The Bachelor star Nick Viall eliminated Christen Whitney and Brittany Farrar from the running for his heart during Monday night's Season 21 broadcast on ABC.

Nick declined to hand out roses to Christen, a 25-year-old wedding videographer from Tulsa, OK, and Brittany, a 26-year-old travel nurse from Santa Monica, CA, during the season's third Rose Ceremony.

"I was my very honest self and so that wasn't for him... I'm so ready to fall in love. I've never told anyone I've loved them," Christen said in tears following her ouster.

"I don't know what to think," Brittany admitted. "I want to find someone who loves me and appreciates me more than anyone in this world... I used to make fun of the girls on this show for crying because I didn't understand it, but now I do."

The Bachelor broadcast began with Nick's bachelorettes expressing their frustration and disapproval over Corinne Olympios leading with her sexuality and the fact Nick seemed to like it. The women felt intimated by Corinne's relationship with the Bachelor and bashed her "rudeness and immaturity."

Vanessa Grimaldi warned Nick that she didn't want to waste her time on the show if he was just looking for someone to mess around with rather than finding a potential future wife. Vanessa said she wasn't judging Corinne; she was only judging Nick's behavior and actions.

Vanessa threatened to give Nick their one-on-one date's rose back because he had offended and insulted her, but he asked her to be more patient with him and the Corinne situation. Nick didn't want to make excuses for his behavior with Corinne, and he didn't think Vanessa was over-exaggerating. He valued her opinion and always wanted her to be honest and upfront with him.

Sarah Vendal and Taylor Nolan told Corinne that she needed to relax and smarten up because she was acting entitled and privileged. Raven Gates acknowledged to the cameras that Corinne had no remorse and her behavior was simply "weird." Taylor noted that Nick would be running the risk of losing girls if he opted to keep Corinne around longer.

Heading into the Rose Ceremony, Christen felt further along emotionally with Nick but recognized other women were further along physically with him.

Nick then handed out roses to the following ladies in this exact order: Raven, Taylor, Whitney Fransway, Kristina Schulman, Jasmine Goode, Alexis Waters, Astrid Loch, Danielle Maltby, Jaimi King, Josephine Tutman, Sarah, and Corinne.

Vanessa, Rachel Lindsay and Danielle Lombard already had roses, and the decision sent Christen and Brittany packing.

Everyone appeared shocked when Corinne received another rose. Taylor said she thought Nick was looking for a mature adult partner and that Corinne would never be that person.
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"A physical connection is all she is," Vanessa said of Corinne, "so I'm a little confused at this point as to what Nick is looking for."

Corinne was well aware the girls were talking about her behind her back. She decided to be fake right back to the bachelorettes who were fake to her, venting to the cameras that her message to them was "f-ck you."

"I love the taste of victory," Corinne said as she took a small bite out of her red rose.

The following day, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed to the 15 remaining bachelorettes they'd be traveling to Nick's hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Upon arriving in Wisconsin, Nick met with his parents in Waukesha and confessed that he was terrified at first the process might not work. However, Nick explained he was starting to make connections and really care about the girls. Nick felt like he had something to lose and was absolutely ready to make a commitment.

Nick's mother expressed how he'd feel entirely new emotions when in the presence of "the one," the woman he's meant to be with for the rest of his life. His dad flat out said he never wants to see Nick on another reality dating show. Nick laughed and cried with his parents, and his hope was that one relationship would shine above the rest going forward to give him a sense of clarity.

Nick later revealed to the group of women that Danielle L. would be accompanying him on the week's first one-on-one date. Astrid noted this week of dates had a special meaning and significance since they were in Nick's hometown and he had memories to share that were close to his heart.

Nick told the cameras that he had instant physical chemistry with Danielle L. but also hadn't gotten the chance to get to know her very well yet. He wanted to learn more about her on an intimate and emotional level. For their date, the couple walked the streets of his hometown and Nick took a trip down memory lane.

The couple make cookies in a bakery, strolled downtown and discussed Nick's first kiss among other special moments in his childhood. Nick and Danielle L. also happened to run into the Bachelor's ex, Amber, who was inside a restaurant glancing out into the street when the pair walked by.

Amber joined them for a quick conversation and let Danielle L. know that Nick leads with his heart. Nick and Amber apparently dated for three or four months, but she had only positive things to say. Danielle L. was happy to see that Nick remains on good terms with the women he dates.

Danielle felt an "effortless connection" with Nick, and he was incredibly excited about her.

That night, at dinner, Nick wanted Danielle L. to become vulnerable since she's always so "put together." Danielle L. admitted her flaws stem from the fact her parents got a divorce when she was younger. Danielle L. developed a fear of not finding the right person to love, so she never rushed into relationships.

Nick could tell Danielle L. was a genuine person, and he appreciated how honest and emotionally-open she was being with him.

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived for the other ladies. The card read "say cheese" and had the following names on it: Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Corinne and Danielle M. This meant that Raven would be going on the week's other one-on-one date.

Back on Nick's date, Danielle L. revealed she does want to get married and have kids, and she never researched Nick going into the season in order to form her own opinion about him. Nick said she has an incredible heart and so many qualities he wants in a wife. He could envision a future with Danielle and gave her the date's rose.

"I could definitely see myself falling in love with him," Danielle L. said of Nick after they sealed the deal with a kiss.

The couple's date ended with a Chris Lane concert in which they danced in front of a cheering crows. Nick admitted it was almost impossible not to lose himself in Danielle L's eyes and they had built some serious momentum. Nick said they had an amazing connection that was hard to explain.

The next day, Nick embarked on the group date at a dairy farm, where the women had to complete chores. Corinne said she'd rather be at a spa being fed a chicken taco than milking cows or scooping up their poop. Jasmine wasn't in her element either. Some girls, however, were excited to feed the baby cows.

Nick was hoping the girls wouldn't be afraid to get their hands dirty, but Corinne was clearly not happy on the date. She wished her nanny could do the farm chores for her.

"[This is] so gross," Corinne noted in a confessional. "This is probably the worst date I've ever been on. Dude, I need sushi."

Corinne walked away from the date as the girls were putting in some hard work, saying that her hand was hurting and so she couldn't accomplish the tasks.

That night, Kristina gushed about how she could see herself marrying and having kids with Nick from what she's seen of him thus far. Kristina told the Bachelor that she didn't have an easy past, but the couple wanted to talk about such things when they had more alone time together. Nick loved Kristina's zest for life and it was clear he wanted to learn more about her.

Corinne then overheard the girls talking about her behind her back. They said Nick was making wrong decisions and Corinne wasn't genuine or real. Corinne was frustrated, telling the cameras that she's a good person and not "a bubbly dumbo." 

During Vanessa's time with Nick, she gave him a scrapbook that her students had made for him. It featured pictures of Vanessa, and he really appreciated the fact Vanessa took time away from her kids to come on the show.

Afterward, Corinne confronted the group about how she felt uncomfortable around them. She preached about how they're all in this process together. Sarah expressed how Corinne doesn't seem mature enough to marry a 36-year-old man, but Corinne thought everyone was just upset about the fact she had slept through a Rose Ceremony.

"Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln napped," Corinne quipped to the cameras.

Corinne insisted she was ready to get married, as age has nothing to do with the situation. Corinne said she would never stay in such an uncomfortable environment if she didn't have genuine, real feelings for Nick. Corinne thought Kristina purposely attacked her about her intentions.

Rachel then sat down with Nick and confessed she has difficulty being vulnerable, but Nick insisted he'd be patient with her and didn't want her to bottle up her emotions.

Although Nick took steps forward in multiple relationships, he decided to give Kristina the group-date rose.

The following day, Nick and Raven embarked on their one-on-one date together. Raven couldn't imagine a better place for their first real date, especially since they shared small-town roots. Raven acknowledged there was a possibility she'd be meeting some members of his family. And she was right.

Nick introduced Raven to Bella, his youngest 11-year-old sister, at her soccer game. The couple practiced with Bella's team and warmed up with them, and Raven saw what it would be like for Nick to be a father and family man. The pair ended up watching Bella's soccer game, and Nick found the day relaxing.

Nick's parents were at the game, so Raven was introduced to them as well. Raven found the situation nerve-wracking, but she appeared to make a good first impression.

Afterward, Nick and Raven went roller skating with Bella, and the girls quickly bonded. Bella thought Raven was funny, pretty and nice. Nick goofed around with Raven in the roller skating rink and noted it was one of the best dates he's ever been on. Raven agreed they had so much fun, and she called the date "really romantic."

"My feelings got really deep with Nick. It makes me feel nervous in a good way," Raven told the cameras.

Raven was feeling things she had never felt before. She wanted Nick to know she'd be a great partner in life.

During dinner that night, Raven disclosed how her last serious relationship ended in her boyfriend cheating on her in February 2016. Raven said she got a random phone call one day that her boyfriend was going to cheat on her, and so she rushed to his house, kicked open the bedroom door, and found him "thrusting" on top of a woman.

Raven apparently threw the man off the bed and beat him up. She pounded him in the head with the woman's stiletto shoe. Raven kept the news to herself for a while because she was hurt and ashamed, and Nick could relate, since a woman also once cheated on him.

Raven expressed that it took infidelity to learn and be fully aware of her self worth. She found herself valuable, intelligent and "kind of cute." Raven said she wants to marry her "ride or die," and the more Nick learned, the more he liked. Nick found Raven interesting and sassy, and he loved that.

"She's someone I'm going to have to keep my eye on," Nick told the cameras, adding that there's potential for him to spend the rest of his life with her. Raven noted it was the most normal but best date she's ever been on.

"I'm digging him bad," Raven said in a confessional. "It's so weird to say, but I am falling in love with Nick. What am I doing? I never thought I'd be feeling this way."

Later on, the cocktail party commenced and Danielle L. stole Nick away despite already having a rose.

Corinne and Taylor were completely butting heads. Corinne said Taylor walked around like she owned the place and has an attitude Nick wouldn't like. Josephine agreed with Corinne that Taylor had her nose up in the air and often talked about women behind their back. Corinne called Taylor "mean, rude and fake" as well as "a b-tch."

When Corinne finally confronted Taylor about the drama, Taylor expressed how the blonde isn't ready for marriage and doesn't have enough emotional intelligence or the coping skills or self awareness to enter a committed relationship.

Corinne hated how Taylor talked down to her, insisting repeatedly that she's not an idiot.

"Don't treat me like I'm stupid, Taylor," Corinne yelled.

Taylor said she was just speaking the truth.

"Taylor is like the sh-t I scooped in my shovel. She is rude, mean and nasty. I literally wanted to punch her in the face," Corinne said.

To be continued...