The Bachelor star Chris Soules cut three additional nineteenth-season bachelorettes during the ABC reality dating series' third episode Monday night.

Chris denied the following girls a rose at the season's third Rose Ceremony: Amber James, a 29-year-old bartender from Chicago, IL; Tracy Darakis, a 29-year-old fourth grade teacher from Wellington, FL; and Trina Scherenberg, a 33-year-old special education teacher from San Clemente, CA.

"He didn't really get to know me that much. I should've fought for it, I guess. There has to be somebody out there that, like, wants to be with me. It just sucks being rejected again... I don't want to talk anymore," Amber said following her ouster.

The Bachelor's third nineteenth-season episode began with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel arriving at Chris' place and waking him up from his sleep. Chris was surprised and forced to get out of bed.

Jimmy later approached all the women and joked he'd be making the decision for Chris by "making love to all" of them. He also introduced a big jar and explained that every time someone said the word "amazing," they'd have to put a dollar in it.

Jimmy then handed the girls their first date card of the week. It was a one-on-one for Kaitlyn Bristowe, a 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, BC.

The bachelorettes assumed the date was going to be very special and extravagant since Jimmy had a hand in the planning, however, it turned out to be the exact opposite. Chris and Kaitlyn were driven to Costco Wholesale, a giant supermarket. Jimmy gave them a list of groceries to buy -- including beef jerky, a tub of mayo and enough ketchup to fill a hot tub -- and said he was coming over for dinner.

Although the couple appeared to be disappointed at first, Chris loved how Kaitlyn made the best of the situation and still found it enjoyable. They had a lot of fun, and Kaitlyn said she liked how "normal" the date was during such a crazy, elaborate experience. Chris explained his lifestyle is far from glamorous, but that's apparently what Kaitlyn really liked about him.

Chris discovered he was really into her and they kissed quite a bit, only to be interrupted by Jimmy. The night became one of laughs. When Kaitlyn pointed out she eats meat and then Chris said she likes whiskey as well, Jimmy noted it's "like dating another man." Chris laughed and said she'd be the cutest guy he's ever met then.

Kaitlyn revealed she had dated a farmer before, and Jimmy asked her whether she'd be mad if Chris chose to sleep with three girls in the fantasy suites and she happened to be one of them.

"No. I can't be. It's part of the process. You can't take out a car without test driving it," Kaitlyn replied.

Jimmy and Chris laughed at her answer. Jimmy also noted, "It doesn't get much better than that."

With that said, Jimmy suggested Chris should try to have sex with every girl on the show. Chris found the date ridiculous but a blast at the same time. He gave Kaitlyn the rose because he appreciated how real and funny she was. She also had depth, which were all qualities he was looking for in a future wife. The date concluded with a steamy makeout session in a hot tub -- and Jimmy sitting next to them eating his beef jerky.
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The next date was a group date for the following women: Amber; Tracy; Britt Nilsson, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, CA; Jillian Anderson, a 25-year-old news producer from Washington, D.C.; Becca Tilley, a 25-year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, CA; Mackenzie Deonigi, a 21-year-old dental assistant from Maple Valley, WA; and Kelsey Poe, a 28-year-old guidance counselor from Austin, TX.

Those girls were also joined by Ashley Salter, a 24-year-old hairstylist from Brooklyn, NY; Juelia Kinney, a 30-year-old esthetician from Portland, OR; Samantha Steffen, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Los Angeles, CA; Nikki Delventhal, a 26-year-old former NFL cheerleader from New York City, NY; and Carly Waddell, a 29-year-old cruise ship singer from Arlington, TX.

For the group date, Jimmy required the girls to compete in a "Hoedown Throwdown." The girls had a series of tests to accomplish. They had to race to shuck corn, find one of eight eggs scattered in a chicken pen, crack an egg into frying pan -- and if the yolk broke they'd be out of the challenge -- milk one of six goats, fill a mason jar to the red line with the milk and then drink it, shovel manure into a wheelbarrow, dump the manure out and then wrestle one of four greased pigs.

The first woman to catch a pig and place it in a pen would win the hoedown. Carly put her all into the race, drinking her goat's milk when she's lactose intolerant. She ended up winning the whole thing although Jillian put up a tough fight. Carly was given a blue ribbon and silly photo shoot with Chris.

The Bachelor admired Carly for working so hard and getting her hands dirty. He told the cameras, "God bless her, it was amazing."

Mackenzie initially felt special about being Chris' first kiss -- although she didn't know it was actually Britt who snagged the first -- and so she was upset he was kissing everyone else. After a montage played of Chris kissing numerous girls on the group date, Britt also agreed the Bachelor was really "burning through them" pretty early on. 

Becca was the only girl to deny Chris a kiss, however, she said she definitely felt a connection with him. Chris was cool with the fact she didn't want to kiss him right away, noting he had to earn it and would work for it.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, another date card arrived and it was a one-on-one for Whitney Bischoff, a 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, IL, who had yet to go on a date with the Bachelor. She cried tears of joy but was really nervous.

Chris ended up giving the group date's rose to Becca, who impressed him. Carly was surprised she was left "roseless" considering she had won the hoedown, and she felt really bad about it.

The next day, Whitney and Chris embarked on their date. They went to a winery and drank wine while sitting on a bench. Whitney asked Chris what he looked for in a woman, and the Bachelor told her that he gravitated towards her positivity and genuine nature. He also likes a girl who is very social -- someone he could laugh with. Whitney said she was feeling a "storybook connection."

Whitney and Chris observed a wedding just down the hill. Whitney joked they should crash it, but she really wasn't joking. And that's exactly what the date turned into. The couple got all dressed up and headed to the newlyweds' reception that night.

Whitney and Chris sat at random tables and talked with random people. Chris liked how Whitney could handle conversations with strangers. She was talkative, comfortable and classy. The Bachelor realized she "had a lot more going on" than just being a sweet, funny, cute girl. The couple danced and kissed the night away.

"I could absolutely imagine Whitney being my wife," Chris said in a confessional that night before offering her a rose.

Later on, Jimmy announced the cocktail party was canceled and there would be a pool party instead. The girls had one hour to get ready and the claws soon came out.

Juelia then shared her emotional story with Chris. She broke down crying when explaining that her husband had committed suicide when their daughter was only about two months old. Juelia said he just "snapped" and she was never aware of the fact he had a mental illness. Chris comforted her and saw so much strength in her.

Afterward, the mood lightened when Jade Roper, a 28-year-old cosmetics developer from Los Angeles, CA, asked Chris for a tour of his place. They ended up lying in bed together and making out while Jade was in her bikini and high heels. The Bachelor then spent a lot of time with Jillian in the hot tub outside his mansion.

Megan Bell, a 23-year-old makeup artist from Nashville, TN; Ashley Iaconetti, a 26-year-old nanny from Wayne, NJ; and Mackenzie tried to join in on Jillian's time but she just wasn't having it. Ashley I. took it so personally, saying that Jillian should've given other girls some time with the Bachelor after she had about 10 minutes of alone time.

Jillian and Chris kissed as the three girls watched from a distance. Ashley I. soon got her private time with Chris and madeout with him. She got emotional when talking about taking turns and hinted she didn't want to wait until the end of the pack to get a rose. 

The Bachelor's third nineteenth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced. 

Besides Kaitlyn, Becca and Whitney, Chris opted to give roses to Jade, Samantha, Juelia, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Ashley S., Nikki, Jillian, and finally Ashley I. 

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