The Bachelor star Nick Viall is giving viewers a little insight into what's coming up on this season.

The latest The Bachelor episode concluded with Viall addressing his remaining group of six women, telling them in tears that he's not sure whether he can continue on with the process. Viall was feeling worried and disheartened after eliminating six bachelorettes with whom he didn't feel a strong connection.

The bloodbath this late in the journey made Viall question whether he'll end up finding true love on the show. So when asked during an appearance on Bustle's Bachelor podcast, Will You Accept This Podcast, whether he's still on the show, Viall replied, "I can't confirm or deny, so you'll have to watch."

Viall still has Raven Gates, Vanessa Grimaldi, Kristina Schulman, Danielle Maltby, Corinne Olympios and Rachel Lindsay in the running for his heart. Regardless of whether he chooses to continue dating one of those women or gets engaged at the end, Viall revealed, "I have no regrets."

"If you're an emotional person and you've cried during a season before, no matter what happens, I think you might cry at the end," Viall teased in the podcast.

Viall said he'd be shocked if fans haven't cried already considering Schulman shared the story of her difficult past in which she grew up in an orphanage in Russia for about seven years and had to leave her sister and friends behind when she was adopted by a family in the United States.

"If you didn't get a little emotional, you might not have a heart," Viall noted.

Viall previously teased that Season 21 would be "adventurous" and "raw," but when asked to define it using one other word, the Bachelor declared "unpredictable."

"There could be a bunch of [Alexis Waters] clips if I quit the show," he said with a laugh. "It could just be outtakes of Alexis, like, 'Nick left, so here you go, Bachelor Nation.'"

Viall would at least like Bachelor Nation to walk away thinking he was sincere and truly looking for his future wife. He claims the journey was real for him and for the women who took time out of their lives to appear on the show.

"When people question [The Bachelor]'s authenticity, it's something I challenge and want to protect," Viall explained.