The Bachelor bachelorette Jordan Branch, whom Chris Soules eliminated Monday night, is blaming show producers for her drunk behavior.

During Monday night's episode, Branch was shown engaging in some wild antics while fellow bachelorettes noted she drank too much all the time. Branch told TMZ producers are at fault for allowing her to get so drunk because she had raised concerns about the unlimited amount of alcohol in the mansion during the casting process.

Branch, a 24-year-old student from Windsor, CO, said producers did nothing to prevent her from boozing too much, and if anything, manipulated the situation by constantly refilling their drinks. She ended up blacking out the night of filming yet insists she's not an alcoholic, TMZ reported.

The blonde bachelorette -- who took a shot of whiskey with Soules when she first stepped out of the limo on her own accord -- suggested a chaperone should cut future contestants off from drinking, much like a bartender would, if they reach the point of being buzzed. 

Despite her claim producers have a motive by purposely providing drinks non-stop, sources close to the show told the website cast members are free to make their own decisions and they're often times "not good ones." Many past contestants opted out of drinking entirely.

Branch was eliminated along with four other girls during Monday night's show. Ousted contestant Tara Eddings had also been known for getting wasted this season.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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