The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All was exciting, explosive and heartwarming all at the same time.

Tuesday night's Men Tell All special for JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette will surely go down in history, pretty much all thanks to Chad Johnson, whom host Chris Harrison admitted needed no introduction.

Not only did Chad call out fellow eliminated suitors for their alleged mistakes, he also bashed JoJo's remaining bachelors Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes -- some of which was said directly to JoJo's face.

"Oh, I could go off right now!" JoJo vented in anger and frustration.

The night also included Luke Pell and Chase McNary talking about their broken hearts and hopefully finding love again in the future. All of that, plus bloopers and extended previews for The Bachelorette's twelfth-season finale as well as Bachelor in Paradise's Season 3 premiere on August 2.

Below is a list of highlights from the memorable Men Tell All broadcast:

- Chad had his own trailer with his name on the door set up outside of the studio where Men Tell All taped as if he was a famous celebrity. He also had a giant tray of cold cuts to choose from.

- Alex Woytkiw, who noticeably received quiet applause from the live audience, was called a "manipulative instigator" with a "Napoleon complex" by Nick Benvenutti for the way he attacked Derek Peth after Chad went home. Nick B. was the guy who dressed up like Santa Claus if anyone forgot.

- In Chad's defense, his loyal sidekick Daniel Maguire insisted that all the guys did this season was complain about Chad or gush about how they were in love with JoJo "after spending five minutes with her."

- Chad argued he lost his cool a couple of times because the other guys whispered 24/7 behind his back, and he thought that if he just punched one person, everyone else would be intimidated enough to shut up.

- Chad told Chris Harrison he was the only honest suitor in JoJo's cast of bachelors, calling out Chase for having a Vine presence, Alex for modeling, James Taylor for singing, Wells Adams for being a radio personality, and more. Chad said the guys went on the show to further their careers in the entertainment industry. 

- Chad revealed he spent time with and sort of dated Robby and Grant Kemp's ex-girlfriends after the show. Although Grant argued he broke up with his girlfriend before applying to be on The Bachelorette, Chad said both girls insisted the two guys had dumped them just to go on the show.

- Chad still talks to Robby's ex Hope Higginbotham as well as Grant's ex-girlfriend. While he wouldn't reveal to Chris Harrison if he was "intimate" with either girl, Chad said they are amazing, beautiful women who didn't deserve to get screwed over.

- St. Nick stood up, took his jacket off and tried to fight Chad. Nick was trying to make a point that Chad made "empty threats," but Chad just accused him of trying to get some time on the air since he got eliminated so soon. Chad also didn't want to brawl in dress shoes, saying, "We'll deal with this later."

- Chad asked Derek to be himself for just one second and stop putting on an act. He said Derek needs to grow up if words hurt him so badly, later adding that Derek's pocket square didn't match his shirt.

- Chad joked that he never finished his sentence when he said he'd hunt Jordan down at his house after the show. Chad suggested that maybe he just wanted to bring Jordan some candy.

- Chad said Jordan wasn't sincere at all because he only pretended to talk to him when cameras were on so he'd look like a nice guy. Chad said when cameras were off, Jordan wouldn't even look at him. Chad said Jordan also just wanted to get a good job in media, which he recently accomplished.

- Chad told everyone that Robby is not upset about him dating Hope. He said Robby threatened the girl to not say anything to anyone or conduct any interviews during his The Bachelorette stint. Chad said Robby warned her to keep quiet or else, "I'll come get you," which Grant absolutely did not believe.

- Back on this season's comedy Group Date when Chad infamously ripped Evan Bass' shirt and seemed violent, Chris Harrison proved with tape playback that Evan actually pushed Chad first. Evan said he was trying to shake Chad's hand, but the audience booed and clearly didn't believe him.

- Wells, who thought he was the mediator of the group since he got along with everybody, said the guys did gang up on Chad like flies but Chad also said "some really f-cked up things," which made the men's behavior "justified" at the end of the day. Wells wished Chad luck redeeming himself on Bachelor in Paradise.

- Chad doesn't regret "99.9 percent" of things he did or said on the show because he felt things were warranted in the heat of the moment when he was backed into corners. Chad also said his mother, who recently passed away, would've found his behavior on the show "hilarious," minus a comment or two here or there.

- Luke apparently still loves JoJo and felt so much pain after his elimination that he suffered panic attacks at home for a couple of weeks. It took him "reflection" and "time" to move on from the breakup. However, he knows his love was real because he cares more about her happiness in the end.

- Luke realized he held back verbally in his relationship with JoJo and should've been more expressive and direct. He said that next time he falls in love with a woman, he'll express his love immediately upon feeling it.

- Luke explained he held off on telling JoJo he loved her only because he wanted to make sure she was comfortable around his family. Also, because he's a hopeless romantic, he kept waiting for that once-in-a-lifetime moment to say, "I love you," but he never seized the moment.

- Luke absolutely didn't expect to go home when he did. He thought he'd have more time with JoJo because everything leading up to the point of his ouster were "fireworks" between them.

- Thanks to his romance with JoJo, Luke learned how to love again and he's happy, ready and optimistic about what the future might hold. Chris Harrison asked Luke repeatedly if he's ready to find love again, which seemed like the host is positioning the war veteran to become the next The Bachelor star. 

- Chase said it didn't make sense for JoJo to offer him the Fantasy Suite invitation if she didn't feel love for him already. He said it felt like she invited him into the suite to hear that he loved her before just sending him packing. The situation has been hard for Chase to process.

- Although he initially insisted telling JoJo that he loved her was a mistake, Chase promised he doesn't regret having said it now because she taught him how to be open about his feelings again and express himself. Chase, like Luke, still has a lot of love for JoJo.

- When JoJo was welcomed onstage, she admitted she still feels raw emotion seeing the guys again and watching the episodes back on TV.

- JoJo couldn't tell Luke whether saying, "I love you," earlier would've made a difference. However, she said she had to put emotion aside in the moment of his elimination and just go with her gut.

- JoJo confessed to Chase she may not have handled the Fantasy Suite situation well and she felt guilty about that. JoJo noted she found clarity at the wrong time in their relationship, but Chase comforted her and said everything was fine and she shouldn't feel guilty. Chase acknowledged there's no perfect time to break somebody's heart.

- Chad told JoJo that Robby broke up with his ex-girlfriend days before filming The Bachelorette began and Jordan is "a liar and cheater whose older brother won't even talk to him." JoJo was about to "go off," telling the audience that Chad thrived off attention and therefore no one should give it to him.

- JoJo snapped that Chad wasn't worth her breath, which his fellow suitors applauded and cheered for. JoJo didn't feel the need to defend her Final 2 suitors at all, and JoJo thanked all the guys for treating her with respect -- except for Chad.

- JoJo concluded her segment by telling Chris Harrison, "I'm really happy with how things ended and where I'm at right now."
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