The Bachelorette just aired its fourth episode and concluded with the elimination of Eric Hill and Tasos Hernandez, leaving 11 bachelors still in the running for Andi Dorfman's heart.

Eric Hill, a 31-year-old explorer from Citrus Heights, CA, was ousted after getting into a fight with Andi at the cocktail party. He passed away in a tragic paragliding accident only three weeks following his ouster from the reality dating competition. Tasos Hernandez, a 30-year-old wedding event coordinator from Denver, CO, was sent home during the broadcast's official Rose Ceremony, which producers chose not to air in order to focus on Eric's memory.

During a Tuesday conference call with reporters, The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison talked to Reality TV World about the season thus far, the emotional moments, the surprises, and the lowdown on Andi's suitors.

Below is what he had to say. Check back with Reality TV World soon for more from his interview.

Reality TV World: The argument that went down between Eric and Andi last night was confusing for viewers because I think even Eric was confused about what was happening. I think there was a big misunderstanding there and the more Eric tried to explain where he was coming from, Andi got increasingly offended and upset. Would you mind sharing how you interpreted that conversation, like, what do you think Eric was trying to say? How did you view their exchange?

Chris Harrison: Um, (laughs) I feel like Eric stepped in something that every guy who's ever dated -- ever -- has stepped in before. (Laughs) It was wrong place, wrong time, and wrong sentiment. You know, one thing that happens throughout this show -- no matter who you are, any Bachelor or Bachelorette -- you get to kind of a low point, and Andi was kind of at that emotional point in Episode 4.

She was tired, the show had kind of taken its toll a little bit. So I think she was emotionally on edge and the guys had been really bro'ing it up, so to speak, and she was a little bit, I think, annoyed with that. And so when Eric came in and said what he did, which wasn't horrible -- I think on any other day, maybe in another situation, it wouldn't have been nearly that big of a deal.

But I think Andi was just emotionally done, and for him to come in and say that essentially, you know, the way she read it was, "You're fake or you're putting on a poker face." And I think what his sentiment was, "We are in the position to give. We have to give. You are in the position where you're not allowed to, so if anybody's kind of withholding, I feel it's really on your part."

And so, he made a valiant point and I think he probably didn't articulate it the best he could have. And I don't think she was in the right frame of mind to take that anyway. So, it was an interesting confrontation and argument because they're two very smart people and I think they both realized, you know, at the end, I think you saw the way they both kind of laughed and hugged it out and went their separate ways.

I think it was one of those deals where they went past the point of no return and they kind of had to go their separate ways. They knew it wasn't going to happen between them anyway, but I think they realized that it wasn't that big of a deal.

Reality TV World: Eric kept repeating that he saw two sides of Andi, and when describing the less-flattering side, he repeatedly threw out the words "acting" and "poker face" like you just mentioned. In your opinion, do you think Andi stayed the same person throughout the whole process or do you think she kind of struggled to be herself all the while being on-camera?

Chris Harrison: No, I thought, in my opinion -- I wasn't dating her, but in my opinion -- watching all of these Bachelors and Bachelorettes go through this, I thought she was stunningly good and stunningly centered and very real to herself and honest.

I think, again, not to put words or thoughts in Eric's mouth or mine -- because I don't know exactly what he was thinking -- but from what I could gather from watching the interaction between them, I think she said something to the effect of he wasn't opening up.

And I think he really felt like he was, you know, the story about Syria and the story about his travels and his religion and all that. I think he felt like, "Wow, I am opening up to you." I think his thing was, the show's Bachelor and Bachelorette can't fully say everything on their mind, because that's part of it, is they're dating every guy that's there whether it's 25 at the beginning or whatever number we're on.

And so, I think his thing was, "I am fully opening up and I understand you can't, but don't get on us when it's you that really is the one that can't open up at this process." But I don't know. I think she took it harder than he even meant. I don't think he even meant -- I don't think he thought she was fake, at least that's not the impression I got.

Reality TV World: In your blog earlier this week, you commented on Josh Murray saying "I'm a grown-ass man" and noted that, in your experience, "if a guy tells people he's a grown as man, well...." You left your opinion on that unsaid, which left readers speculating whether you were taking a shot at Josh. Can you clarify what you meant there? 

Chris Harrison: Yes and no I'm taking a shot at Josh. It just cracks me up. There's something about that line in particular that -- and I don't ever hear it in my real life, (laughs) like I've never heard anyone say, "I'm a grown-ass man," but I hear it on the show quite a bit. So, I don't know, maybe it's a generational thing, and maybe in this generation, it's like a saying or something, I don't know.

But I heard it, and I want to say it was Chris Bukowski actually. I was trying to think who else has said it, but I've heard it several times on our show. There's something about that that just, I don't know, it rubs me the wrong way. I don't know. It's like someone who has to announce that they're funny. Well, if you're telling me you're funny, or if you have to tell me you're smart, then that's usually not the case.

But no, I wasn't necessarily taking a swipe at Josh. He's a sweet guy; He's a good guy. But it just cracks me up when guys in an argument have to announce that they're a "grown-ass man." First of all, I'm not really sure what the hell that means, but even when they say it, I don't know, it cracks me up and rubs me the wrong way. So it's just something that stood out to me in my blog.

Reality TV World: We've seen Andi gushing a lot about how hot every guy is. Have the episodes just been edited that way or do you think Andi's been a little more focused on looks than prior Bachelorettes?

Chris Harrison: You feel like she's talked a lot more about looks?

Reality TV World: Yeah, she makes a lot of comments like, "He's so hot," or, "He's so sexy." It seems to be coming up a lot -- more so than I remember in previous seasons. (Laughs)

Chris Harrison: I don't know! That's a good question. I guess I really haven't noticed, but I know she's super attracted to a lot of these guys. A couple of guys that come to mind are [Marcus Grodd] and [Nick Viall], [who] I know she finds extremely attractive. And yes, I think she's just more -- I feel like she's very open and honest.

And I don't know if it's more so than other Bachelorettes, but I feel like I really knew where she stood the entire time, to me, which was kind of interesting about the whole Eric situation and that argument.

Because, you know, I feel like she's a very easy person to read and understand, and it's made my job very easy doing this with her. And so, I don't know. I kind of found it endearing that I always knew where she stood on everybody, but yeah, she has been very open about that.

Reality TV World: Nick's dating approach seems to be kind of more old school. He wants to make his dating experience with Andi natural, sending her flowers and what not. I've noticed he's the oldest guy left in the cast, so do you think his approach might be an indication he's more mature than the other guys? And why do you think we've never seen a guy send flowers to a Bachelorette on the show before? Was it logistically difficult to pull off or something?

Chris Harrison: No, you know, it's stunning to me! This is something, it's really funny, I wish people could have a camera on us in the control room, because when the flowers arrived, our female producers turned around and were like, "Really? This is the first time a guy has actually thought, 'I'm going to send flowers?!'"

We thought back, and it is! It's hard to believe that nobody has said, "I'm going to send her flowers after our date." Like what a simple, classic gesture.

And you're right. It says a lot about Nick and the kind of guy he is. He really is trying to make this supernatural experience as natural as possible and trying to take her out of those elements as much as he can and send flowers and just take time and try to do the little simple things.

And I think it makes him feel better and it definitely -- talk about making a huge impression. She was absolutely blown away. I felt bad for Eric, (laughs) because she got the flowers and was reading the note and was so taken by it right in front of him, but it was such a great gesture.

Above is what Chris Harrison had to say to Reality TV World during a Tuesday conference call with reporters. Check back with us soon for more from his interview.