There were first dates, first kisses and intentions questioned during last night's The Bachelor: London Calling broadcast -- and when it was over, Londoner Matt Grant sent three more bachelorettes packing in his journey to find true love via the ABC reality dating series' twelfth installment.

Carri, a 25-year-old church marketing representative from Oklahoma City, OK; Erin H., a 25-year-old event planner from Seattle, WA; and Michelle, a 28-year-old administrative assistant from Syracuse, NY, all failed to receive a rose from the 27-year-old international banker, bringing an end to their The Bachelor experience.

"It's really disappointing that Matt isn't the guy for me," said Michelle after her elimination.  "I put myself out there as far as vulnerability goes -- more than anyone else."

The Bachelor: London Calling's second episode began with host Chris Harrison informing the 15 remaining bachelorettes that there would be two group dates before the next Rose Ceremony, with Matt giving out a rose on each.  The bachelorettes who received the roses would be safe at the upcoming Rose Ceremony.

Accompanying Matt on the first group date was Ashlee, a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Jacksonville Beach, FL; Kristine, a 32-year-old personal trainer from Charlotte, NC; Marshana, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Brooklyn, NY; Michelle; Noelle, a 26-year-old photographer from Loveland, CO; Amanda R., a 27-year-old account executive from Niceville, FL; Erin H.; and Holly, a 25-year-old children's author from Suffield, OH.

Once in the limousine with Matt, he explained they were going to a fashion show.  However instead of being audience members, the eight bachelorettes on the date would actually be participating in it.  Erin H. summed it up by saying she was both "excited" and "mortified." 

The runway show commenced, and Matt gave a stereotypical Austin Powers-esque, "Yeah baby!" as the first suitor took to the catwalk.  Highlights included Amanda taking off her top to reveal a gold bra; Marshana strutting like she was on America's Next Top Model and not The Bachelor; and Holly moon-walking.

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After the show, Matt moved the date to a penthouse suite for some one-on-one time with the bachelorettes.  Marshana was the first to steal Matt and asked how comfortable he was with interracial dating.  Matt answered he hadn't even really given it a thought.

"I picked you because you're beautiful and I picked you because you've got an aura about you," he told her.  "The color of your skin is irrelevant."

Marshana said Matt's response put her "at ease."  Michelle then had some alone time with Matt and decided to sing him the chorus of a song she had wrote for him.  The other girls on the date were in earshot, and Erin H. commented she was "pissed" that the talent competition from the first night was continuing on the group date.

When it was Ashlee's turn for one-on-one time, she dropped hints that she wanted to get a kiss.  After Ashlee and Matt gushed about each other she complimented his lips and he went in for the kill.  Ashlee described his lips as "perfect" and "soft."  Matt then retrieved the rose and handed it to Ashlee.

With the date in the books, the girls returned to the house and Ashlee was glowing, repeating several times in a bubbly voice, "I got the rose!"  The others wondered if she got a kiss and asked her point blank.  When she didn't answer, they knew the answer was yes.
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"Ashlee's behavior after getting the rose was that of a little child," said Marshana.  "It's okay to be happy -- you should also feel humble though."

Accompanying Matt on the second group date was Amy, a 22-year-old nanny from Stockton, CA; Carri; Chelsea, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Durango, CO; Erin S., a 33-year-old hot dog vendor from Venice, CA; Kelly, a 24-year-old medical sales representative from San Diego, CA; Robin, a 22-year-old advertising coordinator from Holland, MI; and Shayne, a 22-year-old actress from Malibu, CA.

Matt whisked the seven bachelorettes to Las Vegas for the date -- his first time in Sin City -- and the evening began by him handing out $1,000 in chips to each of the bachelorettes and giving them 30 minutes to win as much as possible.  The bachelorette who won the most money would receive 30 minutes of alone time with him.

Everyone looked like they were having a good time -- except for Robin, who instead decided to go for a walk with Matt since she's not really a fan of gambling.  Matt assured Robin that he was "really interested" in her and told her not to worry about it. 

As time expired at the tables, Shayne wagered all of her money -- around $2,000 -- on one bet and lost.  Kelly was then revealed to have won the most money -- $2,100 -- and had one-on-one time with Matt.  The two drank champagne and ate fruit, and Shayne started to get nervous.

"I've been going about this whole process like, 'You know, I'll get to know Matt,'" opined Shayne.  "But there [are] other girls here that want to get to know him just as well.  I was sitting there and I felt like I needed to tell him something.  Like this is starting to be a little real to me, and it's scaring me a lot."

She pulled Matt aside and began to lecture him on how she really wants to get to know him.  Matt immediately got defensive and explained all the girls want to spend time with him.

"I feel that you out of everyone is the individual that's having the issue," he told her.

"I am having the issue!" she fired back.  "It's like is this worth it?"

"She's extremely attractive -- probably beyond my level of attractiveness if I'm honest with you," said Matt once the confrontation was over.  "But the drama side is such a big turn-off for me."

The date then moved from the casino floor to a suite, where Matt spent some one-on-one time with the girls to determine who would receive the rose.  Shayne pouted and wanted to spend more time with Matt, but couldn't as he gave attention to the other bachelorettes.

Chelsea explained she's a "happy, fun-spirited" person who is also "lonely" -- and Matt saw some of himself in her, wanting to share his life experiences with somebody.  Robin sat on Matt's lap as she played Vivaldi on the piano and commented how she didn't need the rose to realize that Matt's interested in her.

With the date winding down, Matt said there was a "clear winner" when it came to who would get the rose, and he presented it to Chelsea. 

"To be honest with you, it really wasn't that much of a decision for me to make," Matt told her.

Shayne cried and locked herself in the bathroom until Amy went in to console her.

"I don't know if this is worth it for me," said Shayne.  "I really don't."

The next night, Matt and the 15 remaining bachelorettes gathered one last time before the impending Rose Ceremony.

Matt began by sitting outside with Robin, who realized she needed to be "a lot more vulnerable."  The two eventually made out, and when Robin returned to the house the others wondered if she had kissed him, and she just giggled.

"It was almost unbearable to hear she kissed him," said Marshana.  "I have not yet had a kiss with Matt.  I definitely want it.  I need to get down to it."

Matt explained to Marshana that she has all the attributes and characteristics that he's looking for in a woman, and the two danced.  Matt said he wanted to kiss her, but since the other bachelorettes were watching he thought it would be "inappropriate" and decided against it.

Carri finally got some one-on-one time with Matt, and used it by showing him that she can sing opera -- not exactly time well spent considering the Rose Ceremony was just around the corner.

When Shayne received alone time with Matt she apologized for the "tantrum" she threw the previous night in Vegas.  Matt also apologized for being a bit too harsh with her but explained there was a reason for it.

"You're an actress, and I think I questioned your intentions," he said.

Shayne said she's "so over" acting and added it's just her job.

"But that's why my defense comes up because out of everyone here, you're the best equipped to deal with this situation," he replied.

She said she understood his hesitation but reiterated she's there for him and the hopes of having a relationship.

The Bachelor: London Calling's second Rose Ceremony then commenced.

"The moment I've been dreading," commented Matt.  "This really hasn't been easy for me, which I hope you can appreciate."

In addition to Ashlee and Chelsea, the bachelorettes who received a rose were Robin, Holly, Erin S., Amanda, Kelly, Amy, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle and Shayne.

"I think that the fact that I was not willing to chase after Matt in a way that some of the other girls were definitely hurt me," opined Erin H. after her ouster.  "That's his decision -- that's his loss -- and that's a shame."

"I definitely wanted to stay.  I took a huge risk by even coming here," commented Carri following her elimination.  "It's disappointing.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I guess I'm not what he's looking for."

The Bachelor: London Calling's next episode will air Monday, March 31 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

(Photo credit ABC/Adam Larkey)