The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has revealed the Women Tell All is the franchise's craziest yet.

Harrison teased The Bachelor: Women Tell All which has already filmed and will air on Monday, March 2 on ABC. One segment will feature Bristowe discussing her elimination in an interview after being let go by show star Chris Soules right after their fantasy-suite date.

"She was a little emotional, but then a little disappointed and mad," Harrison told TV Guide of Bristowe.

"I think she felt like she gave him what he wanted, which was to open up and say I love you. She doesn't regret that, but at the same time, she got reassurance from him and he turns around and breaks up with her. It was the proverbial rug being ripped from under her."

Although Bristowe always had a witty comment to make this season, she was very quiet when Soules walked her out and said goodbye.

"I said, 'I haven't known you that long, but I haven't known you to be speechless,' and she said she didn't know how to comprehend what was happening. You're so unsure the whole time, and she said she was finally confident. She thought [Becca Tilley] was going home," the host said.

Britt Nilsson will also make a statement during the special.

"Britt was the star of the show and is still, I think, in love with the guy. It was brutal. She leaned in on [Carly Waddell because she] felt if things had been different, if the girls hadn't sabotaged her, she and Chris would've ended up together," Harrison revealed.

"It was the craziest Tell All. Usually we have one or two beats we're really looking for. We went in thinking [Kelsey Poe] would be two segments and Britt will be two segments."

Ashley Salter will also make a splash, according to Harrison, who made an effort to talk to her and figure her out.

"One of my favorites was with Ashley S. Honestly, it's like she's in on the joke, but not completely. She did explain the Mesa Verde thing, but then doesn't completely explain the Mesa Verde thing. I told her, 'I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm extending an invitation to you right now to be on [Bachelor in Paradise],'" he said.

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