The Bachelor star Chris Soules has explained why he chose not to let Jordan Branch rejoin his group of bachelorettes after her emotional plea and how he feels about Ashley Iaconetti's behavior.

During Monday night's group date, Branch surprised Soules by asking him to give her a second chance. The previously-eliminated contestant is best remembered, unfortunately, for getting drunk a lot and acting sloppy.

"I was completely shocked to see Jordan in the lobby of my hotel. To be honest, I did a double take when I saw her. I knew that I knew her, but I didn't immediately realize it was Jordan standing there. She looked so -- different. She looked so much more beautiful than when I said goodbye to her a couple weeks back," Soules wrote in his People blog.

"Jordan explained that she'd driven six hours to come see me. Six hours? That's a long drive! I really didn't know what to do. I felt too bad to say goodbye to her right away, but I also didn't feel great about bringing her to the after party. Maybe it wasn't the right thing to do, but I couldn't tell her to turn around and go home right away. I didn't realize how strongly the girls would react, and that the whole night would be focused on Jordan, and like all things in life, hindsight is 20/20."

The Bachelor seemed very annoyed that all the girls wanted to complain about Branch's return when they received some precious alone time with him.

"That after-party sucked. It wasn't much of a party at all. Most of the girls used their time to talk about Jordan, which was totally counterproductive. There were only a couple -- namely [Kaitlyn Bristowe] and [Whitney Bischoff] -- who didn't want to waste their time talking about her, and I appreciated that."

Bischoff wasn't thrilled about the idea of Branch coming back, but she was also very understanding about the situation and didn't have anything bad to say about Branch. On the other hand, Iaconetti was emotional and upset, failing to hide her jealousy. The pair bickered about their feelings on the subject.

"I was also really surprised watching Whitney and Ashley I.'s interactions. Seeing it now, I'm even happier that I gave Whitney the [group date] rose. There was no reason for the girls to be mean to Jordan when it was my decision to bring her to the party. Whitney's right, I don't want a mean girl," Soules admitted in his blog.

"Either way, the entire night, the decision to invite Jordan to the party was gnawing at me, and I realized I couldn't have her rejoin us. My relationships with the other women were too far along, and I would have been lying to myself if I thought she and I could catch up. I had to say goodbye to her, but I admired her tenacity in coming back. I really hope she no longer has regrets."

Soules also took the time to acknowledge a couple things he wants The Bachelor fans to know.

"There are two things I want to quickly address before I get started. 1.) Megan is hilarious. I love that she thought she was leaving the country when she found out we were going to New Mexico!" he wrote.

"2.) Yes, that is a massive zit on my temple. The truth is, Bachelors get pimples too. Please don't send me notes telling me to stop eating so much chocolate. Please don't send me some organic face scrub. And please don't give my zit its own Twitter account. Actually, that might be kind of funny; I think it already has its own area code."