The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin eliminated five bachelors during Monday night's Season 14 episode on ABC.

Becca first ousted Ryan Peterson and Mike Renner from the competition at the last Rose Ceremony held in Los Angeles, CA. And then after the Bachelorette and her remaining group of suitors traveled to Park City, UT, Becca sent Jean Blanc packing during a group date.

The episode concluded with Becca eliminating Christon Staples and Nick Spetsas at the Rose Ceremony in Las Vegas.

The Bachelorette broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with a cocktail party.

Becca sat down with Blake Horstmann and talked about how many children they'd like to have. Becca revealed she'd like to have three kids, and then Blake admitted he'd love to have a big family -- three to five children.


Becca was surprised to hear how many kids Blake would want, but she didn't seem to mind.

The couple then came up with names for their future children, with Becca suggesting Stevie and Blake suggesting Charlie for a girl. Every time Becca felt down or anxious, Blake built her back up and lifted her spirits.

When Becca had some alone time with Jordan Kimball, she gave him a pair of metallic gold shorts, which of course made his day.

But just as Jordan was celebrating his gift from The Bachelorette star, David Ravitz showed up at the party following his hospitalization for falling out of a bunk bed at night. David revealed he had broken his nose but would never want to miss out on more time with Becca.

Jordan was confident he'd get a rose because he believed he was the best looking guy in the house. He also made fun of David's face, saying he looked like a Pablo Picasso painting.

But Becca actually gave David a rose before the Rose Ceremony even commenced so he could relax and rest in bed.

Becca appreciated how positive and upbeat David seemed despite the circumstances of his injury.

"I may not have a male model face anymore, but I have a rose bitch," David bragged to the cameras.

Jordan didn't act phased by Becca's gesture because he thought she had given David "a pity rose."

"I'm Captain Underpants -- and that's all I got. That's all I got," Jordan said later on.

The Rose Ceremony then began and Becca handed out roses in the following order: Jason Tartick, Wills Reid, Nick, Christon, Lincoln Adim, Blake, Garrett Yrigoyen, Leo Dottavio, John Graham, Connor Obrochta, Jordan, and Jean Blanc. The results left Ryan and Mike without roses.


Becca and her remaining men then headed to Park City, UT, for another week of dates.

Garrett received the first one-on-one date in this new location, and the pair went shopping around town -- trying on different clothes and tasting local food.

Becca said she could be goofy around Garrett because he was the same way. In fact, Garrett reminded Becca of home, and she knew her father would have loved him.

Becca felt butterflies every time she was around Garrett and his positive energy, and it didn't hurt that she found him incredibly "handsome" and "attractive." Garrett's smile made Becca swoon.   

Becca and Garrett went bobsledding for their date, and the bachelor admitted it was one of the best dates he's ever been on in his life.

"The feelings are there," Garrett noted before he and Becca popped a bottle of champagne. 

Garrett made Becca feel "amazing" and she noted the date was a 10 on a scale from 1-10. She felt "so secure" with Garrett and trusted him "completely."

"He gets me, and I just feel like I can see him at the end of the this," Becca gushed in a confessional, before telling Garrett that he reminded her of her dad.

At dinner that night, Garrett opened up to Becca about his past and how he had been married before. Garrett revealed he had fallen in love at age 23 with an adventurous woman, and they got married pretty young.

Garrett confessed that despite dating the girl for over a year before he proposed and then remaining engaged for another year, they divorced two months after exchanging vows.

Garrett explained he had simply fallen in love with the wrong person, as she was emotionally abusive to him and attempted to create a wedge between himself and his family and friends.

This news came crashing down on Becca, as she began to question whether Garrett would even be ready to get engaged again at the end of this short The Bachelorette process. She knew Garrett wouldn't appreciate the pressure to propose after what he's been through, and so Becca started to wonder if things could even work out with Garrett.

Garrett was embarrassed over the divorce, but he assured Becca he was ready to get married and be with one woman for the rest of his life. Becca could sense Garrett's "loyalty and commitment." Plus, Garrett had two years to heal since his last relationship had ended.

Garrett told Becca, however, the next time he'd say "I love you" would be to the girl he's going to spend forever with.

Becca clearly liked Garrett a lot, and she realized it would be unfair to judge him for a failed relationship given her own past with Arie Luyendyk Jr. Garrett made it known he had tried very hard to make his marriage work and did everything he could.


Becca therefore gave Garrett the date's rose and told the cameras she had "really, really strong feelings" for him.

Garrett and Becca concluded their date with a little dancing and kissing at a Granger Smith concert.

While dancing with Garrett, Becca confessed she was "in trouble" with this guy, and Garrett said in a confessional he was "falling for her hard" and could picture proposing to her at the end of all this.

The next day, Becca embarked on a group date with Jordan, Chris Randone, Blake, Nick, John, Lincoln, Leo, David, Connor, Christon, Jason, Colton Underwood, and Jean Blanc.

The guys became lumberjacks for a day, as they had to participate in wood chopping and sawing activities. Becca grew up watching these type of competitions as a young girl at the state fair, so she loved seeing her guys dress in plaid, swing an axe, and get their hands dirty.

After a long day, John actually won "The Golden Axe" award for his stellar performance in the competition.

Later that night, at the afterparty, Becca shared a nice kiss with Jason, whom she called "a great kisser," as well as Colton.

Jason found himself nervous around Becca, and Colton really liked the Bachelorette. But Colton couldn't stand watching Jordan prance around in his golden underwear like "a clown." Colton believed Jordan was on the show for "the wrong reasons," not to mention "disrespectful."

Colton decided to confront Jordan about his antics, but Jordan was not pleased. Jordan was growing very tired of defending himself to the men in the house, because he insisted he was on the show for Becca and they had already developed a solid connection.

Becca then sat down for a private conversation with Jean Blanc, who gifted Becca a perfume called "Miss Becca Blanc."

Jean Blanc was coming on pretty strong, especially since The Bachelorette process was still pretty early in the game at this point.

Becca said Jean Blanc was "just a lot," and when he kissed her, she wasn't sure if he was really feeling her or just going through the motions of what he's supposed to be doing at this time.

Jean Blanc then dropped a bombshell on Becca, that he was actually "falling in love" with her. Becca was surprised to hear this news, but it immediately became obvious she did not reciprocate such feelings. It was an "intense" moment and "a lot to take in," according to Becca.

Because they weren't on the same page, Becca decided to send Jean Blanc home, explaining to him that she simply didn't see a future for them and they were on "different wavelengths."

Before he left, Jean confessed that he had only expressed love because he thought that's what Becca needed from him and wanted to hear.

Becca felt blindsided and betrayed that Jean Blanc had lied about -- or at least exaggerated -- his feelings. After all, Arie had told Becca that he loved her -- only to propose marriage and then dump her weeks later for his runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

All Becca expected from her bachelors was honesty, so she was extremely upset by Jean Blanc's actions. Jean Blanc's goodbye was pretty awkward, as Becca was clearly pissed off. She felt "so disrespected" and then told the remaining guys they should also go home if they can't be honest with her.

That night, Becca refused to hand out a rose, and she left the afterparty to be by herself. Becca didn't want to waste anyone's time, but she also didn't want a man to waste her time. She was done with men who couldn't figure out and then communicate their feelings.

Becca later embarked on a one-on-one date with Wills. He expected Becca's guard would be up after the group date, and he was right.

However, Wills felt it was his "responsibility" to put Becca at ease again and make her feel safe and cared for. For their date, Wills and Becca went snowmobiling, and she did her best to put on a happy and brave face.

Wills insisted he was a genuine guy who cared for Becca deeply. He wanted to be there for her, to make her smile and laugh, and that meant the world to Becca.

Becca called Wills "a standup guy," and he managed to totally switch up her mood. Jean Blanc's edit had derailed Becca's journey to find love, but this date with Wills apparently got her back on track.

Over dinner that night, Wills opened up to Becca about how he had been "hurt and devastated" by an ex-girlfriend.

Wills revealed he had dated a woman for three years and they talked about welcoming kids and picking out a wedding venue. Wills was "all in" at the time, but then he said the woman asked for a "Hall Pass."

Shortly afterward, Wills caught the woman with another guy at a location where they had spent multiple anniversaries together.

Wills therefore had a fear "of not being enough" or not having his feelings for someone reciprocated. Becca acknowledged Wills was "one of the more reserved guys" this season but he "really surprised" her that night.

Wills was open and vulnerable despite the pain he had experienced in his past, and Becca trusted him. She then offered him a rose, and Wills told the cameras he was "on the path to falling in love with Becca."

At the end of the week in Utah, Becca decided to cancel the cocktail party and go right into the Rose Ceremony. Becca knew what she wanted to do, and again, she didn't want to waste anyone's time.

When the Rose Ceremony commenced, Becca handed out roses in the following order: Leo, Colton, Blake, Jason, Lincoln, John, Chris, David, and Jordan. Nick and Christon were eliminated as a result.

Christon was hoping to show Becca there are still good guys left in the world, but he admitted they were on "two different paths" in life. Meanwhile, Nick realized he should've opened up to Becca sooner, as he didn't take full advantage of his time with her.

Next week, Becca and her remaining guys will travel to Las Vegas for the next week of dates.  


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