Chris Soules, a 32-year-old farmer from Arlington, IA, is still in the running to win The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman's heart. 
Chris has already had a one-on-one date with Andi. The couple first enjoyed a 1940's-themed visit to the Santa Anita horsetrack, had dinner, and then received a private concert from This Wild Life. Chris landed the first kiss of the season only to embark on multiple group dates afterwards. Andi has referred to Chris as one of the nicest, sweetest guys in the house.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Chris talked to Reality TV World about the season and drama thus far. To read what he had to say, click here.

Below is another portion of Chris' interview. Please check back with Reality TV World soon for more.

One thing I've noticed is that the guys are fighting a lot this season, almost as much as the girls do on The Bachelor.  And you seem to stay out of it and not get involved in that drama.  But is that difficult for you not to speak up or step in?  Or do you feel like that's not your place?

Chris Soules:  You know, I don't find it difficult.  I guess I'm being myself in the situations that were at hand.  You know, there's been some difficult discussions that I think the guys have handled like gentlemen.  And, you know, for me, if I were to step in, it would be because I felt things weren't being handled correctly. 

I think the situations that have happened have been dealt with [among] the guys that have been involved directly.  And, actually, for the most part, I think it's been handled, maybe with a little bit more -- sometimes a little anger has been involved. 

But at the end of the day, they've been handled and dealt with by the guys that are involved in a way that's -- they made progress and moved forward with their opinions and feelings.

I know that for Andi and for people who are the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, it's sometimes hard for them to figure out if people are there for the right reasons.  And I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about why you were there and what you were feeling with Andi?

Chris Soules:  Yes.  You know, I mean, I knew from Day 1 that I was very excited to meet Andi and, potentially, fall in love with her.  I'm 32-years-old and I'm looking for the right person.  And this is a venue that allowed me the opportunity to meet somebody who is really spectacular and somebody who I could see myself with. 

And, so, you know, it's a weird environment and it's an intense environment to meet somebody.  But feelings have evolved very quickly because of that, and because you're in a very closed environment, all you're really thinking about is that relationship.

And going there with the intentions to actually fall in love and be put in that environment, I think, is to my favor, because I'm taking it very seriously and working hard to find out if there's really something there and if there's potential.  That's my No. 1 goal, is to find that out.  And if there is, I'm very open to falling in love in the situation.

Every season there seems to be someone that is a little on the deceptive side whether he is outright lying about something or acting one way with the Bachelorette and one way with the guys.  Some viewers might even say that's Nick Viall this time around.  So was there anybody -- still around or eliminated -- whom you've felt was being deceptive with you guys or with Andi?

Chris Soules:  I really can't say that I felt like anybody is being deceptive.  I mean, I think, obviously, the relationship between the guys is just that -- a relationship between us as friends, or whatever, or competitors -- however you want to handle the situation. 

So, that's different than -- that relationship is going to be inherently different than the relationship Andi has with each individual guy.  So, I know that the way I handled my time with Andi was special, and that was between her and us.  And after that moment ended, I would focus on that. 

I would work on my relationship with the guys and handle that totally different.  And that, to me, is not deceptive.  And I don't see that many other guys are handling that -- to my knowledge, and even as I'm watching the show -- I don't see that really being the case, quite honestly.

A story came out this week that claims Andi has quit her job.  That was a huge thing for her.  She always told viewers that she loved her job and she always described herself as career-oriented.  What were your thoughts when you saw the story and were you surprised?

Chris Soules:  You know, Andi's in a unique situation, and I know she's a smart girl -- an extremely smart girl.  I trust that her judgment as to how she's making those decisions when it relates to her career are well thought-out and she's doing the best for her and the place she's working for. 

I can imagine that she has a lot of distractions that maybe she just doesn't feel as though she can give 100 percent.  I can't judge where she's at from where she's making that decision, but I'm sure she's doing what's best for her and her employer.

The next group date is going to feature a lie detector test.  Without giving away any spoilers, how would you feel in real life -- I mean, not that this isn't real life -- but off-camera.  How would you feel if somebody you were dating asked you to take a lie detector test?

Chris Soules:  Good question.  Honestly, I guess, it depends on how -- on what -- how that was -- the situation I was put in, you know, if it was for fun or if it was because they didn't trust me, or how it all came about.  But it's definitely an awkward position to be in, especially knowing -- I mean, I know enough to be dangerous about lie detectors, and I know a lot of it's based off your heart rate and certain things. 

And when I go through a conversation, my heart rate can do different things based on a lot of the different aspects of the conversation.  So, I know they're not 100 percent accurate, and I would be more afraid that it would be inaccurate and end up raising questions that didn't need to be there.

I guess I base all of my relationships on trust, and I try to prove that trust to begin with, and so there isn't any question.  So, I would feel that I would rather not have to take a lie detector test.  I'd rather prove that I'm trustworthy and do that over time, the good old-fashioned way.

Last week, the dates in France didn't really go that well, other than with Josh Murray.  So, I'm just wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the dates in Italy and if they're better or if there's still going to be a lot of drama with the guys?

Chris Soules:  You know, I think that things go well in Italy.  I know, personally -- I'm not sure how the other guys went -- but I know that I had a great time with Andi on our date. 

And that's really all I can speak to.  I mean, I think that we kept things moving forward from our relationship's perspective, and I think we had a great time.  And the drama -- there really wasn't nearly as much drama that I can remember.

In the last episode, after her talks with you and Cody Sattler, we saw Andi express some of her own doubts about Nick's place in the house and his relationship with the guys.  Did she express any of those doubts to you and were you and any of the other guys surprised that she kept him around after that?

Chris Soules:  You know, honestly, she did not express any of those doubts to me.  During our conversation, we talked -- I talked briefly about the conversations that were going on and I tried to leave my opinions out of it.  I tried to explain to her what was going on and that was that, and I tried to focus on our relationship after that.  So, we did not get into much more detail about the other guys.

But, you know, was I surprised that she kept Nick around?  Watching the show and watching her interactions, I think that there's a lot there between them.  You can obviously tell their relationship is growing, and I think she's going to continue to, you know, at the very least, be watchful and mindful of who Josh is. 

But she's smart enough to do that, and the fact that she wasn't ready to send him home after just one relatively minor incident, I wouldn't say it surprises me.  I think that she's smart and she's going to continue to use her judgment and make the best decisions she can over time.

Andi also said she had some reservations about Josh in regards to their connection, whether it was just physical or not.  Did Josh ever share those similar concerns with you or the guys -- about the depth of their connection?

Chris Soules:   You know, as the time went on and being together with the guys, I think everybody -- especially when it gets to this point -- those details aren't things that I got into with Josh.  But, honestly, we didn't speak much to that.  I think he was always very to himself when it came to his relationship with Andi with us.  So, we did not really talk much of detail about that.

If you were going to give Andi a lie detector test, what would you ask her?

Chris Soules:  That's a tough question.  I guess I would ask her if she's falling in love with me.  That would be, probably, my -- probably the first question I would ask. 

Second, could she see herself dating a farmer and being with a farmer for the rest of her life?  That would be another question I would ask.  And -- gosh -- those are the top two.  Beyond that, I'd have to put some more thought into that.  But it's a good start anyway, right?

Above is a portion of Chris' Thursday conference call with reporters. To read what he had to tell Reality TV World directly, click here. For more, please check back with us soon.

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