her that they believed Cam had shared a story about his health problems to try and get a "pity rose."

The Bachelorette Final 12 bachelors spoilers

Following the third Rose Ceremony, Hannah traveled to Newport, RI, with her final 15 bachelors for her next round of dates.

The 15 men who survived the season's third Rose Ceremony were Connor S., Devin, Dylan, Dustin, Garrett, Grant, Jed, John Paul, Kevin, Luke P., Luke S., Matteo, Mike, Peter, and Tyler C., according to spoilers that were released by the Bachelor Spoilers Instagram account as filming was occurring.

While the cast was in Newport, Hannah was publicly spotted on a one-on-one date with Jed in Boston, MA, as well as a group date and another one-on-one date in Newport.

During their one-on-one date, Hannah and Jed were photographed walking around Boston, and strolling through Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market before also visiting the famed Cheers bar.


The Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss also tweeted out photos of Hannah at the Boston Celtics' Auerbach Center practice facility, showing her shooting hoops with Celtics basketball players Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.

While Jed wasn't shown in the photos to prevent spoilers, he was also at the Celtics' facility, according to Carbone.

Afterward, the Hannah and Jed returned to Newport and spent time at the Carey Mansion next to the Salve Regina University campus that abuts the city's famed Cliff Walk trail. Jed received the date rose allowing him to continue in the competition.

Hannah then embarked on a second one-on-one date in Newport with Tyler C., and a group date that took place at Newport's Fort Adams State Park.

Tyler C.'s date included dinner at Newport's historic White Horse Tavern restaurant and a concert by country singer Jake Owen at a local theater.

The theater's outdoor marquee displayed "Hannah & Tyler" during the date.

The date reportedly went great, as Hannah ended the night by giving Tyler C. a rose.


The group date featured Hannah's bachelors playing a game of rugby against each other in green vs. stripes uniforms while a crowd of The Bachelorette fans watched and cheered. 

Dustin sat out of the rugby game due to an injury, according to the Bachelor Spoilers Instagram account, and Kevin was also taken away by ambulance after he suffered an injury while playing.

Things also "got rough" between Luke P. and Luke S. during the rugby game, according to Carbone.

Although Carbone isn't 100 percent sure, he reported that Peter got the group-date rose.

The Newport visit ended with Hannah selecting her final 12 bachelors at a Rose Ceremony that was filmed at the Belcourt Castle on March 31.

Before the Rose Ceremony took place, Luke S. reportedly used the cocktail party as an opportunity to tell Hannah how he felt Luke P. had been unnecessarily rough during the rugby game.

However, rather than being sympathetic to Luke S.'s concern, Hannah stood up for Luke P., according to Carbone, so Luke S. decided to quit the show.

After Luke S. eliminated himself at the cocktail party, Hannah also reportedly denied roses to John Paul and Matteo. 

The eliminations left Connor S., Devin, Dylan, Dustin, Garrett, Grant, Jed, Kevin, Luke P., Mike, Peter, and Tyler C. as Hannah's Final 12 bachelors, according to Carbone.


The Bachelorette Final 9 bachelors spoilers

Carbone tweeted on April 3 that The Bachelorette star and her group of 12 guys then took off to Scotland.

The Scotland visit featured one group date and two one-on-one dates, according to Carbone's newly-released May 20 blog posting, with Luke P. and Mike receiving the solo dates.

Both Mike and Luke P. reportedly received roses on their solo dates, allowing them to advance in the competition.


Hannah decided to give Jef the rose during the Highland Games-inspired group date, according to Carbone.

The Scotland visit reportedly concluded with Hannah sending three more bachelors packing from the competition: Devin, Grant, and Kevin.

The Bachelorette Final 7 bachelors spoilers

After Devin, Grant, and Kevin were eliminated at the fifth Rose Ceremony, Hannah and her remaining nine bachelors reportedly took off to the Northern European country of Latvia.

Hannah's Final 9 bachelors were Connor S., Dustin, Dylan, Garrett, Jed, Luke P., Mike, Peter, and Tyler C.

Once there, Hannah embarked on two one-on-one dates and a group date.

During the group date in Latvia, Hannah and seven guys reportedly explored the central market in the country's capital city of Riga.

Carbone isn't entirely sure which bachelor received the group-date rose, but he guessed it was Tyler C.

The guys who allegedly accompanied Hannah on this date were Connor S., Dustin, Dylan, Jed, Luke P. Mike, and Tyler C. -- leaving Garrett and Peter with the two one-on-one dates.


Garrett's date featured Hannah and the bachelor going nearly-naked bungee jumping in the town of Sigulda.

Peter's date has already been teased in one of the season's preview trailers and included fireworks and some hot tub time.

Garrett and Peter each received roses on their dates, according to Carbone, and Dustin and Dylan were eliminated at the subsequent Rose Ceremony.

The Bachelorette Final 4 bachelors spoilers

With only seven bachelors remaining, Hannah and the guys headed to the Netherlands.

Carbone said Harrison had been spotted at the Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus in The Hague in the Netherlands on April 13.

Fleiss also tweeted a photo that appeared to show Hannah posing in one of the country's well-known tulip-field gardens on April 14.

Hannah enjoyed four dates while the cameras were rolling in the Netherlands, according to Carbone. Three were one-on-one dates and the fourth was a three-on-one date.

Since this was the last stop before hometown dates, Hannah gave the men roses throughout her course of dates instead of handing out roses at a traditional Rose Ceremony.

Mike, Jed, and Tyler C. reportedly received the three one-on-one dates, and while Jed and Tyler C. received roses during their dates, Mike did not, eliminating him from the competition.

Why the group date was a three-on-one date and not a four-on-one date remains unknown to Carbone, who says Connor S. was eliminated without ever going on a date.

"Wasn't told why, but he definitely never had a 1-on-1 and wasn't part of the group date," the spoiler blogger wrote in his new May 20 spoilers blog.

Garret, Luke P., and Peter were left to compete for two roses on the group date, according to Carbone.  After Peter received the first rose, Luke P. and Garrett faced off for the remaining rose.

After Peter received the first rose, Luke P. and Garrett faced off for the remaining rose.

This date was reportedly where The Bachelorette previews have shown Luke P. shouting at Garrett and telling him he wasn't going to let Garrett ruin things for him. 

Carbone is still unsure exactly what went down between the two men, however just as she did with when Luke S. voiced concerns about Luke P., Hannah reportedly once again took Luke P's side and gave him her final rose, eliminating Garrett.

The Bachelorette Hometown dates spoilers

After the Netherlands' eliminations, Hannah traveled to different hometowns to visit her Final 4 bachelors and their families.

Hannah's Final 4 suitors were reportedly Jed, a 25-year-old from Nashville, TN; Luke P., a 24-year-old from Gainesville, GA; Peter, a 27-year-old from Westlake Village, CA; and Tyler C., a 26-year-old from Jupiter, FL.

Carbone claimed the men's hometown dates began with Luke's family visit in Georgia on April 20.

Tyler's date reportedly followed on April 22 in Florida, and then Jed introduced Hannah to his family on April 24 in Tennessee.

Finally, Peter's hometown allegedly taped on April 26 in California.

Carbone initially tweeted on May 7 that Luke finished the season in third place and was eliminated after Hannah's three overnight dates.

But after gathering new information from his sources, Carbone revealed on May 11 his initial spoiler was wrong and Luke actually got sent home in fourth place.

Carbone had previously speculated The Bachelorette producers attempted to prevent spoilers for this 2019 season by flying the fourth-place bachelor to Greece (where the season's overnight Fantasy Suite dates took place) with the remaining bachelors and production team to keep him out of the public eye.

This move would have prevented the fourth-place finisher from going on social media upon returning home and accidentally revealing his placement.

Carbone therefore wasn't sure which guy went home in fourth place, but he assumed Luke had "definitely made the Final 3" because photos and videos of Luke and Hannah enjoying a one-on-one date in Greece had surfaced on the Internet in early May.

But according to Carbone's latest spoilers blog posting, Hannah couldn't choose between her Final 4 suitors so she opted to eliminate no one.

The Bachelorette Overnight dates spoilers

Hannah's decision to not eliminate anyone after the hometown dates meant all four remaining bachelors traveled to Greece and were expected to receive overnight dates with Hannah even though a typical The Bachelorette season only features three overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

However, Luke's overnight date -- which was the last one to take place -- was a bust, according to Carbone.

"On Luke's overnight, something happened, [and] she sent Luke home before the actual overnight portion. So Luke is actually [No. 4]," Carbone tweeted.

Hannah reportedly sent Luke packing in the middle of their dinner.

Viewers have been speculating Luke P. was the guy who appeared to attempt to sex-shame Hannah during a date in a recent trailer for The Bachelorette season.

And according to Carbone, their speculation appears to have been correct.

"We know that Luke had the 4th overnight date. If you don't think Hannah had sex on any of the previous three overnights, you're being naive. And if she did, that's perfectly normal and she has every right to," he wrote in his May 20 blog post.

"Hannah and Luke's talk surrounded the issue of sex on the overnights. Luke told her if they spent the night, they wouldn't be having sex. It's not something he believes in anymore before marriage. Because we don't know how the conversation played out (we only heard voiceover and snippets from it), it's impossible to know exactly how the topic of sex with the other guy(s) on the overnights came up," he continued.

"Did Luke straight up ask her if she did? Did Hannah say something to the effect of, 'Well what would you think if I did?' Whatever the case was, Hannah was not pleased with Luke's response to it as we hear her say (and actually visually see her say) 'I don't owe you anything.' And later, we see her say, 'I have had sex... and Jesus still loves me.'"

Since The Bachelorette viewers witnessed Hannah giving Luke the First Impression Rose in Episode 1, Bachelor Nation may be shocked by his elimination.

After all, First Impression Rose-recipients are typically frontrunners -- and eventual winners.

When looking back at the past four The Bachelorette stars, Kaitlyn Bristowe, JoJo Fletcher, Rachel Lindsay, and Becca Kufrin all selected the men at the end of their respective seasons who had received the First Impression Rose.

After Luke P. was eliminated, Hannah also reportedly eliminated Peter at the subsequent Rose Ceremony, which occurred on May 5.

However, Luke also reportedly returned and made an appearance at the Rose Ceremony.

"Luke shows up to the final 3 rose ceremony to talk to [Hannah], but nothing changes," Carbone previously reported.

"So Tyler and Jed are your final 2."

Who did Hannah pick as her winner and get engaged to?

While Carbone had reported Tyler and Jed finished as Hannah's Final 2 bachelors earlier this month, the spoiler blogger had not revealed which bachelor won Hannah's heart and how her season ended.

However, that changed and he revealed the details in his May 20 spoiler blog posting.

"You hear so much every season after filming ends, and you gotta weed through a lot of hearsay, speculation, theories, etc to get to the meat and potatoes of what happened. I'm confident in what I've been told enough to report today," he wrote.

"Hannah picked [Tyler Cameron] and they are engaged."

"For the next 2 months you will [hear] all sorts of stories regarding the ending. It's the same song and dance every year. But here you go. She picked Tyler and that's where we're at."


Just days after filming ended, Hannah shed some light on her season's ending in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I will tell you that I'm happy and, ultimately, this season and how it all turned out is not how I thought it would be. It just wasn't," Hannah said.

"It doesn't mean that it's not good. I think it happened exactly the way it was supposed to, and I feel really excited and blessed to have the opportunity that I've had and feel really good and want you all to see what that is. I can't really tell you much more."

But in an interview with Variety, ABC reality chief Robert Mills revealed Hannah will end her season in love with multiple men and struggling to make a decision.

"This could be a situation where one of the guys gets out of the limo to head out to get his heart broken, and all of a sudden, she says, 'No, no, no, I'm sorry, he's the one,'" he said.

"You could see her changing her mind at the last minute. She really is that in love with these last few contestants, and she's torn over it."

"She definitely falls in love with numerous people. She's somebody who is very passionate and she has a massive heart. She's open to everyone and everything. With Hannah, she really was considering everything," the ABC executive added earlier during the interview. 

"I think she dated a certain type of guy before this, and I think she realized that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she really explored multiple connections with many guys."

"She is someone who believes that there is room in your heart to love more than one person. So yes, she absolutely does fall in love with multiple men."

Carbone reported The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All will air on July 15 and then the Season 15 finale will air as Episode 11 on July 23.

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