The Bachelor bachelorette Courtney Robertson apparently competed on the reality dating show's sixteenth season not to win Ben Flajnik's heart as its producers had been led to believe, but just to win the game in general.

"Courtney fooled everyone during the casting process. She seemed sweet and normal," a Bachelor source told Us Weekly in its February 20 issue about Robertson, who has engaged herself in seductive and aggressive behavior to catch Flajnik's attention and promote jealousy amongst her fellow bachelorette competitors.

"But it became clear Courtney came on the show to win. It wasn't about Ben or finding true love. She just wanted to be famous."

Sources claimed Robertson's attitude and personality on the show have been a true reflection of who she really is -- much to the producers' disappointment.

"Producers want the show to be believable. They are sensitive about finding people who aren't there for the right reasons, but Courtney tricked them," one source told Us of Robertson, a 28-year-old model from Santa Monica, CA who has been shown skinny dipping with Flajnik and taking her top off on a group date with other women so far this season.

Robertson's strategic game didn't just fool the show's producers and Flajnik, as she had allegedly worked the same magic on other men in her past.

"She knows exactly what to say to guys," a Robertson source said. "Her best line is before having sex with a man. She'll ask him, 'Are you ready for your date with destiny?'"

Robertson dated former Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe for two years, but the couple reportedly split in 2007 because the model wasn't thrilled about having to curtail her partying ways after Metcalfe completed rehab for alcoholism. 

"He got help with his substance abuse problems and she wasn't interested in that lifestyle," the Bachelor source explained.

Robertson then reportedly began dating photographer Cavan Clark in February 2011, and he quickly became entranced in her spell.

"He was planning to propose to her with a 3-carat Tiffany ring that she picked out," the Robertson source explained, adding however, that the model had a sudden change of heart and dumped Clark over the phone.

"She told Cavan she needed time to be single. She told him she needed three months alone."
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Robertson supposedly knew she had been cast on the ABC reality dating show at the time and figured she'd let Cavan find out for himself months later.

"Cavan turned on the TV and she was on The Bachelor," another source told Us.

Robertson hasn't lamented much between relationships, as it's allegedly natural for her to move on to the next best thing.

"She's like a monkey. She won't let go of one branch until she grabs hold of another -- and she's always looking for a better branch. She wants to snag a rich dude," the Robertson source added.

But regardless of the rumors and reports circulating about Robertson's behavior, her older sister Rachel has her back and has insisted she's just misunderstood.

"She has described being in that house as one of the most difficult things she has ever experienced," Rachel told Us. "The women were flat-out cruel to her. By taking the high road, she may have seemed standoffish. But Courtney treats everyone with respect."

However, people of Robertson's past claimed the bachelorette's reputation hasn't changed much since high school. 

"Courtney was very stuck-up, not friendly at all," one of the model's former classmates at Phoenix's Arcadia High School said.

A second classmate insisted Robertson, who was on the cheerleading squad, fit the mean girl stereotype and hung out with a crowd of girls who were only popular amongst themselves.

"The ones she hung out with were definitely the bitches," the classmate said. "They would talk really bad about one another, rip each other to shreds, then hug and kiss at lunch."

While The Bachelor is still currently airing and lets viewers in on Robertson's snarky confessional comments in which she has repeatedly declared she's "winning" when Flajnik offers her roses, Flajnik is apparently becoming increasingly frustrated with Robertson's controversial behavior.

"It really bothers him," a Flajnik source told the magazine, adding that The Bachelor star is experiencing a different kind of rejection since Ashley Hebert had declined his engagement proposal during The Bachelorette's seventh-season finale.

"Ben once again feels fooled. He figured that on The Bachelor, he would have more control of the situation, but he had the wool pulled over his eyes by a few of the girls and feels like a loser again."