The Bachelor star Chris Soules cut his first eight bachelorettes during Monday night's premiere of the ABC reality dating series' nineteenth season.

Following the special live one-hour event, The Bachelor's debut episode featured Chris handing out roses to only 22 of his 30 girls.

Amanda Goerlitz, a 24-year-old ballet teacher from Lake in the Hills, IL; Bo, a 25-year-old plus-size model from Carpinteria, CA; Brittany, a 26-year-old WWE diva-in-training from Orlando, FL; Kara Wilson, a 25-year-old high school soccer coach from Brownsville, KY; Kimberly, a 28-year-old yoga instructor from Long Island, NY; all failed to receive a rose from the 33-year-old farmer and businessman from Arlington, IA.

Michelle Davis, a 25-year-old wedding cake decorator from Provo, UT; Nicole, a 31-year-old real estate agent from Scottsdale, AZ; and Reegan, a 28-year-old cadaver tissue saleswoman from Manhattan Beach, CA, were also denied roses from The Bachelor star.

"I am shocked. I am. You come here expecting to maybe fall in love and I'm going home the first day. That was never expected in the slightest, but he must've seen something in the crazy drunk girls that he didn't see in me," Amanda said following her ouster.

"How humiliating. Like I wanted, of course, to get with Chris. That's what matters and that's what I'm here for. I'm just a little servant, that's it, and I'm willing to do whatever I'm supposed to do. Love is love when it all comes down to it," Kara said after getting eliminated.

The Bachelor's nineteenth-season began with Chris meeting his first 15 bachelorettes one by one. Host Chris Harrison led him to believe there were no more girls to follow, but Chris was very happy with the lot. While all the girls were beautiful, a few entrances stood out.

Amanda saw Chris standing outside the limo and called him a "panty dropper." She didn't let Chris see her, but she gave him a secret-admirer note in attempt to mimic his move on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette.

Britt Nilsson, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, CA, gave Chris an extremely long hug and also offered him a "free hug" pass for later use.

Whitney Bischoff, a 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, IL, told Chris she wouldn't have gone on the show if he wasn't its star.

Reegan, a tissue specialist, showed Chris a fake heart inside a cooler and it appeared to freak him out a bit.

Tara Eddings, a 26-year-old sport fishing enthusiast from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, stepped out of the limo in denim shorts and cowboy boots. Once she met the other girls inside, she told the cameras she felt "out of place and totally judged."

Although clearly a country girl at heart, Tara changed into a black cocktail dress and snuck into a parked limo for a second introduction.
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Amber James, a 29-year-old bartender from Chicago, IL, brought her teddy bear with her.

Chris said meeting the 15 girls was "unbelievable" and it felt "like a dream." Harrison then told the Bachelor he could head inside and chat with all the women. Chris was confused and not even sure whether Harrison was serious, but he headed inside the LA mansion anyway and thought 15 women was more than enough.

Chris sat down with Britt first and it was clearly because she had made an amazing first impression. Chris felt an immediate connection with her and even remembered her name right off the bat. Britt told Chris she wanted to be his safe haven, the person whom he could go to for a hug at any time. 

Chris realized Britt spoke right to his heart, and then Britt assured him that she'd enjoy living in a small town. He found her genuine and kind and nearly kissed her at the end of their conversation. It seemed like he didn't want Britt to go.

Harrison then brought in the first-impression rose and the girls feared they'd face a more "personal rejection" since he actually had the time to get to know each and every one of them.

After talking with Whitney, Chris thought she was nice, sweet, smart and beautiful. He said if all the women were like her, he was going to be "in big trouble." Chris then found out Amanda was his secret admirer. She was afraid she stared at him throughout their conversation.

Chris told Harrison he was "overwhelmed way beyond expectations." But then Harrison dropped the bomb on him, telling him more women were on their way.

The next 15 bachelorettes then arrived one by one and Chris wasn't even sure how many girls were ahead of him. The bachelorettes already inside the mansion had formed a bit of a clique and worried they'd just fade into the background. They looked on the new girls in horror and with apparent jealousy. 

Alissa Giambrone, a 24-year-old flight attendant from Hamilton, NJ, showed Chris how to properly put on a seatbelt. One girl took a shot of whiskey with him, and then Nicole greeted him with a pig nose -- saying she wanted "to ham it up" with him to lighten the mood, plus, she really liked pigs.

Carly, a 29-year-old cruise ship singer from Arlington, TX, sang to Chris on her way out of the limo while holding a little pink karaoke machine.

"If I see one more limo, I might cry. That's enough," said Kaitlyn Bristowe, a 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, BC, who was watching from a window.

Chris noted it was "starting to get ridiculous" and "crazy" and "intense" because there were so many bachelorettes.

Tracy Darakis, a 29-year-old fourth grade teacher from Wellington, FL, read the Bachelor a sweet little letter from one of her students.

"If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. I've got goosebumps thinking about each of these women," Chris told the cameras.

Once all 30 of his bachelorettes made their way into the mansion, Chris got to have some fun. Kaitlyn taught him how to break dance and Chris called her "a firecracker." She impressed him by being fun, goofy, and down to earth.

It didn't take long for the claws to come out. The girls fought for time with The Bachelor star, and even Chris said he wished he was a polygamist.

Meanwhile, Tara got increasingly more drunk as the night progressed. She called herself a trainwreck and had been drinking whiskey all night. 

It then became time for Chris to hand out his first-impression rose and he felt more than one woman was deserving.

Chris decided to give his first-impression rose to Britt because of how she made him feel -- not just because he thought she was gorgeous. When Britt hugged him, Chris said he hadn't experienced a feeling like that in a long time. He thought she was incredible, and after giving her a rose, the couple shared their first kiss. 

Chris said in a confessional that Britt deserved to end up with someone incredible if it couldn't be him, although he hoped it would be him. Britt felt honored to receive his rose. 

The episode concluded with the season's first Rose Ceremony.

In addition to Britt, Chris gave roses to Kaitlyn; Jade Roper, a 28-year-old cosmetics developer from Los Angeles, CA; Samantha Steffen, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Los Angeles, CA; Ashley Iaconetti, a 26-year-old nanny from Wayne, NJ; Tandra Steiner, a 30-year-old executive assistant from Sandy, UT; Nikki Delventhal, a 26-year-old former NFL cheerleader from New York City, NY.

Chris then called out the following names: Kelsey Poe, a 28-year-old guidance counselor from Austin, TX; Megan Bell, a 23-year-old makeup artist from Nashville, TN; Alissa; Amber; Juelia Kinney, a 30-year-old esthetician from Portland, OR; Becca Tilley, a 25-year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, CA; and Trina Scherenberg, a 33-year-old special education teacher from San Clemente, CA.

Tara couldn't stand still during the ceremony and made a lot of noise. She said she was "delirious." Chris caught eyes with her and then left the room.  

Chris had planned to give Tara a rose but wavered in his decision. He told Harrison she was clearly "wasted drunk" even though she had a good impression. 

After pausing a moment, Chris returned to the Rose Ceremony and continued handing out roses.

He called out Mackenzie Deonigi, a 21-year-old dental assistant from Maple Valley, WA; Tracy; Tara Eddings; Jordan Branch, a 24-year-old student from Windsor, CO; Jillian Anderson, a 25-year-old news producer from Washington, D.C.; Whitney; Carly; and Ashley Salter, a 24-year-old hairstylist from Brooklyn, NY.

Once Kimberly said her goodbye to Chris, she walked outside upset and firmly believed Chris had made a poor decision.

"I'm disappointed and hurt. I feel terrible. I never, in a million years, thought that this was ever going to happen. But for whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be. I don't think I should be out here. Oh God," Kimberly said in tears following her ouster.

Kimberly then walked back in the room and confronted Chris.

To be continued...