The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock says she got rid of Jonathan the first night of her season because she's not looking for a guy who's pushy or moves too fast in a relationship.

"Although I politely turned down Jonathan's offer to go to the "fantasy suite" during his entrance, he continued to interrupt my conversations with other men to try and lure me into a private room," Hartsock wrote in her People blog.

"His persistence made me feel very uncomfortable and his behavior was not of someone I would want to date, so I knew I had to send him home before the rose ceremony. Regardless of his intoxication level, no man should ever think a girl is only worth a dark, private room."

While Jonathan, a 26-year-old lawyer from Hickory, NC, failed to receive a rose, multiple suitors earned them prior to the initial Rose Ceremony. Hartsock admitted her strategy for handing out the roses had something to do with Sean Lowe's memorable and controversial bachelorette Tierra LiCausi.

"I remember Tierra getting the first rose last season and what a negative impression that left on the rest of us," wrote the 27-year-old bridal stylist and former seventeenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette from Los Angeles, CA.

"I didn't want Ben getting the first rose to have the same effect, so I handed out a few more right after him. Little did I know the men were still envious and stressing out about the roses. I guess women and men may be more similar than we think!"

Added Hartsock, "I didn't want to limit the impressions to only one rose handout, so I decided to stay in the moment and hand them out as I got to know each guy."

"I was amazed by all of the interesting and intriguing men, and it made it difficult to know whom I wanted to give first impression roses to! If it went by conversation alone I could have handed out a dozen more, but I wanted to keep some for the rose ceremony."