The Bachelor: The Women Tell All was explosive and heartwarming all at the same time.

Monday night's The Women Tell All special for Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor was pretty wild, mainly thanks to the Corinne Olympios vs. Taylor Nolan showdown and some cheese pasta that was passed around the studio.

While Corinne was accused of being disrespectful at times -- like when she napped through a Rose Ceremony after receiving a group date rose -- the girls who fought for Nick's heart this season all ganged up on Taylor for allegedly walking around with her nose in the air and treating people like she's better than them.

"Everyone naps like everyone poops. Read about it!" Corinne announced as laughter erupted all around her.

The event also included Rachel Lindsay, Danielle Lombard and Kristina Schulman talking about their broken hearts and hopefully finding love again in the future. All of that, plus bloopers and extended previews for The Bachelor's Season 21 finale.

Below is a list of highlights from the memorable The Women Tell All broadcast:

- Liz Sandoz explained that when she first met Nick at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding, they were in completely different places in their lives. She cared about someone else at the time but he didn't feel the same way, so Liz needed time to heal and admitted she used Nick -- whom she had sex with that night -- as a bandaid, so she regretted that and therefore wanted to see if she still had chemistry with Nick once she was ready for a new relationship.

- Liz said she tried to cross paths with Nick before appearing on The Bachelor but it simply didn't happen. She also didn't really know what she had signed up for, as life after the show was difficult since she became known as "the girl Nick slept with." Liz said she learned that nothing is more important than being true to yourself. It was clear all the bachelorettes from Nick's season adored Liz and continue to support her.

- Taylor was asked to define "emotional intelligence." She said it's a person who can regulate emotions, empathize and pick up on emotions other people are feeling. Corinne didn't want to listen to a word Taylor was saying and yelled that the mental health counselor was "horrible" to her.

- Taylor insisted she was careful with her words when approaching Corinne on the show, but with that said, the girls called Taylor out on her "bullsh-it" and Corinne walked off the stage to get a glass of champagne.

- Taylor got emotional and said she shouldn't be shamed for wanting to help people. Things Corinne said about Taylor on TV apparently negatively impacted her career, and she wanted some sort of apology, which Corinne declined to give. Josephine Tutman said Taylor used her profession as a mental health counselor to "patronize Corinne." Taylor wanted some sort of apology for things Corinne has said.

- Once Corinne sat in the hotseat, she told host Chris Harrison she came across more promiscuous on TV than she had planned, although she tried hard to always be sexy, flirty and fun. Corinne also said she never said a bad word about any of the girls in the house until she was target, and she never had vicious intent.

- Corinne revealed she had no choice but to nap through one of this season's Rose Ceremonies because she suffered a panic attack beforehand.
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- Corinne accused Taylor of saying she didn't want to be her friend because she's not intelligent enough. Taylor felt overwhelmed with all of the accusations and said she felt bad if she gave people the impression she was better than everyone. Taylor explained that she distanced herself from the group on the show but was happy to be around them now.

- Corinne never apologized to Taylor, but Taylor apologized for any mean things she had said.

- Corinne said she called Raquel her "nanny" because she always thought "cleaning lady" or "housekeeper" were disrespectful terms. Corinne said Raquel is part of her family and stood by her side once her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

- Bowls of cheese pasta, one of Raquel's special dishes, was passed around to everyone in the audience and to Nick's bachelorettes onstage.

- Kristina told Chris that Nick really hurt her because she doesn't normally let people in. Kristina allowed herself to be vulnerable with Nick despite keeping walls up her entire life to protect herself. After all, Kristina spent years in an orphanage in Russia before getting adopted by a couple in the United States.

- Chris pointed out that Kristina embodies the American dream and is going to do great things in life. Liz cried upon hearing Kristina's story again and complimented her strength and bravery. In light of all the catty arguments, Liz announced that women need to build each other up rather than tear each other down. Liz also reminded everyone how lucky and privileged they are when comparing their childhoods to what Kristina went through.

- Kristina grilled Nick when the Bachelor was in the hotseat. She made Nick answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions: Did we have chemistry? Did we have fun? Did we have intellectual conversation? After Nick answered "yes" to everything, she asked, "Then what was missing?" Nick basically said nothing but his relationships with other women were stronger at the point he let her go. Nick said it was more about the other women and less about Kristina.

- Danielle L. couldn't contain her emotion. She cried to Nick about how he could possibly say he could envision himself proposing to her and then suddenly dump her. Danielle didn't understand how Nick could have lost his feelings for her so quickly, and she made it known she didn't appreciate being taken on a two-on-one date. Danielle also didn't like it how Nick eliminated her right after she confessed she was falling in love.

- Nick told Danielle L. that other relationships surpassed what they had developed. Nick apologized to her for maybe not handling that situation great.

- Dominique Alexis accused Nick of rejecting qualities in women he preached about wanting the most. She said he lacked empathy -- especially having been in their shoes before -- and rejected women who were challenged him, like Jasmine Goode, and opened up to him about their feelings, like Danielle L. and Danielle Maltby. Nick said that sometimes tangibles get crossed off a checklist but intangibles are not there.

- Rachel Lindsay is humbled and appreciative to be the next The Bachelorette star, and she said being chosen was "surreal." Astrid Loch joked that Nick's ex-girlfriends will gladly take her "leftovers" after Season 13 films.

- Rachel is honored to represent African American women in her position and she's so happy people are supportive. While she doesn't want her race to be the focus of her journey to find love, she definitely acknowledges it.

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- Rachel learned so much about herself on The Bachelor and Nick opened her eyes. He made her believe in this process.

- Chris teased "one of the most dramatic and emotional finales ever" will air next week on ABC.

- "I'm in love with [Raven Gates] and [Vanessa Grimaldi]," Nick said in the preview clip.

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