The Bachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried will be sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings with fans.

Hartsock and Siegfried -- who got engaged during The Bachelorette's ninth-season finale, which filmed in May and aired this past August -- have published a collection of their poetry in a book entitled Diamonds and Hearts: A Poetic Memoir, which is on sale at, Us Weekly reported.

Siegfried apparently asked a fellow ninth-season suitor, Zack Kalter, for help publishing his material in a book.

"He read me a couple of poems [during the season] and they were pretty good. Just from there I said in passing, 'Hey, you should probably publish this at some point,'" Kalter told Us. "After the show stopped filming, I was in LA one day and he called me up and said, 'Hey, I've been thinking a lot about the book thing we talked about back on week two and I'd like to see if we can make this work.'"

The book is reportedly mostly comprised of poems Siegfried penned during his experience on the reality dating show with the addition of a couple poems Hartsock wrote herself, one of which was written a month before the final Rose Ceremony on a postcard from Antigua.

"It basically expresses her feelings for Chris that early on, so it's kind of cool that she saved the poem until they got engaged. To look back and to see how she was falling in love with him, it gives you a broader perspective of what actually was happening in her mind and heart," Kalter told the magazine.

"Des has been writing poetry herself for many years in a journal, so she was already kind of on that bandwagon when Chris came along. I think that they really bonded over that passion and that way of communication and she obviously liked the fact that he's able to express himself through words. It's just natural to add some of her stuff in the book as well."

Fans who purchase the book will, according to Us, receive special bonuses from the engaged couple including Skype sessions, Twitter shout-outs or an actual dinner in Seattle with the pair, where they're currently living together.

Hartsock and Siegfried have reportedly decided to commit to having a televised wedding, and although the former The Bachelorette star originally had her heart set on a summer wedding date, ABC is pushing for the couple to get married in the fall for the sake of ratings.