The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams admitted feelings of love for Zac Clark and Ben Smith and eliminated Bennett Jordan -- only for him to suddenly return later on and ask for a second chance -- as well as Demar Jackson, Ed Waisbrot and Spencer Robertson during Tuesday night's Season 16 episode on ABC.

Tayshia eliminated Bennett, a 36-year-old wealth management consultant from New York City, NY, instead of Noah Erb during a two-on-one date. However, Bennett later returned and told Tayshia, "I love you," before asking for a second chance.


And then Tayshia sent the following three men packing at the Rose Ceremony: Demar Jackson, a 26-year-old spin cycling instructor from Scottsdale, AZ; Ed Waisbrot, a 36-year-old health care salesman from Miami, FL; and Spencer Robertson, a 30-year-old from La Jolla, CA.

The Bachelorette Episode 9

The Bachelorette broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with Tayshia on a two-on-one date with Noah and Bennett.

In addition to Noah and Bennett, the other men who were still in the running for Tayshia's heart were Ben Smith, a 29-year-old Army Ranger veteran from Venice, CA; Blake Moynes, a 29-year-old wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; and Brendan Morais, a 30-year-old commercial roofer from Milford, MA.

Demar; Ed; Ivan Hall, a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer from Dallas, TX; Noah, a 25-year-old registered travel nurse from Tulsa, OK; Riley Christian, a 30-year-old attorney from Long Island City, NY; Spencer; and Zac Clark, a 36-year-old addiction specialist from Haddonfield, NJ.

Zac said he looked forward to "drama being put to the side," and Ben hoped the stress at the resort would leave.

Ben said Tayshia's decision to eliminate either Noah or Bennett spoke volumes about her character and how serious she was taking The Bachelorette process.

On the two-on-one date, Noah called Bennett out in front of Tayshia for saying he had a "zero percent chance" of ending up with Tayshia, and Bennett also said talking to Noah was like talking to a 14-year-old child.

Tayshia felt Bennett was questioning her integrity by wondering why she was keeping Noah around, and then Tayshia asked what was in the white and gold gift box.

Bennett said he had given Noah a gift, and then Tayshia asked him to speak in private.


Bennett told the cameras he was just trying to be "honest, through and through," but Tayshia felt she was in between a rock and a hard place because she genuinely cared about Bennett and liked him but he seemed to be fueling a fire.

Bennett insisted he had never questioned Tayshia's integrity, but Tayshia said Bennett had no right to tell another man that he wasn't going to end up with her because she was making decisions for herself and that was a personal matter.

Tayshia believed Bennett was implying that she was incapable of making good decisions about which man would be best suited for her in the future, and Bennett apologized and pointed out Noah was surrounded in drama.

Bennett then spoke to Tayshia about his belief Noah was lacking in three of the following four competencies regarding emotional quotient or "EQ": Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Bennett said he had a hard time watching a beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, decisive and strong-minded woman ending up with a man like Noah.

Bennett repeated how he had never questioned Tayshia's integrity and that was never his intention. Bennett said all he wanted to do was "love [her] up" because everything felt "so right, easy and natural" with Tayshia.

"You've got this. I have every ounce of confidence in my mind and in my heart that that is the case," Bennett shared.

Tayshia then told Noah that he seemed to be "the common denominator" in all the drama, and Noah responded by saying he hated that. Noah said Bennett acted like he was better than everybody else and spoke down to people in a condescending manner.

Noah told Tayshia, for instance, how Bennett had gifted him a book on emotional intelligence that wasn't appropriate or deserved.


"I can handle the jabs, but if I'm being completely honest with myself, I think it's only a matter of time that -- if at the end of this, you chose him -- he would at that way to you. That's why I'm passionate about it, because I think you deserve more and people shouldn't be talked to like they are less," Noah explained.

Noah got a little emotional during their conversation, and Tayshia said she was happy to hear his side of the story. Tayshia didn't want drama to take away from what they had.

Tayshia decided she needed to think things over, and Noah told the cameras he just wanted what was best for Tayshia and he'd be "heartbroken" if he had to go home, especially since Bennett tended to be demeaning to others.

When Tayshia sat down with the two men, she said Bennett had made her feel "heard" and "really special" but it worried her that he was condescending to other people and questioned her intentions.

Tayshia then told Noah that she continued to discover "more beautiful" parts about Noah but a part of her feared he wouldn't be ready for marriage at the end of the show.

With that being said, Tayshia asked Bennett if she could walk him out, and he responded with, "Wow, sure."

"Is this really goodbye?" Bennett asked.

"Unfortunately," Tayshia replied.

"Holy cow. Wow, I'm shocked," Bennett responded in disbelief.

"I never for one second was questioning your ability to make a decision or your integrity. I simply saw behaviors I could never imagine you putting up with in a husband and a father, and I felt very confident in my words and never once for a second questioned you. If you feel this way, I am so sorry."

Bennett said he hated Tayshia felt that way because the process had really been working for him.


Tayshia said, "I'm sorry," and then Bennett gave her a kiss on the cheek and said he hoped she'd find what she was looking for.

"That was interesting. That was a curve ball. I did not see that coming," Bennett said in his final words.

Tayshia said that wasn't the goodbye she had expected and it "just didn't feel right, especially since he's such a good person." Tayshia could only hope she was making the right decision.

Tayshia told Noah that was not how she wanted to say goodbye to Bennett and she felt conflicted. Tayshia didn't want Noah smugly smile or think he had won anything, so she decided not to give him the rose in that moment.

Tayshia forced Noah to endure the upcoming Rose Ceremony, and Noah wasn't sure what the Bachelorette was thinking. Noah insisted he's a suitable husband who was ready for marriage, and so he wasn't about to give up.

During the cocktail party, Riley gave Tayshia a kiss and celebrated their one-week anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend with a cake. He congratulated Tayshia on handling her business and being a strong woman.

Zac then gave Tayshia one of their wedding photos from their photo shoot on a group date, and Zac reminded Tayshia that he had her back and was ready for everything with her.

"I could see her completing me," Zac said in a confessional.

Ben then got a little kissing lesson from Tayshia, and her night quickly turned around. Brendan told Tayshia that getting any time with her at all was amazing and worth it.

"Tayshia is a really unique woman, for sure. She is sweet and genuine, and I do feel Tayshia and I have a real connection," Brendan gushed.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony, and Noah said he wasn't feeling confident at all, even though he knew how Tayshia looked at him.


Ed also pointed out there were several men, including himself and Spencer, who didn't receive time with Tayshia at the cocktail party because of Noah.

The Rose Ceremony then commenced, and Tayshia said some of her relationships were blowing her away. Tayshia thanked the guys for their support.

Tayshia then handed out roses to the following men: Brendan, Riley, Blake, Ivan, and Noah.

Noah said he received "a reality check" and hoped he hadn't done too much damage to their relationship.

"It hurts. It's tough being this open and knowing there's a chance it's going to fail. I thought we had a good connection, but I guess it wasn't good enough," Demar said following his ouster.

Only seven guys remained after the Rose Ceremony, and things were starting to get "crazy and real" for Zac, who said he was beginning to fall for Tayshia -- and probably wasn't the only guy feeling that way.

The Bachelorette alum JoJo Fletcher then showed up and told the guys next week was "hometown week" and if they earned another rose, Tayshia would be meeting their families.

The thought of introducing Tayshia to his family made Zac cry because his parents were his heroes, and he said his parents deserved to see how happy he was with Tayshia. Zac acknowledged his parents had witnessed some sad times, and it was a lot to take in.

Ben then learned he'd be accompanying Tayshia on a one-on-one date. The pair participated in a little scavenger hunt around The Bachelorette resort, and she and Ben both rode scooters around the property.

Tayshia thought this was the perfect date for Ben because of their fun and playful dynamic. At one point, Ben even took off his pants which made Tayshia laugh, and the pair smashed pinatas together.

Ben told Tayshia it had been awhile since he felt feelings for anybody, and Tayshia said she needed Ben to continue letting it out and stop trying to be perfect. Ben said he was afraid of revealing more about himself so Tayshia wouldn't feel burdened.


However, Ben noted that he trusted Tayshia, who said their date couldn't have happened at a better time. Tayshia wanted to learn more about the bachelor, but she wasn't sure she could give him a rose just yet.

Tayshia gushed about how she loved how softspoken Ben was while he was also a leader and a member of the United States military, but she needed more from him on an emotional level.

Over a romantic dinner that night, Tayshia admitted she worried that Ben was "too perfect" and trying to display a "perfect image." She noted how Ben said the right things and moved the right way yet she could tell he was holding back.

Tayshia could feel "hurt" behind Ben's eyes, and Ben said he always needed to look the part and do things the right way in his family.

At age 18, Ben joined the military and said he became conditioned to hide his vulnerability.

Ben revealed his sister is the best person he knows and she had saved his life in more ways than one.

Ben went on to explain how 2018 was a rough year for him because he broke his back and was forced to leave the Army. Ben said he was living in a city that was too expensive for him and he felt totally lost.

"My life was very dark. I didn't know how to say that I needed things. I don't know if you can relate with that and how that can be. The only person I confided in was my sister," Ben shared.

"I guess we can go deep. I had two failed suicide attempts in 2018 and 2019, and I don't mean to throw that on you... My sister, she doesn't know. I guess she'll know now. When I get nervous and I get worried, I smile, that's why I'm smiling."

Ben added, "I didn't want to be here anymore... and I didn't want to burden anybody with my problems. I thought the easiest way was just to not be around. Luckily, it didn't work."

Ben said the only thing that got him through that dark time was his sister -- and she had no idea she had even served that role in his life. Ben told Tayshia that he owed his sister everything.


Ben told Tayshia that he went through very intentional and aggressive therapy and had become a totally new man. Ben assured Tayshia that he was "okay," and Tayshia said, "I see you and I hear you, and that's all I've been wanting."

Tayshia told Ben that he's "an amazing person," and he said he really appreciated her sticking around.

Tayshia then gave Ben the date's rose and said she was so incredibly happy he was still around.

"This is a huge step in our relationship. It makes me feel like he trusts me, and I think it's the breakthrough we needed to have... I'm really excited to meet his family," Tayshia gushed in a confessional.

Tayshia and Ben then received a private concert by Adam Hambrick, and the couple danced and kissed the night away. Tayshia called it "a magical moment."

"The way that made me feel tonight is the way I want to feel with my future husband. I feel so connected with him right now. I could really see him being by my side for the rest of my life," Tayshia told the cameras.

"I truly love Ben," she added.

A Date Card then arrived for Zac, Brendan, Ivan, Noah and Riley, and Tayshia's card read that she was falling in love. Zac was really bummed about not getting a one-on-one date because he had developed really strong feelings for Tayshia, but Blake was thrilled about the opportunity.

For the group date, the five guys who joined Tayshia were asked to take lie-detector tests to prove how truthful they had been with The Bachelorette star. JoJo helped to host the date, and Tayshia explained honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship.

Each guy took a lie-detector test one by one and was asked a series of questions, and Tayshia even agreed to take a test as well.


Tayshia confirmed she was falling in love with more than one person and she believed her husband was in the room, but she lied about not regretting sending somebody home.

Noah lied about missing his mustache, but he told the truth about being ready to meet Tayshia's family.

Brendan's answers disturbed Tayshia because the test showed "inconclusive" results, which suggested he wasn't entirely ready to introduce Tayshia to his family or to meet her family.

Brendan also expressed some hesitancy when asked whether he'd be ready to propose marriage by the end of the process.

Zac admitted he once cheated on a girl, which disappointed Tayshia because that's a non-negotiable for her, but he did admit he was falling in love with the Bachelorette.

Tayshia learned Riley had lied about his full and formal name, but he said he was falling in love with Tayshia. Riley admitted he wanted to introduce Tayshia to his family but wasn't exactly ready for it.

Tayshia planned to get to the bottom of things later that evening, and she started with Zac at the afterparty.

Tayshia told Zac that she would never tolerate cheating and that's essentially why her marriage had ended. Tayshia said loyalty meant everything to her, and Zac explained he had cheated in his past on his first girlfriend.

Zac said he was in love with his first girlfriend -- in sixth grade -- but then met another girl and french kissed the new girl at a bowling alley. That was Zac's cheating story, and so Tayshia cracked up and felt nothing but relief.

"I am falling for you, and I hated [revealing] that [during the test]. I think it should have been said in a more intimate setting," Zac said.

"When you said that, I wanted to reach out and grab you, because I'm falling in love with you too," Tayshia replied. "Did you think that? Did you know that?"

"No," Zac said.

"You didn't?" Tayshia sweetly questioned.

Tayshia said she was thankful for the polygraph test because it certainly gave her answers she needed.


The men's honesty made Tayshia like them even more, and Ivan revealed he only loved one girl in his life. Ivan made Tayshia feel secure and she really trusted the men.

Brendan explained to Tayshia he appeared to have doubts during the lie detector test because he wanted his next marriage proposal to be his last and only since he had gone through a difficult divorce before. Tayshia said she understood where he was coming from.

Brendan promised Tayshia that he could picture her in his future and he told the cameras he was potentially falling in love with her.

As for Riley, he was prepared to totally let his guard down.

While speaking with Tayshia, he revealed he was born with the name Dwayne Henderson Jr. after his father, who was his best friend for 22 years. The pair went to baseball games together and traveled.

But when Riley got older, he had a falling out with his father over how he had treated Riley's mother.

"He took some things that didn't belong to him. He got sole custody of me and my brother, and that was it. But I was a boy and it was what it was. But my mother, she deserved so much and we missed so much time," Riley explained.

Riley said he resented his mother based on what his father had been telling him but it turned out Riley wanted to be a better and honorable man and so he started over from scratch. Riley therefore changed his name to Devon Riley Christian.

Riley told Tayshia that he thought about his father every single day, and Tayshia comforted Riley and called him "stronger than hell." Riley said he wanted a loving family more than anything.

Riley no longer felt like a fraud, like he was hiding himself, and he was so glad to have shared that with Tayshia.


The "meaningful and impactful" afterparty ended with Tayshia asking for more time.

Tayshia wasn't sure whom she wanted to give the rose to, and so she announced she wanted to wait until the Rose Ceremony because the rose held a lot of weight and significance with hometowns on the line. Tayshia said she didn't take meeting a man's family lightly.

When Tayshia headed to her suite, Bennett suddenly showed up and asked to talk.

Bennett said his elimination had been a whirlwind and he spent all day going over their parting in his head. Bennett apologized multiple times for making Tayshia think he had questioned her decision-making, saying he'd never do that and their goodbye was "bizarre."

"Sometimes we don't realize things until they're gone, and I realized in that moment that I love you," Bennett told Tayshia, whose jaw dropped.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm, like, speechless right now," Tayshia said.

Bennett said he couldn't leave without expressing that to Tayshia but he wasn't expecting anything from her. Bennett said he just wanted to pour his heart out and if there was an ounce of Tayshia that wanted to explore things further with him, he'd be thrilled.

"I would love nothing more than to stay for you, and I'd do absolutely anything in the world [for you]," Bennett shared.

Tayshia admitted her plan was not to say goodbye to Bennett on the night of their two-on-one date.

"I don't know. I don't really know what's happening right now," Tayshia lamented. "I am very confused."

Bennett didn't expect an immediate answer or an epiphany, but he said his goal was to see Tayshia again and share his innermost feelings with her.

"I am dead serious about you. I haven't had emotions like this -- ever -- over a girl," Bennett said.

Tayshia explained she had a lot going through her head and didn't know how to process the situation and so she needed the night to think about things. Bennett thanked Tayshia for even considering his return.

Tayshia rejected a kiss from Bennett, but he showed up for her, and that's always what she wanted. Tayshia said it was also nice to hear the words "I love you" from a guy and that meant everything.

"I know Bennett was saying [those words] just to say them," Tayshia acknowledged.

"I'm so confused! The way I sent him home the other night did not feel right, but at the same time, I'm here with seven other people and I feel like I have good connections with every single one of them."

Tayshia noted she had a lot to figure out and the process was getting very hard.

"I don't know what to do!" she vented to the cameras.


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